Snooker Referees Salaries 2024/21

A snooker referee is a professional who officiates snooker matches and plays a vital role in the match’s outcome; they have to make sure that all players follow the game rules. Referees make calls about when specific rules are violated and assess penalties. According to reports, most snooker referees salaries are paid on a match rate while only a few top-level referees earn a salary.

At all times, the referee must be attentive and stand in a position that every stroke is about to be played or has just been played. The snooker referee must ensure that the winner of any match is the player who scored the most points, either by fair score or by earning penalty points or a combination of both.

Snooker referees don’t announce their salaries much often as it isn’t an information of necessity. However, we have gathered some valuable information on “how much do snooker referees earnĀ in the UK or around the world” at one’s disposal for those looking to pursue a career as a snooker referee or look at as a part-time option.

Becoming a professional snooker referee varies depending on the region, but generally involves registering with the Sports National Board of Directors.

Snooker Referees Salaries 2024/21

The majority of snooker referees are paid per match or per day. As a result, it cannot be easy to establish the average wage for snooker referees reliably.

Apart from match fees and base salary, snooker referees also get sponsorship earnings from brands’ logos on their shirts.

CategoryPer Match FeesTournament FeesSponsorship EarningsBase Salary
Professional Referees$250$1,500$500 -$1,000$25,000
Women Referees$200$1,500$500 -$1,000$20,000
Entry-Level Referees$50N/AN/A$4,500

A professional senior snooker referee gets more opportunities and also paid more than an entry-level snooker referee. It is moreover due to good decision-making because of years of experience.

A professional senior snooker referee is paid a per match fee of around $250 and make about $2000 to $2500 in international tournaments. The senior snooker referee receives a base salary of $25,000.

A gender wage gap exists in professional snooker also, though both men and women professional referees get equal opportunities, women snooker referees salary is less compared to men.

Female snooker referee is paid $200 per match and make $1000- $1500 in international tournaments. They receive a base salary of $20,000.

Entry-level snooker referees aren’t selected for officiating in any international tournaments as they don’t have much experience.

They have to gain 3- 4 years of experience from amateur or local leagues, tournaments, and championships to make it pro. They are paid $50 -$90 per match and earn around $4,500 annually as a rookie snooker referee.

Highest Paid Snooker Referees

RefereePer Match FeesTournament FeesSponsorship EarningsBase Salary
Ingo Schmidt$500$2,500$1,500$30,000
Jan Scheers$500$2,500$1,500$30,000
Desislava Bozhilova$250$1,500$750$23,500
Proletina Velichkova$250$1,500$750$23,500
Alex Crisan$250$1,500$500$25,000
Joery Ector$250$1,500$1,000$25,000
Tatiana Woollaston$200$1,000$500$20,000
Christian Fock$200$1,000$500$20,000
Eva Poskocilova$200$1,000$500$20,000
Hilde Moens$200$1,000$500$20,000
Kristof Azijn$200$1,000$500$20,000
Luise Kraatz$200$1,000$500$20,000
Maike Kesseler$200$1,000$500$20,000
Malgorzata Kanieska$200$1,000$500$20,000

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