Top 5 Mistakes All Beginners Make When Betting on NBA

If you pay attention to the sports betting activity, you’ll notice two types of sports being in the spotlight, it’s football and basketball. As for basketball, no league in the world can compete with the popularity of the NBA. Its players literally define basketball, and one fact that proves it is that there isn’t a single person in the world who doesn’t know who Michael Jordan is, for instance. Its popularity attracts people to bet, but there are also a couple of more reasons they choose to bet:

  • Attractiveness of the game
  • All the world’s bookmakers offer it
  • A large number of matches to bet on
  • Competitive quotas
  • Excellent selection of additional betting methods

When it comes to betting methods and types, people usually choose to place bets on the final result, the sum of the points in the match, the sum of the points of an individual player, or handicap.
As there are a couple of events to bet on, bettors usually choose between the regular season, playoffs, and all-Star weekend.

However, playoffs could be the most exciting event in the whole season, and probably attracts the largest number of bets. It lasts for almost 2 months, and it’s all about top basketball and tense games enjoyed by spectators and bookmakers all over the planet. The playoffs are quite different from the classic betting on NBA matches during the regular season because it is more challenging, and requires some skills. Those with no experience should go through some kind of beginner’s guide on CAUnibet before placing bets. People are drawn to bet on the playoffs when they see the dust rising and often read about it in various newspapers and portals. They form opinions and attitudes based on them and make wrong choices which lead to loss. That’s why we’ve assembled the 5 biggest mistakes when betting on the NBA that you must avoid in order to achieve some notable success.

1. Paying too much attention to the last 10 games of the event


Often when betting and studying statistics, bookmakers like to look at how an individual team has played in some previous matches and refer to the last 5-10 matches before the start of the event. It is not a good idea to conclude that the team that was more successful in those 10 games is stronger than the other team, which may have just been out of shape. There are countless other factors to keep in mind such as: how safe was their position in the event, or whether all the players have been healthy (some may have suffered an injury, which could be only temporary), and whether the coach is resting some of the key players in the event.

2. Too many expectations from the stars

Some players are simply at a higher level than others. These players differ from the rest of the league in their quality, but no matter how dominant they are on the floor, they cannot win the game on their own. Bookmakers often fall in love with big names and forget that the events are a special situation in which the opposing team is investing all their energy on stopping that player, like in the playoffs. One star, no matter who he is and how talented he is, is not a sufficient guarantee for the success of the whole team.

3. Not paying enough attention to the matchup in the playoffs


The team that wins the playoffs does not necessarily have to be the strongest team. Winning against a certain opponent only means they have better adapted to their opponent and taken advantage of their weaknesses. Much more important than having the talent itself is how that talent will show up on the floor against other teams. Bookmakers will recognize someone’s talent and this will lead them to the wrong decision because they will not even be aware that, for example, the team against which their chosen one is playing is playing great against such players.

4. Overestimating the coach

Coaches are obviously important figures in every game. It can easily happen that people overestimate one of the coaches before the start of the event. For example, in the playoffs, every coach in the event was good enough to take his team there and knows better than anyone what his team needs. Some teams need exactly what their coach asks of them. That doesn’t necessarily mean he would be successful on another team. The assumption that one team will beat another because it has a more successful coach is wrong and should be taken into account.

5. Sweep betting


In America, the term “sweep” literally means “sweep.” The term is used when one team beats another in the playoffs 4-0. People often come to the conclusion after the first game or two that the next two will look the same, which is completely illogical. Teams can look invincible even in the first 3 games and then fall apart. The location where the match takes place is, for example, an important factor because some teams will play much better on the home floor than on the away. Learn from previous matches, but don’t take it for granted that an identical match will be played twice.

One final piece of advice if you wish to avoid making too many mistakes, or in other words minimize the risk of losing too much money on betting is to carefully choose where you play your bets. You need to carefully choose the right bookmaker. But even the best bookmaker means nothing if you don’t know the right betting tips and strategies. This is especially important for beginners in betting and people who do not follow the sport so closely. Read about the safest bookmakers in the reviews, as well as the best strategies you should apply in your betting.

Don’t rely too much on what the news publishes. Headlines often take us in the wrong direction, especially when it comes to the most attractive games. Journalists often, consciously or unconsciously, favor one team for no reason. This can easily confuse beginners.