Who Are the Favorites to Win the Nitto ATP Finals 2024?

Tennis is another big sport for betting that many individuals prefer these days. Last Sunday, a tournament occurred in Paris, which is now concluded, and it is time to set the Nitto ATP finals in Turin.

Only a few people know that it is the second year of this tournament running in Turin to the Pala Alpitour. This event starts on November 13, 2024, and will be on November 20, 2024. You might be the one who is interested in betting on players in this tournament. You need to know the names of players that are still on the list for the final round.

One player withdrew his name from the game, i.e., Carlos Alcaraz, because of an abdominal injury. This write-up will help you know about the favorites that can win in this event. But before that, you need to know more details about the tournament.

About the Nitto ATP Tournament

It is a tennis game event that is based on the format of the round robin. Two groups are formed, in which all the players are split equally, and every player plays within that group. The runner-ups and winners of every group play further in the semi-finals and finals. In this event, the final round will take place on November 20, 2024. Now, eight players are left on the list that will continue playing in the tournament.

If you consider the season finale, these eight players are playing well, but people are looking forward to considering favorites. Bettors need to estimate and find players that tend to win by determining their overall performance. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the gaming performance and odds of every player on the list to know which will be considered the favorite.

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Tournament Favorites

1. Novak Djokovic

Source: marca.com

Everyone knows about the fantastic performance of Novak in previous tournaments. But last Sunday, he got defeated by Holger Rune in Paris. But he is still considered the favorite and strongest player in the tournament, and he can easily lift the game title in Turin.

Currently, he is in the red group, but the crowd is hoping for him to make records successfully by winning at least five titles. If he manages to make 6 this year, his performance will be considered the same as that of Roger Federer. Only a brave bettor can go against him because sportsbooks have given 2.75 odds to him.

2. Rafael Nadal

Source: eurosport.com

He is another famous tennis player who has already broken records 22 times in the Grand Slam Championship. But he has never reached the finals of this tournament.

Considering his previous performance in 2010 and 2013 matches, he had appeared 17 times and managed to reach the finals but has yet to win it. Sportsbooks pricing for this player is 8.5. The ATP tournament is big and tiring for him, but he performs best to survive in the game.

3. Daniil Medvedev

Source: japantimes.co.jp

If you check his performance in the previous tournaments, you will notice that he is doing fine. People have mixed expectations from this player. In Vienna, he won but, surprisingly, lost the Paris game. But everyone knows about his impressive performance in his last championships.

In 2020, he won the championship, and in 2024, he was a runner-up. He is aiming to win the tournament this year and make a record. It will be challenging for other players to defeat him. He is considered the second favorite after Novak, with odds of 4.75. It is predicted that he will make it to play semi-finals.

4. Casper Ruud

Source: eurosport.com

For Norwegian, 2024 was the perfect year for their career. This player played in the French Open and reached the finals of the Grand Slam, but he lost the game to Nadal. After that, he participated in the US Open, where he lost again to Carlos.

But now, he is ready to defeat other players in this tournament. Undoubtedly, he is confident, but at the same time, he is also experiencing fatigue. Sportsbooks price this player with odds of 15.

5. Stefanos Tsitsipas

Source: tennis365.com

Stefanos is the youngest tennis player who won different tournaments in 2018. He participated in the junior event of Nitto and reached the finals.

If we talk about the Turin tournament, he is ready to give his mind-blowing performance. In Paris, he was defeated by Novak, but now, he is ready to face him again in the finals. Sportsbooks provide odds data to this player is 9.

6. Felix Auger-Aliassime

Source: olympic.ca

In 2024, this player will be confident enough to win the four famous ATP titles. He is a young player who has claimed to win the maiden trophy in Rotterdam at the ATP 500.

When he appears in the event, he is confident and ready to face challenges and defeat other players. The odds suggested by the sportsbooks are 6.5. He is predicted to play in the semi-final round of the event.

7. Andrey Rublev

Source: tennismajors.com

He is another young tennis player who is also performing well and has appeared third consecutive times. He is consistent in all the matches of four ATP titles and managed to be ranked in the 7th position. Sportsbooks consider this player as the least favorite by providing 16 odds. It is expected that Andrey will reach the group stage only.

8. Taylor Fritz

Source: atptour.com

Taylor has replaced Carlos as he was suffering from an abdomen injury. 2024 is the best year for him to participate in the tournament and give a tough fight to other players. He is appearing for the first time in the Nitto ATP finals with odds of 15 by sportsbooks. He is expected to reach the group stage only.

Final Thoughts

As a bettor, you can check the odds suggested by the sportsbooks to different players. The ATP tournament is getting exciting day by day. Bettors have glued their eyes to betting on their favorite players and making money. You must visit a betting platform and start betting on any player expected to win the event.