ATP Finals 2024 Prize Money Breakdown (Revealed)

The 2024 ATP Finals sponsored by Nitto is scheduled to be held from 15 to 22 November 2024. The ATP Finals is considered the second largest annual men’s tennis tournament after the four Grand Slam tournaments. ATP Finals is a week-long affair, held at the end of every season between the top-ranked singles and doubles teams on the 2024 ATP Tour. The ATP finals 2024 prize money has witnessed a significant drop of 36.7% compared to last year.

Every November, the tournament takes place on hard indoor courts at the O2 Arena in London, United Kingdom. But it was announced earlier this year that the venue for ATP Finals 2024 would be shifted to Turin, Italy the next year. The format for Nitto ATP Finals is a round-robin between the ten qualified players or doubles.

It was announced this year the Nitto ATP Finals would be conducted behind closed doors without any spectators as per UK Government’s guidelines for the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. Let’s see what is the prize money for the winners of the ATP finals 2024?

ATP Finals 2024 Prize Money Breakdown

The prize money breakdown for Nitto ATP Finals 2024 hasn’t been revealed yet as the qualifications process is still going on. Current ATP No.1 and No.2 ranked Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal was the first to qualify for the ATP Finals. The total prize money has been reduced to $5,700,000 which is 36.67% less compared to 2019.

For the singles, the participation fee is $153,000 which is a 28.84% decrease from last year and a round-robin match win will land players an additional $153,000.

They were followed by US Open 2024 men’s singles winner Dominic Thiem. Roger Federer has pulled out of the tournament after recent knee surgery and is currently under rehabilitation.

Defending Champion Stefanos Tsitsipas along with Russian Daniel Medvedev and the German Alexander Zverev is the latest to qualify for the much-awaited tournament.

Though we don’t have information regarding this year’s ATP Finals prize money, we can estimate it by looking at last year’s ATP Finals prize money breakdown.


  • Alternate – $116,000
  • Participation Fee – $153,000
  • Round-Robin Match Winner – $153,000
  • Semi Final Match Winner – $657,000
  • Final Winner – $1,354,000
  • Undefeated Champion – $2,871,000


  • Alternate – $40,000
  • Participation Fee – $103,000
  • Round-Robin Match Win – $40,000
  • Semi Final Match Win – $106,000
  • Final Win – $204,000
  • Undefeated Champion – $533,000

Note: This is the speculated prize money for the 2024 ATP Finals. It will be updated as soon as the official prize money by ATP is revealed.