Premier League Clubs Net Spend in Transfers Over the Last 5 Years

Money is an important factor in modern-day football. Popular leagues like Premier League, La Liga etc. are known for spending huge money. The English Premier League is definitely the best league in the world. In order to win titles, English clubs are known for spending big money. The Premier League clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United have spent large sums of money in the previous five seasons. We researched to find out Premier League clubs net spend in transfers over the last 5 years.

Premier League Clubs Net Spend in Transfers Over the Last 5 Years

Club20/21 Season19/20 Season18/19 Season17/18 Season16/17 SeasonTotal
Arsenal FC£59.72m£96.08m£65.03m£4.64m£92.42m£308.60m
Aston Villa£88.72m£140.85m£2.66m£13.53m£35.73m£254.43m
Brighton & Hove Albion£7.11m£59.80m£66.24m£59.49m£7.88m£200.52m
Burnley FC£990Th.£9.27m£22.50m£12.83m£39.96m£59.89m
Chelsea FC£169.56m£101.04m£113.00m£59.31m£21.51m£262.34m
Crystal Palace£2.16m£43.00m£10.35m£41.36m£45.99m£56.86m
Everton FC£63.40m£36.45m£64.04m£69.14m£22.68m£255.70m
Fulham FC£33.53m£7.65m£100.04m£1.77m£1.59m£144.58m
Leeds United£95.20m£27.36m£3.69m£9.84m£900Th.£82.27m
Leicester City£3.80m£14.22m£16.92m£34.42m£23.45m£92.81m
Liverpool FC£35.51m£28.08m£126.79m£9.56m£4.93m£119.73m
Manchester City£104.54m£79.67m£18.89m£203.54m£161.69m£568.31m
Manchester United£58.86m£131.04m£46.94m£137.61m£123.98m£498.42m
Newcastle United£34.85m£33.53m£7.83m£22.75m£32.96m£66.00m
Sheffield United£56.43m£63.14m£5.13m£5.08m£3.77m£115.74m
Southampton FC£9.90m£28.17m£32.54m£33.39m£14.54m£22.68m
Tottenham Hotspur£87.48m£75.60m£4.82m£17.73m£28.08m£204.08m
West Bromwich Albion£31.09m£14.19m£10.27m£46.31m£9.83m£62.76m
West Ham United£7.83m£58.11m£77.43m£11.00m£38.25m£170.63m
Wolverhampton Wanderers£3.24m£84.33m£80.51m£16.46m£29.80m£214.34m

With increasing competition between the football clubs to win the trophies, the teams have started putting a large sum of money in the transfer market to build a strong team. The figures above represent the Premier League clubs with net spends on transfer over the past five years. Read Also: Most Expensive Football Transfers of All Time

How much did Man City spent in the last 5 years?

The biggest spender in the last five years is Manchester City. The club has managed to top the list of the highest spender, City spent a whopping £568.31million in the last 5 years.

How much did Man United spent in the last 5 years?

Over the five years, Manchester United have spent massive money to buy which result in complete failure and also allowed the talented players to transfer. The club spent the amount of £498.42million in the last five seasons.

Disclaimer: All the facts and figures about Premier League clubs net spend over the past 5 years are based on the analysis, research and reports released by trusted sources.