How Long Does a Selkirk Paddle Last?

No one gets the exact answer about how long Selkirk paddles last. Maybe you are also the person who is not getting the exact answer about the surviving period of the Selkirk paddles.

Here I will let the Selkirk paddles answer you. It depends on your purchase use and quality because Selkirk offers a lifetime product warranty.

But it has a serving period, just like everything can survive for a limited time. Below I have discussed How long a Selkirk paddle lasts!

Selkirk Pickleball Paddles

Selkirk paddles are the best brand that offers quality with a warranty. So the players can spend money only one time to use top-quality paddles. It has been started since 2013 by Rob Barnes and Mike. Both are brothers of the same mothers. With his house printing, the art technology, and graphics of the Selkirk, they also provide the best design in paddles.

So, if you want the best color and design, you can choose the Selkirk pickleball paddles from

How long does a Selkirk paddle last


It all depends on your consuming paddles and how you use the paddles. While the Selkirk paddles mostly last for 1-5 years, it still depends on the care and cleaning of the paddles.

If you use them with your intelligence and care too much, they may not tear too quickly because everything needs care and attention, as they want to.

Therefore, if you want them to survive even after 5 years, I would suggest cleaning them after playing with them and keeping them in the case. This will help you to use them for so long.

Factors Effects of Choosing the Quality Selkirk Paddle

A player should also consider the following factors before choosing the right paddle to not blame the manufacturer’s quality for picking up the worthy product!


The first and foremost thing is the weight of the product. The lightweight pickleball will not tear you, while the heavily weighted pickleball may disturb you. Therefore, always concentrate on the paddle’s weight and which one to choose.

The lightweight pickleball will give you more power with your fastest hand speed. However, it will become the reason for your winning chances!

Shape and Model

You’ve decided on the style and design of yours; then, it’s time to determine the ideal weight. Pickleball paddles from Selkirk are usually available in midweight and lightweight variants.

A lighter one will likely feel more maneuverable if you’re just starting. On the other hand, a heavier paddle will generate more power. To determine which feels better in your hands, pick up each and take a few practice swings.

Selkirk Amped


Selkirk Amped has high-end paddles have a fiberglass face that improves control while producing a great spin. Its durable polypropylene honeycomb structure produces greater power than many other paddles on the market.

The edge guard technology used in constructing the Amped paddles produces a lightweight, strong, and well-balanced paddle.

Selkirk Vanguard 2.0


These top-of-the-line paddles have a carbon fiber face and pro-spin texture for maximum spin production. These use carbon fiber technology to increase the sweet spot and improve shot consistency.

The Vanguard 2.0 paddles are perfect for players looking for a long-lasting, spin-focused since the new Gen2 durable surface provides stronger resistance than earlier models. Check out the Selkirk vanguard 2.0 paddles reviews by clicking here!

Grip Size

Pickleball Selkirk has the 3 grip sizes, which are:

  • With a thin grip (3 5/8″ to 4 1/8″)
  • (4 1/4″ to 4 3/8″) with a standard grip
  • With a thick grip (4 1/2″+)

The smallest grip size is 3 58″, increasing to 4 12″+, as you can see. The more excellent range of motion your wrist may have with a smaller grip, the more spin and power you may be able to produce.

It is determining how you hold the paddle. If the grip size is appropriate, the pointer finger on your opposite hand should fit between your fingertips and your palm.

Your grasp is probably too small if your fingertips are in contact. The grip is too large if more than one finger can fit between your fingertips and palm. (Remember that grips may always be built larger by adding an overgrip when selecting a grip size.)

We advise choosing a smaller grip if you are unsure about your size.

Are Selkirk paddles made in the USA?

Selkirk Sport was the first pickleball manufacturer to provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws. Because all our paddles are created in the USA using premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, we can provide this game-changing warranty.

How do you clean a Selkirk pickleball paddle?

You can use a glass cleaner and lint-free cloth to wipe your paddle’s face and edge guard. The visuals may inevitably deteriorate over time in any sport involving ball contact. If it occurs to yours, do not be concerned; it indicates that the paddle has been well-loved and used.

How long should a good pickleball paddle last?

On average, the graphic and composite paddles may last for 2-3 years if you use them carefully. However, the recreational players also get the new ones after 2-3 hours.

Wrapping Up


So, if you want to use your Selkirk paddles for so long, you should consider the above factors before purchasing them. Because if you choose the wrong paddles, you might not be comfortable with them. And it may cause you to break yours.

Even so, I hope you got the answer: How long does a Selkirk paddle last, and what factors to consider before purchasing it. So, be careful to get the best quality Selkirk paddle!