5 Reasons to Use a Heart Rate Monitor to Improve Fitness in 2024

If you like to train and do it regularly, we are sure that you are happy with the progress. However, without a good training plan there are no results. That is why it is not enough to strive for stronger training and better physical shape than greater efficiency. That means you need to design smarter training. In that case, a heart rate monitor will help you, because you will be able to determine the intensity level very easily.

In this way, you will constantly monitor your work, but also your body. That way, you will know how hard certain exercises and other details are for you. This is an opportunity to significantly improve your fitness habits and thus achieve the desired results faster. It is also great to use this option for motivation, because you will always know how you stand with numbers.

1. Feedback

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Experts recommend that everyone measure their heart rate from time to time, but exercisers should do it even more often. Since there are different intensities of training, sometimes you can put too much pressure on the body that is not ready to endure it at that moment. Even though you have done this exercise a million times, you are not equally ready for the same effort every day. For example, you may not have drunk enough water that day, you may not have slept enough, you may not have eaten, or you may simply be tired of your obligations. If you do not have insight into your pulse, there is a chance that you will create a problem for yourself.

Fortunately, there is a heart rate monitor as a source of constant feedback. This way, you will always be able to accurately assess your condition of the cardiovascular system during the activity. Do not forget that sweat is not the only indicator of effort, but also what cannot be seen with the naked eye. That is why the heart rate monitor is a great choice, because at the same time you will preserve your health and progress in fitness. We are sure that you cannot progress if you overload yourself and finish training too early. All you have to do is download apps like Welltory and get heart rate monitor accurate measurement. You can find heart rate monitors for iphone and Android alike. Some like Welltory HRV App is available both on App Store and Google Play and some other are only for one of those two OS.

2. Safety

Of course, safety should be your priority. Only then will you really improve in fitness. Otherwise, you will risk a lot due to inadequate work. It is the heart rate monitor that protects you from this. How does it work? For example, he will tell you during the exercise when you should stop and rest, and you will find it difficult to judge for yourself. The signals you receive are also a guideline for all subsequent exercises and effort. This makes your choice of exercises much easier. In that case, you will always be informed about the increase in heart rate, after which you will stop exercising, rest, inhale and think about the sets that have been done.

3. Faster recovery after training

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Heart rate monitor is a great option when you want to monitor how your body works during exercise, but also when you want to learn its rhythm. What it means? For example, by using this device, you can learn how your body reacts to certain exercises or the intensity with which you expose it. Thanks to it, you will have the opportunity to increase the efficiency of training, because the more you adjust the training to your body, the faster your heart rate will fall after physical activity.

So make sure you remember or write down your heart rate value after your workout. You can pause for a few minutes, check the value, and finally subtract the first value from the second. There will be a bigger difference over time, and you will get better. So, this is an opportunity for you to recover faster, which means that you are getting stronger and better in fitness.

4. Appropriate exercises

If you opt for a heart rate monitor, we are sure that you will be able to find exercises that suit you very quickly. Such exercises will not be too strenuous for you to perform, and you will have excellent results. That is why this is an opportunity to adjust the exercise to your needs and possibilities as soon as possible. You will be able to do this based on the objective information you receive from the heart rate monitor. You will use them in every next workout by changing the intensity as needed.

For example, if you are doing a certain exercise and notice that the number of beats suddenly increases, you should return to your zone as soon as possible. Of course, imagine a totally different situation. If you notice that your heart rate is lower than it should be, it means that you are doing exercises of too low intensity. When you think about it, this is an opportunity to get your own personal trainer. So, you will know when it is time to withdraw, and when you need to increase the intensity of the exercises.

5. Additional features

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We must note that not all heart rate monitors are the same. This means that there is a difference in their functions. Some of them have additional features that can benefit you a lot. For example, this refers to monitoring fitness. This way you can track your progress, because your result is automatically saved, weekly trainings are displayed, etc. These are the ways in which you can detect mistakes in exercise or get confirmation that you are doing everything right. In any case, you enjoy the benefits of these additional features.

Experts recommend keeping diaries, and with the heart rate monitor option it is much easier and more efficient. This way you can keep track of your average heart rate, recovery rate as well as your maximum heart rate. In addition, some monitors give you insight into the number of calories, interval timer and other zones. Each of the zones tells you about your current condition and the desired intensity. With these functions you can load and analyze all important heart rate data, and without them you cannot plan a good workout.


Don’t forget the importance of heart rates. If you do not have an insight into your health condition, you cannot achieve the maximum in training. So take full advantage of the heart rate monitor and take your training to the next level. All you need to do is make a few changes and monitor your physical activities regularly.