Formula 1 Commentators & Analyst Salaries 2024

If you are an F1 fan, you would know the charm and joy a commentator brings to a race. From race analysis to random trivia, they make the race as a whole more entertaining and engaging to watch. But have you ever wondered how much F1 Commentators make as salary? Below is a list attached for some of the highest-paid Formula 1 analysts in the world.

The 2 most recognizable names in the scene currently are David Croft and Martin Brundle, whose name is synonymous with anyone following the sport. Absolute legends of the scene like Murray Walker are forever immortalized in the sport.

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Many former F1 drivers also foray into media and analysis, with the likes of David Coulthard, Martin Brundle, Joylon Palmer all having successful careers as media personnel.

Formula 1 Commentators & Analysts Salaries 2024

NameAnnual SalaryChannelPosition
Murray Walker£800,000BBCF1 race analyst and commentator
David Hobbs£750,000Speed ChannelF1 race analyst and commentator
David Croft£650,000NBC’s F1F1 race analyst and commentator
Ben Edwards£500,000Channel 4F1 race analyst and commentator
Eddie Jordan£500,000Channel 4F1 race analyst and commentator
João Carlos Costa£400,000EurosportF1 race analyst and commentator
Carlo Vanzini£355,000Sky Italia’sF1 race commentator
Steve Matchett£500,000NBC’s F1F1 race analyst and commentator
Sergio Rodriguez£300,000Univision Deporteslap-by-lap announcer (latin)
David Coulthard£400,000Channel 4F1 race analyst and commentator
Mark Webber£400,000Channel 4F1 race analyst and commentator
Christian González Rouco£250,000Canal F1 Latin AmericaLatin language commentator of Formula 1 (Spain)

Disclaimer: All the facts and figures about Formula 1 commentators salaries are based on the analysis, research and reports released by trusted sources.