GTA 6 Release Date, Map Size, Setting, Consoles, Cover, Price, Pre-order

Grand Theft Auto or popularly called GTA, is one of the most successful video game series in the entire gaming history. First released in 1997, a small scroll-based shooter game grew into several billion Dollar franchises in 24 years. The latest iteration of the game GTA 5 alone had made 6 Billion in sales in both In-game items and the game sales alone. With GTA 5 getting nearly 7 years and rumours of a GTA 6 is trending on the internet.

SportingFREE takes a look at the GTA 6 release date, map size, how much it costs to buy, the consoles GTA VI is playable on, settings, cover picture and more.

GTA 6 New Leaks: The upcoming GTA 6 game could be the final in the series.

What is GTA 6 Release Date?

GTA 5 was released for the consoles way back in 2013, and the PC version of the game was released two years later. The game being nearly 7 years old new iteration of the game is to be released around the corner.

The Parent company of Rockstar Takes two Interactive has a huge marketing budget for the financial year 2024 for nearly 90 Million dollars. Many analysts predict that this amount of budget for marketing is usually located when a big release is expected from a company.

There is also one more aspect to the year 2024 that during the summer holidays, which happens after April, seems to have a lot of booking to various event management companies during that time.


Which consoles will GTA 6 be out on?

GTA 5 was initially released for the consoles during the 2013 release for Xbox 360 and PS3, and later on, after 2 years in 2015, it was officially released for PC with more enhanced graphics and special features.

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The GTA 6 will definitely release for these gaming consoles

  1. PC (Personal computer)
  2. PlayStation 4
  3. PlayStation 5
  4. Xbox One
  5. Xbox X series
  6. Stadia
  7. Wii
  8. Nintendo 3DS.

What new location will GTA 6 Map have?

There are many rumours that this time around, the GTA can be outside the USA if so it can be based out of either Mexico or any South American countries like Chile, Columbia or Brazil. Some other Data miners speculate that it can be even based out of Italy with a mafia-type theme around it.

GTA 5 Map, which is called “Los Santos”, is based out of the real-life Los Angels, is one of the biggest maps in the game that is only overshadowed by the Witcher 3 map.

People also suggested that this new map will be huge, it will be so huge that it might be one of the biggest maps in gaming history. People have also speculated that new modes of transportation like Hyperloop, Floater and many more exciting things might be added.

The GTA 6 Map can expect to be somewhere between 150 Square Kilometers to 200 square kilometres, which makes it 3 times bigger than the original game.

What is GTA 6 Storyline and Characters?

The storyline for any game is entirely dependent on the landscape, timeline, and the focus it produces.

If, as rumoured, the story of GTA 6 moves back to a brazil location, then a drug mafia-type story can be expected similar to the one shown in vice city. There is also one more angel where a matriarchal type story can also be expected with all-female heroes and struggles relating to them.

The Story can also shift somewhere in Italy or Bulgaria with a Mafia-style story that can be seen in the “Mafia 1 ” & “Mafia 2” storylines. It can involve politics like an angle which might help who has the powers between the gangs of rivals. The cover of GTA 6 will feature characters of the game and location.

When can I pre-order GTA 6?

GTA 6 will be available to pre-order a couple of months before the game’s release date and after the launch of the game.

E3 2024 and GTA 6 Speculation

E3 2024 is around the corner within the next one week, and many people are already speculating that news about Rockstar’s next venture might be revealed. If the expected release date of GTA 6 indeed turns out to be 2024, then a confirmation about the game’s development will be released at this years E3.

The problem with Rockstar games is that they don’t align or use the platform as much as when compared with other companies. They always release their new titles on their own term, which indicates the level of success they have achieved inside the gaming industry.

Red Redemption 2 is one of the fine examples that was never released or speculated at any event but was released by the developers and became one of the biggest games in history.