What the New Betting Sites Offer in Italy

Sports betting is a popular form of entertainment for a large number of adults around the world. Few activities and hobbies can provide people with such a dose of adrenaline and uncertainty in a very short period of time. Betting today is significantly different from the betting we remember ten years ago, and this is mostly due to the influence of the Internet and the fact that we now have hundreds of online bookmakers. Today, Italians who like to indulge in betting, more often decide to play on internet bookmakers. Of course, there are justified reasons why this is so, and we will try to list some of them below.


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Today, the Internet is a big part of everyday life for many Italians, but there is still a minority who are not very skilled in navigating it. It is the members of that minority who still prefer the traditional way of betting, while the rest will mostly play online. What is a big advantage of betting online is the possibility of paying for the ticket at the same moment when the idea of what to actually play comes to mind. This is also very useful in situations where we learn some new information about a particular match or athlete, which could very easily affect the final outcome of the match. This brings with it greater opportunities for earning, and experienced bettors who bet online will know how to take advantage of them.

A variety of possibilities to bet on

Most betting houses have all major sports in their offers, which means that you can make a deposit on almost any sporting event. However, online bookmakers also contain various other, less popular sports and a much larger offer than traditional bookmakers. In addition, the possibilities of different bets on one match are much greater, so it is possible to come across dozens of different potential outcomes for just one single sporting event. Also, live betting has become an indispensable part of every bookmaker’s offer today, and it brings with it many additional and attractive ways to make money that players can rarely resist.


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Online bookmakers want to have as many active players as possible and therefore had to come up with some innovative ways to attract them. It comes in the form of various bonuses that are profitable for both parties. Bookmakers will thus reach new users, and players will increase their chances of winning. The most common and popular of such bonuses is definitely the welcome bonus. It is a bonus where players usually receive a certain percentage on their first payment, so they already have an additional amount they can play with at the start. However, they come with some specific conditions that need to be met in order for the bonus amount to be paid out, but at the end of the day, the player can only profit from them or stay at the same amount that he originally planned to deposit.

As is the case with everything today, Italian bookmakers also have to keep introducing new things in order to keep people interested in betting on their platform, since there are more and more betting platforms being established in Italy. For this very reason, we have assembled a list of fresh ones, with an exciting offer, which you can check out on sitiscommesse.com/nuovi/.

The ones you’ll find on the list above are operators with a very high threshold. So, even if they are new on the market, they have managed to deliver a very high-quality experience, making them eligible for becoming some of the best online operators in Italy.

Speaking of high-quality betting experience, there are a couple of sports Italians love to watch and bet on.


It is not at all surprising that this sport is number one. The country that had Maldini and Totti and so many other legends are simply destined for this sport to occupy a central place. In addition, a large number of their footballers play for European clubs, and it is somehow logical that just by following their compatriots, football is the number one sport. The number of football players is huge and they are all scattered all over the continent.

To be precise, when it comes to sports betting Series A is the league in which all the biggest clubs participate. It is also a league in which most of the players who carried the title of European player of the year, have participated.

Formula 1

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The second most common sport Italians like to bet on, is, of course, Formula 1. Since the fifties of the last century, it has been one of the most popular and glamorous sports in the world. Everyone knows this, but few are aware that in the last two decades, the elite automobile competition has also become extremely suitable for successful betting.

The reason is primarily the improved reliability of the car, but also predictability, which no other sport can offer. That’s why betting on elite motor racing continues to bring great results to true Italian connoisseurs, whether they bet on qualifications or a Sunday’s race.

Wrapping up

Online betting provides benefits that local bookmakers and betting in them will never be able to provide, not just in Italy, but anywhere in the world. If you decide to bet online, you will no longer have to run to the local bookmaker because the match you want to bet on starts in ten minutes, nor will you have to wait in line. When you bet online everything happens in just a few seconds. Your bets are received and processed in record time, and the odds are updated in real-time. Most importantly, with top online bookmakers, you can bet from your home, where no one will distract you while you choose the winning pairs.