6 Sports Events Crypto Sportsbooks Offer

Very few activities are as relaxing as curling up to watch your favorite sporting event. Some players prefer to spice things up by placing a wager on sports in crypto sportsbooks. This explains how some players also marathon-watch as many sporting events as possible.

So, now you are probably wondering about which tournament or match you should wager on. Here are some of the best events to assist you in figuring out where to place your bets for maximum profit. Consider placing a wager on crypto sportsbooks on one of these major sporting events. Click here for more information.

1. FIFA World Cup

Source: sportingnews.com

The FIFA World Cup is the most important and prestigious athletic competition in the football world. By virtue of its enormous size and popularity, it has earned a spot on this list. This enormous football event, which takes place every four years, is seen by millions of people in person and by billions more via television.

The World Cup draws a lot of bettors simply because football is the most widely bet sport in BTC sportsbooks. Few sporting events generate as much money in wagering as the World Cup does in Bitcoin sportsbooks.

During the last World Cup, which took place in Russia in 2018, it’s believed that bettors made a profit of over £40 billion. Choosing which Bitcoin sportsbook to use may be a difficult decision. However, when the next World Cup begins, there will be plenty of pointers for interested bettors at various betting tip sites.

2. The NCAA Basketball Tournament

Source: si.com

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament in March is widely considered to be the most prestigious basketball competition held anywhere in the world. As a result, everyone’s attention is focused on the courts during these few weeks each year. So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular wagers available right now in BTC sportsbooks.

According to estimates provided by the American Gambling Association, Americans spent $8.5 billion on bets during the 2019 championship. In addition, roughly one in five individuals made a wager of some kind. Over 40 million individuals staked $4.6 billion in the hopes that one of their more than 149 million NCAA bracket predictions would be true.

According to the AGA, 2.4 million individuals bet illegally with a bookie, and 5.2 million more bet illegally online through an offshore site. However, if you place bets at licensed Bitcoin sportsbooks, you stand a good chance of making a lot of money.

3. Superbowl

Source: politifact.com

Even though football is the most popular sport in the world, it’s somewhat different in the United States. The NFL and American football are this country’s most popular sporting events, whereas “soccer” is less popular. The Super Bowl is the NFL season’s crowning achievement.

Millions of people across the world tune in to watch this annual athletic spectacle. As a result, there is a big market for betting organizations and players to take advantage of in BTC sportsbooks.

For the single game, the 2018 final established a new record for wagering at nearly $4.5 billion. This only counts American wagers; the total is believed to be far higher globally. The Super Bowl is a must-see event for bettors and fans alike.

4. MLB Championship Series

Source: abc7news.com

MLB’s most prestigious tournament is another opportunity for you to place your bets on crypto sportsbooks. This championship series, which consists of seven games, gives bettors plenty of opportunities to get their money on the line at BTC sportsbooks.

It’s not clear how many bets were placed during this game, but Nevada bookmakers received $1.1 billion in bets in 2017. While some of this may have occurred during the season, most of it is believed to have occurred in the final games.

If you were paying attention to the 2019 World Series, you might have heard about Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale. He made a $3.5 million wager on the Astros to win. Unfortunately, the Astros didn’t win the game; if they had, he would have made a total of $7.7 million from their victory.

5. The Grand National

Source: sportingnews.com

Even outside of horse racing, this is one of the most prominent athletic events of the year. Adults and small children alike turn out in droves for this celebration.

The Grand National is a thrilling steeplechase with 30 hurdles that has produced incredible athletic tournaments. On top of all that, the Aintree racetrack is home to a tremendously popular betting and sports event. Everyone bets on the race, from workplace contests to enormous 100/1 single bets in crypto sportsbooks.

Millions tune in to watch the event, which is estimated to bring more than $300 million in wagering money. In terms of events, this is a must-attend event for fans of all ages and skill levels.

6. PGA Golf Tour

Source: as.com

You might be surprised to learn that the PGA Golf Tour is actually very interesting. The PGA Golf Tour is often watched closely by those who have staked money on it, while others are simply soaking in the scenery. The Masters is the most important tournament on the PGA Tour, and it’s not hard to see why.

In addition to being the year’s first major golf tournament, wearing the green jacket attracts a large crowd. The circuit will resume with the PGA Championship, so betting lines for the PGA Championship will be available on Bitcoin sportsbooks. Even though other sports take center stage in May, this is an event not to be missed.

The Open Championship is the biggest golf event in the world. This implies that foreign crypto sportsbooks and those in the United States can provide betting odds on the competition. The final major tournament of the tour returns to the United States for the U.S. Open.


There has been a steady rise in the popularity of sports betting in crypto sportsbooks. It’s just a matter of time before some sports will be able to match the present Super Bowl betting statistics in terms of popularity.

More countries will vote to make retail and online sports betting legal as time passes. When it comes around, a greater number of individuals will place bets on the most important athletic events in Bitcoin sportsbooks.