Top 20 Instagram Richest List 2024: Ronaldo Makes $1.6m Per Insta Post

Cristiano Ronaldo tops the Instagram richest list for the 2024 year at $1.6 million per post. Cristiano Ronaldo, the GOAT of football, tops the most paid celebrity for a sponsored post on Instagram. Ahead of WWE superstar-turned Hollywood actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the Popstar Ariana Grande.

The wealthy list of Instagram is published each year. It ranks celebrities, sports figures and Instagram influencers based on their payment for every post they promote on the social networking platform.

Top 20 Instagram Richest List 2024

RankNameInstagram FollowersPer Post
1 Cristiano Ronaldo308m followers$1.604m
2Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson250m followers$1.523m
3Ariana Grande247 million followers$1.51m
4Kylie Jenne244 million followers$1.49m
5Selena Gomez241 million followers$1.46m
6Kim Kardashian232 million followers$1.41m
7Lionel Messi224 million followers$1.16m
8Beyonce Knowles189 million followers$1.14m
9Justin Bieber180 million followers$1.11m
10Kendall Jenner172 million followers$1.05m
11Taylor Swift 166 million followers$1.01m
12Jennifer Lopez 162 million followers$0.988m
13Khloe Kardashian161 million followers$0.949m
14Nicki Minaj 144 million followers$0.874m
15Miley Cyrus 136 million followers$0.838m
16Neymar Jr. 153 million followers$0.824m
17Kourtney Kardashian 130 million followers$0.785m
18Kevin Hart 113 million followers$0.706m
19Virat Kohli 132 million followers$0.680m
20Demi Lavato 108 million followers$0.668m

Ronaldo’s competitor Messi is the second for athletes, but he is the seventh wealthiest Instagram personality in the overall diagram. The amount charged by Leo Messi for an Instagram post is $1.169 million.

Neymar, the third sportsman in the top 20, is Paris Saint-Germain, with USD 824,000 per post sponsored.

Virat Kohli and Priyanka Chopra are the only Indians in the top 30 of the world. Kohli ranks at 19th place by earning a 5 crore roster for an IG post. Priyanka Chopra is the 27th, and if rumours are alleged, for every promotional post she makes on the picture Blog app, she gets $403,000 (an estimated Rs3 crore). Priyanka appeared on the list at 19th place last year.