Why Is It Important for Students to Learn About Anne Frank?

Most people heard about Anne Frank and her challenging life during World War 2. Her diary represents one of the most popular works from this period, and it is recognized all over the world and translated to many languages. If this diary is the next topic that you have to analyze in school or at university check out EduBirdie,  you will find additional explanation if something is not understandable to you. This will have a great meaning and help in your better understanding of this novel.

Moreover, while many people know about this diary and the main elements in the story, there are still many things that are either a misconception or false information. Also, this book holds a crucial value for the whole world because of the things that the world was going through during the 40s. There are the most important things to know about Anne Frank and her diary.

You Will Learn More About Her Life

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It is amazing how many information we can get from this book that was written during a period of two years while this girl was hiding from the German military. She was only 10 years old when the war started, and 13 when she got hidden in the secret spot in a house in Amsterdam.

Her father had a small production line in Germany, but they had to move to Netherland during the 30s, when the whole madness with Nazis started. However, they weren’t safe for a long time in this country as well, since Germany easily took it over inside their borders.

The year was 1942 when Nazi army began to search the cities in Netherland and taking all Jews to concentration camps that were spread all across the country, especially on the east and in today’s Poland. One of the biggest was Auschwitz.

Before her and her family got captures in 1944, there is an amazing story written by Anne, and it represents one of the most valuable works from this period since we can learn a lot about how people lived in captivity, and how cruel the Nazis really were when it comes to their relations with the Jews.

Besides the things related to war, it is also an important work for psychological studies since we can learn a lot about her behaviors, inner battles, conflicts, and challenges that were on her mind in a world where living up to the next day is uncertain.

From the moment when German army got into Netherland, there were new regulations introduced against the Jews community. For instance, all people of this religion had to wear a special signs or their arms. Also, they were not able to use the same pedestrian streets, public transport, or stores. Therefore, they were market as second-class citizens.

Furthermore, we can learn more about the life of all these people while they were hiding, and how they managed to stay there for two years in a place where each corner is getting checked every day. There were some people around the building that were helping by providing food and other supplies.

However, it was dangerous for them as well if someone finds out. That is the reason why these people had to be extra cautious. For example, they were very silent and even were wearing only socks so they don’t make any noise.

There is an interesting fact about her work. For example, the popular version is not the only one, since there is another one that is not published. The one that is popular represents an editing version that she managed to create during 1944. It was a moment when she heard that it was important for people to write diaries so the people can learn more about the crimes made during the war.

Unfortunately, she and her family failed to remain hidden until the war is over. They got caught in 1944, and separated before taken to concentration camps. She was living with her family only for a couple of months after being arrested, but then she got moved to another camp, where she and her sister died only a year after. The conditions in these camps were unhuman and horrible. She died of typhus, only two weeks before allies managed to free the camp.

Another Point of View

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While all people are aware of the crimes that were made against the Jews and many other people and nationalities during this wat, this diary represents a close connection with the victims, which is the best way to understand what they were going through. That is the biggest value of this book as well since it will raise the awareness of how important is for all people in the world to respect the differences related to nationalities, races, and religions.

That is the main reason why it should be standard literature is elementary schools as well. When we can learn from early stages about our history and some horrible things, that will improve our chances of reaching a much better society. It is incredible that this madness occurred less than 100 years ago, in the first half of the 20th century, which is known as a period of progression and technological and industrial innovations.

The Bottom Line

There are different aspects of this book that can be analyzed by different subjects in schools. We can learn more about the history and war crimes, but even more important is the psychological aspect where we can learn about how these people lived in captivity and hidden places in constant fear.

Anne is one of the rare people that managed to hide for such a long time. Her diary is one of the most valuable works from this era. Therefore, it is important to never forget it and let people know about this challenging times and how to prevent anything similar from happening ever again.

As a student, you can choose different types of approach to analyze this diary, and we already mentioned the psychological and historical. On the other side, it should be presented to kids as well so they can understand the importance of being aware of differences between people and respecting them.