10 Sports Games for Consoles and PC

In the world of sports games, there are many different options to choose from, whether you’d like to play alone or with friends.

We decided to collect the best options in one article for you to pick.

1. FIFA 22

FIFA 22 is a new part of the most prominent soccer simulators series, released in October 2024. It is a real step forward from its predecessor, FIFA 21. Its most important update is that

Matches look and feel more appealing and lifelike. This is thanks to EA Sports’ most delinquent HyperMotion technology. The way the players move feels more natural and less mechanical.

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2. NBA 2K22


NBA 2K22 presented a spectrum of new characteristics, upgrades, and gameplay mechanism changes. A spectrum of different offence mechanics such as a completely new dunk system, a new game AI, as well as changes and quests that can be obtained in the game has given NBA 2K22 a GTA-like feeling.

Also, NBA 2K22 has got dribbling animations and an array of new dribbling moves that are almost instantly obvious for gamers who are familiar with NBA 2K21. The general offensive AI upgrades are just as evident in NBA 2K22, with more lifelike and active player movement and shooting in comparison to earlier versions. While this has made shooting a bit more complicated and time-dependent, it is supposed to prevent players from manipulating the dunk approach that NBA 2K21 had.

Dunking was possibly the most effortless shot to take on NBA 2K21, and that is not like that anymore. NBA 2K22 has a more naturalistic presentation of the game.

3. F1 2020

For a few years, the F1 racing series by Codemasters has had a massive international following, and F1 2020 is no different. One must at least note the addition of a new My Team mode that permits gamers to make their racing team.

More than two dozen tracks, a big car park, elaborate car tuning, career and multiplayer, including split-screen, and much more are waiting for the players.


The creators got nostalgic and created Knockout City: a vigorous game where six people divided into two teams toss balls at one another. Note a new type of multiplayer mode packed with action!

The concept, as well as its implementation, is outstanding. The gameplay is rather deep, and the game’s extremely amusing.


Here Activision developers decided that nostalgia is a mighty good thing and remade the first two parts of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater: an exceptionally prevalent skateboarding simulator from 1999 and 2000!

The developers had a smart approach: they took parts of the initial games and updated them to match the current gear.

The game leaves a wonderful visual impression: it is much more realistic, which has been achieved with the help of lighting and particle effects. The controls have also been revised following the current times.

Also, pay attention that the developers used the initial list of skateboarders and a bigger part of the soundtrack!

Therefore, the remake earns particular attention, thanks to the mixture of compelling gameplay, lavish visuals, and lots of content.


In Hunting Simulator 2, you go into the wildlife and hunt different animals.

Right after it was released, the reviews of Hunting Simulator 2 were quite mixed, but the game has 160 weapons and 33 various kinds of animals that can be found around Texas, Colorado, and Europe.

If you are looking for realism, Hunting Simulator 2 is what you need. Here, you will find a bunch of accessories, apparel, and gear items. Moreover, it is possible to take your dog as your hunting companion!


Football Manager is an incredibly popular succession of soccer management simulators. Each part contains teams of different levels of professionalism, which can be managed by the player (i.e., signing players and operating funding).

FM 2024 is the most recent part of the sequence, but players have strongly condemned it for its resemblance to the former one (FM 2020). However, there are a few distinctions:

The game has become more complicated: FM 2019 was concise, but FM 2024 is much more intricate and naturalistic. Thus, just like in the olden days, gamers will have to build tactics and adapt to their rival!

More logic has been added to the transfer market: it is now much more difficult to sell a player. AI managers now will pay attention not only to the player’s auto value but to his paycheck as well!

8. DIRT 5

Dirt 5 is a racing simulator which is based on a combination of off-road races. This became the fourteenth game in the Colin McRae Rally string and the eighth in the Dirt sequel.

Various races can be found here: off-road buggy races, rally-cross, super-truck races in stadiums, and ice races. Moreover, the players will have to contest in various races in different countries such as the U.S., China, Italy, Norway, and Brazil.

Another special feature of the game is the dynamic weather system, which can directly affect the races, as well as the split-screen system, which allows up to four players simultaneously.


This online sports simulator is all about minigolf. It also has a single-player mode, however, the multiplayer permits 12 people to play at the same time. The game includes seven different sites to play minigolf as well as a built-in editor that lets you construct new levels.


In this MMO, the most adrenaline-packed types of sports await you: snowboarding and downhill skiing, jumping with a wing-suit or paragliding. Available for you are any of the tallest mountain peaks in the world. And, naturally, you can do all this together with your buddies, while streaming the game live on social media and competing in who got the best results.