5 Important Lessons In Sports Betting All Beginners Must Learn

When looking to make some money on the side, sports betting presents a unique opportunity to do so. But just like any other form of betting or gambling, winning bets is easier said than done. That’s because professional sports bettors utilize strategy and analysis to determine what the winning combination on a slip is.

Thus, beginners need to learn a couple of important lessons before getting into sports betting. In this short guide, we will give you a series of lessons that are short and to the point. So, let’s go ahead and do that.

1. Never Chase Your Losses

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As a beginner sports bettor, you’ll quickly realize that losing a bet is much easier than actually winning one. You might have done your research but the teams don’t come through. Well, remember that there is no easy game when betting on sports. So when you lose a bet, the first lesson you must learn is to never chase the win.

Chasing losses only leads to throwing more money down the drain. Instead of aimlessly betting to try and win the original bet, you need to calm down and think about what you’re going to do next. Take a short break and try again the next day.

2. Never Bet On Games You Don’t Understand

Sports betting is a broad term that involves betting on sports games. This could be football, soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey, etc. So when you tell someone you’re betting on sports, what do you actually mean? It’s easy to make the mistake of trusting a friend or a colleague and placing a bet on a game you don’t understand. Hockey might be a popular sports betting game, but do you even know how the game works?

If someone gives you a tip about an upcoming match in a game you don’t understand, the wise thing to do is to not go through. Speaking of betting on a wide range of games, you have to sign up with a casino that makes it possible to do so. Otherwise, you’ll be limiting yourself only to a few games.

So an important lesson every sports bettor beginner needs to learn is to go with a casino that gives you lots of options. If you’re interested in that, make sure to visit www.joocasino.com.

3. Not Every Favorite Is the Favorite

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When betting on games, the oddsmakers will tell you which team is the favorite and which is the underdog. But that doesn’t mean they’re right. The favorite is the team that the oddsmakers expect to win. But if that would be the case, then we’d all be rich.

Think into consideration a wide range of factors before determining if the favorite really is the favorite in a game. Factors such as plays missing, home or away, and past encounters play an important role in determining which team is actually going to win.

But to reach the point where this becomes valuable information, you need to accumulate a lot of experience and knowledge on the game and the teams playing it. So every beginner must learn if they want to become good at sports betting.

We hope that these three tips will help you win more the next time you’re thinking of placing a bet on a sports game.

4. Don’t always bet on your team

If you are betting, we assume that you have a favorite team that you cheer for and watch their every game. Whether this is basketball, football or any other sport, it doesn’t really make a difference.
While betting on your team sounds appealing you should sometimes skip such games. First of all, you are biased and you cannot look at the things objectively. You probably believe that your team is better than it actually is, unless you are a fan of some of the best European soccer teams. But betting on them will not make you earn a lot of money. In fact, it doesn’t pay off at all.

Betting against your team doesn’t feel correct either. You are conflicted whether you should cheer for your team to win or be happy for them to lose. And anyone who is happy if their team loses isn’t a true fan.

I am familiar with different strategies here. Some always bet against their team and say: “If they win, I am happy they won, but if they lose, at least I can earn some money.”

The others on the other hand, always bet for their team. They simply don’t want to go against them no matter what and if they don’t win it, well, it’s OK because their team won.

5. Learn the System and How it Works

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Before you start betting for real, and we mean before you start investing more significant amounts of money, you should figure out the system and try to work it.

That means that you will place different bets to see what strategy works the best. The more games you bet on, there’s always a chance that one will go wrong. It is much better to bet on just 2-3 games, even one game, but invest more money to increase your winnings. However, there’s always a chance for you to lose, but if you follow the sport and know the outcome and are certain off it, you can go for it. For more help check www.prothaicasinos.com.


There’s usually beginner’s luck involved in sports betting and that’s what draws people in. Therefore, we invite you to follow these tips because your luck will run out as you get more into it.
Don’t invest large amounts of money at first and see if this is something you are comfortable win. Although there are favorites, those games are never certain and everyone can win. Play only the sports you follow anyways because you are already familiar with the teams and players and who can win and make a surprise.
Good luck