How Can Blackjack Dealers Tell if You’re Counting Cards?

Gambling and math go well hand in hand. Blackjack is proof of it. Many scientists experimented with this game. The conclusion is good -you can mathematically win in blackjack. Of course, you need to be a genius or simply count cards. The one predisposition to do this is of course to play with one deck from start to finish. Even if this is the case, it is not allowed to do this in a casino. There is no law that states you’re forbidden to count cards but, casinos do not allow it.

This begs one question, what if I don’t get caught? Wouldn’t that be charming? Many fraudsters always believe that they are never going to be caught. This might happen. But, it is better not to risk it. But, how much risk is there any way? Well, that depends on the casino where you’re playing, their security, and the dealer of course. When it comes to blackjack the dealer is your best friend and your worst enemy. You are playing against him after all, and he’ll be the one pulling the winning card for you. How much is the dealer involved in the game?

Here we have another good question. As we said, the dealer is the main player in blackjack. An experienced dealer can do so much more than a rookie one. Big casinos employ only the best dealers they can get their hands on. There’s recruiting process, and selection, and of course only the best candidates get the job. Even blackjack in a works on the same principles as if you’re sitting in front of a real dealer. So, let us try and answer this one great question for you – how can blackjack dealers tell if you’re counting cards? This is what you want to know before you step into the action.


Dealer vs. Card Counter

This is quite a duel. One you can have every day you decide to play blackjack. This is a game for ages, and the dealer vs. card counter is a rivalry old as cats vs. dogs, and big as Barcelona vs. Real. What you need to know is that dealers are trained to spot a card counter. They wouldn’t be able to perform the work as they should if they weren’t. but, how do they do it? There are a few ways it’s done. You should know that it’s not how you look but it’s what you do as a player.

The first thing that brings suspicion your way is the way you bet money. Sporadically betting on smaller and larger sums will give a card counter away. This is a clear signal. Betting $10, on one hand, is nice. Not suspicious at all. But if your next bet is $200 and you quickly revert to the regular $5 or $10 bets is an alarm. This is the first thing that a dealer will pay attention to. The second thing is fun.


While gambling should be taken seriously considering that there’s money involved it is above all else a fun game. When you play it, you need to have fun, drink a few glasses of whiskey or pints of beer and enjoy. Money will come. But, some players do not have this luxury as they need to have their focus on the cards. Those who count cards do not enjoy the game. They don’t have fun. All they see are cards, they count them, avoid drinking, talking, and having fun in general. Players such as these are easy to spot, especially if you’re an experienced dealer. Card counting is done by the book, and a dealer will know if you’ve been reading if the game itself doesn’t interest you.

What will probably shock you is that the dealers themselves are the real fraudsters. There are plenty of them who know what you think only you do. That’s right. Some professional dealers are quite adept at card counting. So, the equation here gets quite clear. It takes one to know won. A dealer who can count cards will recognize another who can do the same. Furthermore, what they have and you don’t is the luxury of playing this beautiful game for hours a day, for days a week, and for weeks at months. You can’t parry their experience. Experience and knowledge are on their side. Trust us based only on this a card counter will be exposed pretty quickly at any major casino.

Beyond that, you need to assume that this is not a film. Real casinos are real establishments that take care of their business. You’re not smarter than them. Some card counters are obvious and easy to spot. Others don’t do things right and expose themselves by sheer stupidity. It’s not a task anyone can conduct. We have examples where people told the dealer they were going to win because they know how to count cards.


But, you don’t need to look at the dealers as if they’re some mythical beings with supreme knowledge. It’s all based on training and experience. They know what to look for in players and how to approach those who are suspicion of card counting. In the end, you also have cameras. Casinos film everything. Considering how many card counting scenarios they have seen it is no surprise that sometimes casino operators will know a counter once it enters the building.

Bottom Line

You can’t counter the fact that casinos are establishments that have staff as much as an army and even more resources. In the end, the card counter is only one man destined to be defeated. This is not an anime, and you can’t beat the system on your own. Considering how fun the game of blackjack you should play it fair and square as most of us do. You can win even without bringing forbidden techniques to the table. This is how real men do. Winning is nice. But doing it fair and square with a little bit of luck is how you should do it. The reward is greater that way.