Blackjack and Sports Betting

Blackjack (also known as Vingt-Un or Twenty-One) is one of the premier card betting games played at casinos worldwide.

It is one of the most popular games due to its relatively simplistic rules and exciting reveals. The game flows at an electrifying quick pace, with each round taking place in the span of several minutes (if not less).

Traditionally the edge always goes towards the house; however, many blackjack players have successfully executed their own elaborate and disciplined betting strategies to tilt the odds in their favor.

Here is a look at some fundamentals surrounding the game of blackjack and how to understand how to make wagers while playing.

How to Play Blackjack

The game involves a relatively simple premise. You get dealt two cards facedown while the dealer is dealt one card face up and one card face down.

  • You can request to take a “hit,” meaning you get an additional card, or you can choose to stay with your present number of cards.
  • The goal is to beat the dealer by having your cards add up to 21 or get closer than the dealer to that value without going over.
  • You can ask for as many additional cards as you like until you go over 21, in which case you lose automatically.
  • You can also choose to “double down,” meaning you double the size of your bet and can then only receive one additional card.
  • If you get dealt two of the same cards, you can choose to split your hand and play two hands at once.

Where Can I Play BlackJack?

From the Venetian to the Bellagio to Foxwoods, nearly every major casino globally has a blackjack table. Many casinos also have video blackjack allowing you to play at a machine for smaller buy-ins. The game is fun and social, making for great casual play while incorporating more sophisticated systems for serious bettors.

While there are plenty of in-person options, you can also find blackjack online at thousands of virtual casinos. Playing online is an even more convenient way to get into the action and is accessible at the tip of your fingertips.

Blackjack games are quick, allowing you to play multiple hands in a short period, making it ideal for playing on-the-go action anytime.

Blackjack Strategies: How to Bet


There is a diverse range of options for sizing up different blackjack betting strategies.

Many avid blackjack players use a chart to help inform their decision whether to take a hit, stay where they are, or double down. The chart factors every possible scenario and provides players with the best statical probabilities. Familiarizing yourself with this chart can help you decide how much to bet at a given moment.

Another betting method is called the Martingale System, which involves doubling the size of your bet after every losing hand until you win, ensuring you make up your losses and break even at a minimum.

The system is not without risk, as a substantial losing streak has the potential to put you in a deep hole. If you are using this strategy, you want to make sure you have sufficient money to gamble with to ensure you don’t run out of funds before you get a win.

Inversely you can implement a system where you progressively increase the size of your bet after each win. Therefore, you maximize your profit potential while minimizing risk by using a portion of what you have already won to offset a loss.

Being aware that you will eventually lose a hand if you use this strategy, it’s generally best to stop after winning three straight hands to lock in your profits.

In addition to these strategies, several other methods involve incrementally increasing or decreasing the size of the pot based on the previous hand. Strategies include anything from counting cards to the Oscar Grind method, which involves slowly increasing your bets after a loss, in small increments, until you are profitable, then repeating the process from scratch.

Sports Betting

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Blackjack is not the only form of wagering that has a betting system. With the rise of legalized online sports betting like in many states across the US, there are even more gambling options at your disposal.

Similar to blackjack, there are many sports betting strategies you can look to execute when using a sportsbook to minimize your risk and increase your profit potential.

Sports betting differs slightly from traditional gaming like blackjack. When deciding how much to bet, you can still use the same strategies, including the Martengale method and the Oscar Grind; however, once a wager is locked in, the bettor has little control over the outcome, so it is crucial to consult statistics and data beforehand.

Adverse Side Effects of Betting

While gambling can be exhilarating, it can also form addictive habits and cause considerable stress. Some turn to alcohol to alleviate this, impacting mental health over the long haul.

Many people enjoy a cold beverage while gaming, and usually, it is a nice way to unwind. However, there are also strong links between compulsive gambling behavior and alcoholism.

For some individuals, just being at a casino might lead to higher alcohol intake, impacting their emotional state.

Fortunately, there are many ways to cope with this. One method includes taking CBD, which has many therapeutic benefits, including helping to relieve stress. Taking CBD for alcoholism is recommended to help deal with some of the adverse side effects of gambling.

Betting Strategies


With access to betting at casinos and online, trying out new betting strategies is both fun and easy. Implementing your own betting system is critical to help minimize your losses and maximize your gains.

With that said, it is essential to be responsible while betting and make sure you have the finances to support your strategy. Also, be sure to take precautions to ease the stress associated with gambling to protect your mental wellbeing.