List of UK Snooker Championship Winners of All Seasons 2024

Snooker is one of the rare sport where a player can lose the match even before taking a shot. Yes, that’s right Snooker is one fun sport that demands skills, precision, composure, and patience of top-level. And the UK Snooker Championship is one stop where every top player gets tested. A list of UK Snooker Championship winners below by season.

The championship will return on 23rd November and will go on till 6th December at the Barbican Centre, York, United Kingdom. This year would mark the competition’s 44 edition since its inauguration,

What started off as a tournament only for British citizens is now the second most prestigious snooker competition all over the world. But do you know The list of all the winners of the Betway UK Snooker Championship? Who is the defending champion? Who has lifted the trophy for the maximum amount of time?

List of UK Snooker Championship Winners 2024

The first UK championship was held in 1977, it started off as a non-ranking tournament. For those who are wondering what is a non-ranking event, it refers to the tournament’s participation criteria, which are set by the organizing committee or the sponsors.

From 1977 till 1984 the criteria were that players who are British residents-only they would be allowed to participate. But in 1984 the tournament was officially declared as a ranking event. The list of UK Snooker championship winners 2024 is as follows.

UK Championship Winners List (Non-Ranking)

Year WinnerRunners UpFinal ScoreCountry
1977Patsy FaganDoug Mountjoy12-9Ireland
1978Doug MountjoyDavid Taylor15-9Wales
1979John VirgoTerry Griffiths14-13England
1980Steve DavisAlex Higgins16-6England
1981Steve DavisTerry Griffiths16-3England
1982Terry GriffithsAlex Higgins16-15Wales
1983Alex HigginsSteve Davis16-15Northern Ireland

UK Championship Winners List (Ranking)

Year WinnerRunners UpFinal ScoreCountry
1984Steve DavisAlex Higgins16-8England
1985Steve DavisWillie Thorne16-14England
1986Steve DavisNeal Foulds16-7England
1987Steve DavisJimmy White16-14England
1988Doug MountjoyStephen Hendry16-12Wales
1989Stephen HendrySteve Davis16-12Scotland
1990Stephen HendrySteve Davis16-15Scotland
1991John ParrottJimmy White16-13England
1992Jimmy WhiteJohn Parrott16-9England
1993Ronnie O’SullivanStephen Hendry10-6England
1994Stephen HendryKen Doherty10-5Scotland
1995Stephen HendryPeter Ebdon10-3Scotland
1996Stephen HendryJohn Higgins10-9Scotland
1997Ronnie O’SullivanStephen Hendry10-6England
1998John HigginsMatthew Stevens10-6Scotland
1999Mark WilliamsMatthew Stevens10-8Wales
2000John HigginsMark Williams10-4Scotland
2001Ronnie O’SullivanKen Doherty10-1England
2002Mark WilliamsKen Doherty10-9Wales
2003Matthew StevensStephen Hendry10-8Wales
2004Stephen MaguireDavid Gray10-1Scotland
2005Ding JunhuiSteve Davis10-6China
2006Peter EbdonStephen Hendry10-6England
2007Ronnie O’SullivanStephen Maguire10-2England
2008Shaun MurphyMarco Fu10-9England
2009Ding JunhuiJohn Higgins10-8China
2010John HigginsMark Williams10-9Scotland
2011Judd TrumpMark Allen10-8England
2012Mark SelbyShaun Murphy10-6England
2013Neil RobertsonMark Selby10-7Australia
2014Ronnie O’SullivanJudd Trump10-9England
2015Neil RobertsonLiang Wenbo10-5Australia
2016Mark SelbyRonnie O’Sullivan10-7England
2017Ronnie O’SullivanShaun Murphy10-5England
2018Ronnie O’SullivanMark Allen10-6England
2019Ding JunhuiStephen Maguire10-6China

Who has won the snooker UK championship most?

Ronnie O’Sullivan has won the prestigious event for a record 7 times. In 2005, the defending champion Ding Junhui became the first foreigner outside of UK to win the championship. The top 5 players with the most wins are as follows-

1Ronnie O’Sullivan7
2Steve Davis6
3Stephen Hendry5
4John Higgins3
5Ding Junhui3


The venue is a very essential selection for any tournament and UK Championship has seen many venues over the years. The list of venues is as follows-

Venue NameYear
Tower Circus, Blackpool1977
Preston Guild Hall, Preston1978-1997
Bournemouth International Center, Bournemouth1998-2000
Telford International Centre, Telford2007-2009
Barbican Center, York2001-2008, 2010-present