How to Grow a Sports Instagram Page : 5 Useful Tips for Newbies (2024)

Sport is one of the most popular topics that is discussed everywhere. Professional sports, a healthy lifestyle and home workouts to keep fit – all this is relevant in 2024, people want to know as much about it as possible and be in the sports community, including it is in demand in social networks and the media sphere – today there are a lot of blogs on various resources that are dedicated to this topic and popularize a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, it is not so important what the page is specifically dedicated to, whether it is an expert blog (for example, a fitness trainer), a fan profile or a professional athlete’s page – they all receive millions of likes and are loved by users.

Are you passionate about sports, do you know everything about proper nutrition, or can you do online workouts with people? Well, in this case, you can become the author of a great sports blog and declare yourself. To do this, you will need some knowledge about page creation, design and promotion. In the article, we have collected 5 of the most important and useful tips that will help you attract the attention of the audience and create a cool blog about sports, which can later go viral and bring you a lot of fans. Keep reading!

What should be done first?

1. Make the page attractive


Many newcomers mistakenly believe that the main thing on the page is the content, and overlook such important things as the name of the blog and the profile header. You see, this is a necessity – if your publications get into the recommendations and the user visits the page, the first thing he will pay attention to is the profile header. You will have just a few seconds to encourage potential subscribers to click on the “follow” button and explore your content.

  • Take some time to come up with a spectacular and bright nickname. It should be short and memorable, as well as reflect the topic of the blog. You can use keywords such as “athlete”, “football fan”, “fitness trainer”. This will help users find your blog without unnecessary problems. Never double the letters and try to avoid the terms – it’s confusing.
  • In the profile header, specify basic information about you and the page – specify your name, your niche and how you can be useful to viewers. Avoid unnecessary information, your goal is to hook the visitor and encourage them to stay on the page as long as possible. As an avatar, choose a high-quality successful portrait or a stylish sports logo (for example, if you sell goods or services).

2. Create a base of followers


In social networks, as in sports, there is a lot of competition and you need to be able to stand out from the crowd at the very beginning of the journey. The main indicators of the author’s popularity and success are the number of people who follow you. Absolutely all beginners (unless they are celebrities or famous athletes) face the problem of the lack of subscribers at the initial stage and this can become a real problem if they do not take care of creating a presentable account from scratch. What can you do? If you have time to wait, try the free methods: follow-for-follow, massliking or participation in like times. But be prepared for the fact that this is a long and time-consuming process, which in the future may not bring the results you expect.

  • ¬†Are you ready to act decisively and create a truly great blog? Well, in this case, you can significantly speed up the process and buy the desired number of followers right now. To do this, you need to contact a trusted advertising company such as Viplikes and choose the desired package of services. In this case, you can be 100% sure that your audience will grow, and the blog will become more popular in the thematic community. Subscribers will be delivered to the page regularly – this is convenient and saves a lot of time for more useful things. This will be an excellent ground for further development and you will no longer have to puzzle over where to get more subs.

How to grow an account?

3. Reels


Sport is always spectacular and evokes a lot of emotions from the audience. Use this as another opportunity to grow the page – shoot workout videos, record useful nutrition clips, or edit videos with famous athletes and their victories. The short video format has become incredibly popular in the last few years, and such content goes viral much more often than regular publications. Instagram algorithms are configured in such a way as to popularize Reels and support those authors who actively manifest themselves in video blogging. And if your videos get to the top, they will be seen by thousands of interested users who can later become regular viewers.

  • Don’t know what to shoot clips about? This is not a problem – study which videos are published by competitors and borrow some good ideas from them. You can always style them for your blog and make them interesting for your subscribers. Come up with your own unique “thing” that will distinguish you from others – it can be an interesting vivid image or a specific processing.

4. Mutual PR


When your page already has a certain number of regular viewers who are active (like and comment on publications), then you can try to negotiate with other authors and start creating joint content. It may seem that this way you are missing your audience and connecting with a competitor, but in fact it is not. You are not the only one who started his online journey in 2024 and are looking for an opportunity to become a famous sports influencer. Besides you, there are thousands of the same users, and you can unite to achieve a common goal and get the desired result (yes, it’s like in sports).

  • Choose a blogger who has similar statistical indicators and has already managed to prove himself as an ambitious author. His blog should be suitable for your topic and be about sports, but do not choose a direct competitor. For example, if your page is dedicated to football, choose a blogger who creates content on basketball, fitness, and so on. This way you will avoid competition, but at the same time you will become more visible in the thematic community.

5. Cross-promotion


According to statistics, the majority of active Internet users have accounts on at least several and are active there too. What does this mean for you? As a blogger, you can post your content everywhere, and thus increase reach and become more recognizable to influencers. For example, if you decide to take our advice and shoot some successful Reels, publish them on video resources such as YouTube and TikTok. According to IGInstant, sport clips almost always turn out to be popular, and you can use this chance to get more new followers on Instagram. Publish the clips, place a link to the original source in the description and ask users to click on it.

  • All your text publications are also suitable for posting on other resources – Facebook and Twitter users love interesting facts and topical jokes, and if you can style your posts for them, it will bring you incredible success.


Well, now you have the basic information that you will need in order to create a great blog that brings additional income and popularity. As you can see, this is not as difficult and incomprehensible as it may seem at first glance. Use the tips we wrote about above, show your creative talents and create content that would be interesting for you. In that case, everything will be fine. Good luck!