Is the Premier League Harder to Win Than the Champions League?

We all know that the English Premier League is the best football league in the world. You just need to take a look at the number of high-quality players in each club, and you will see what we’re talking about. So, it is interesting to see that there are some claims about how there are competitions that are harder to win than this one.

Naturally, the biggest competitor to this league is the Champions League, and for a good reason. Sure, there are numerous ways you can use to calculate which one of these is harder to win. When you make these calculations, then you can try to make a profit off sports betting.

If you are looking at the perfect place to do that, then you shouldn’t look elsewhere than Stake. But the real question is whether winning the premier league is harder than winning the champion’s league. Today, we want to take a look at things that can help us with understanding this balance.

The Champions League


The first thing we want to talk about is the Champion’s League itself. On paper, this is the competition where the best teams from all over the continent gather and compete against each other. Practically every game you see in this competition is going to be of the highest possible quality, no matter what stage of the competition we’re talking about.

The group stage is particularly interesting, since you have eight mini-leagues, and there are moments when you can find champions of different countries in just one of them. So, you can be sure that the entertainment for the fans is guaranteed. At the same time, it immediately results in more people watching these games, both in the stadium and on TV.

However, the matches after the group stage are particularly interesting since the chances of exiting the competition are somewhat higher. The teams need to be at their best to achieve the best results. So, you can see that the Champions League is a tournament where achieving the best possible results is quite hard.

English Premier League


Now, we want to pay attention to the English Premier League. Besides it being the best league in the world, it is also a place where the best players from all over the globe are coming to test their skills. You will find high-quality players even in teams that are not considered to be the best ones out there.

Each team plays with its competitors two times, once in its home stadium, and once away. As you can see, it is some sort of a mini-competition between all the teams. Since it lasts for almost a year, the team that wants to win the competition needs to be constant in form and needs to lose as few games as possible.

There is one thing you will hear from the managers and players who have been a part of this league, and we are talking about teams who have the longest substitute bench and have the highest chances of winning the title. Of course, it would be wrong to say that luck doesn’t play a significant role in winning a title, no matter what team we’re talking about.

The Competition


Naturally, the United Kingdom is home to some of the best teams in the whole world, we all know this. We are talking about teams such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, etc. Each one of these is filled with high-quality players, and it is more than clear that they need to compete between each other and other quality teams in the league, to win the championship.

On the other hand, the champion’s league is a competition where you can find the best teams from the whole European continent. Still, it is more than clear that only teams from certain leagues have been able to win the competition so far. As you can presume, teams from England have won it a lot of times.

When you take a look at all the teams that have won the title, you will see that teams from Spain have won it the most times. However, it is more than clear that teams from England had a massive influence over it, and it is more than clear that their participation is what makes this competition as hard to win as it is.

EPL Global Popularity


The next thing we want to talk about is the popularity of the competition. While we wouldn’t underestimate the UCL at all, we need to point out that EPL does have a prevalence when it comes to its popularity on other continents. For instance, it is more than clear that a high number of EPL’s fan base comes from Asia.

Besides that, you will find a lot of people from South America following the league, for the simple reason that there are so many players who play for the local teams. Of course, many of the fans in continental Europe are following EPL more than UCL. Over the years, the number of these fans has increased significantly.

The Statements

A couple of times we saw that managers and players have discussed this topic. Of course, the most popular statement on this topic was made by Pep Guardiola. He stated that winning the league is much more complicated than winning the Champions League since there are many more games to play.

Besides Guardiola, the ex-manager of Southampton, Ralph Hasenhuttl has also made a similar observation. He also stated the hardships of winning so many matches you need to partake in every two or three years. So, it is more than clear that the EPL is more complicated than the continental one, at least for the managers who have experience playing both.


We are talking about probably the strongest competitions in the world of football when we are referring to these two. Of course, we would need to give the advantage to the EPL, for a high number of reasons. Of course, we’ve provided you with the most important points in this article of ours with the help from Stake.