Who Are The Favorites To Win The Champions League 2024?

The Champions League is the biggest international competition in football. The second round started recently, and there were some interesting results. However, predicting a winner at this stage is still difficult since this competition is quite challenging, especially because all clubs are playing in their national leagues as well. Many factors could affect the results, like the form, tactics, potential injuries of key players, and of course, the luck.

It is not a rare case that a favorite loses the final since some small details and instances could make a big difference. For example, last year the winner was Chelsea who managed to defeat Manchester City in the final. Still, the City was the biggest favorite to win this competition, but an excellent strategy brought by Tuchel provided the London club with a title.

The current stage is still excellent for betting since there are many games that you can combine. On the other hand, the odds for winners are still higher at this point, and you can expect that they will decrease for the biggest favorites as the final is getting closer.

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The crucial part when you are planning to bet on this competition is to do a proper research and check which clubs are the biggest favorites to win it. The great thing when you are combining different betting sites is that you can try with different options. Here are the biggest favorites to win this competition.

1. Manchester City

Source: as.com

The interesting thing is that this club is always at the top when it comes to the favorites. However, they never managed to win it, even though they are the most valuable club at the moment with many excellent players. The closest point to winning was last year when they lost the final against Chelsea.

Still, it doesn’t seem that they are losing hope since this club is working hard on developing new strategies and combining some of the best players in the world. They are known for attacking formations where even defenders represent a threat for the opponent. The best example for that during this season is Cancelo who managed to score a lot of goals and provide many assists. You can get around 3 times the money if you bet on this club at this moment.

2. Liverpool

Source: thisisanfield.com

The winner of the 2019 competition is always at the top. We can see that the legendary Liverpool managed to get back on track in recent years when they won the league title and CL. Even though the odds are higher on this club when compared to City, even Guardiola is afraid of meeting them in the final. They are also playing in attacking style, and have some superstars like Salah and Mane who can always make a difference on the field. Also, there is the experience factor, which goes in the favor of this club.

3. Bayern Munich

Source: eurosport.com

The biggest German club is at the top for decades. They have many titles, both on a national and international level. Also, players like Lewandowski and Sane can be a threat to any club today. Besides that, they are known for high pressing and always playing on one more goal. That is the main reason why so many people prefer watching this club. They will always play offensive style without much calculation. The odds for this club are around 5.

4. PSG

Source: irishmirror.ie

Even though there are some of the biggest stars in this club, like Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar, lack of experience is the main reason why they never reach the title in CL. It seems that Pocketino is a great choice for a coach, and the recent victory against Real Madrid is giving their fans hope that they will finally reach the top of the old continent. The most important thing for them is to force the team to play, especially in an attack with so many excellent individuals. Placing a bet on them at this moment will provide you with an x8 win.

5. Real Madrid

Source: realmadrid.com

They might seem weaker in recent years with the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and some other players, but you should keep in mind that experience is one of the most important factors in this game. There are still some stars there who can make a huge influence on the team, like Luka Modric, Benzema, Bale, and more. Therefore, even that the odds are so much higher when compared to other top clubs, we should never write off the Real Madrid.

6. Juventus

Source: kurir.rs

It seems that the luck was their biggest enemy in recent years. They reached to the final stage several times but never managed to win the title. Some people might say that there is no way for them to win the CL since they are not so great in the domestic league as well at this point, but Juventus is known for amazing comebacks, and they can always be a threat to any club. Also, we have to mention the signing of some great players in the most recent break, like Vlahovic and Zakaria.

Last Words

The most interesting thing about this sport is that surprises are always possible. The best example for that when it comes to the following season is Sheriff from Moldavia who managed to beat some outstanding opponents like Real Madrid and Shaktar. The current odds are looking at the form and quality of players in different clubs. However, when it comes to the final, everything is possible.