What Influence Have Sports Had on Slot Games Over the Years?

Sports have long been integral to many cultures, from the early Olympics to modern-day favourites like American football and baseball. The idea of competition, winning and losing, teamwork, and strategy have greatly influenced our games and sports over the years. Here are 10 factors that Sports Had on Slot Games Over the Years.

1. Leagues Are More Popular Than Ever

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According to a Gallup poll, more than three-quarters of Americans follow professional sports, compared with just under two-thirds in 1990. The growing popularity has helped increase awareness of individual leagues and interest in slot games.

Professional sports offer ample visual and audio effects opportunities, which often make their way into slots. They also generate frequent news stories about team performance and player success, which slots makers use to keep players engaged.

2. The Rise Of The Online Casino

The Internet has given way to a new era of games and entertainment options, and these new platforms can now be accessed with a few clicks of your mouse. While slots are still a popular option, you’ll find it’s far easier to jump right into an exciting game when you’re sitting at home in your comfort zone.

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3. Introduction Of Bonus Rounds

As slot games became more and more popular, it was crucial for casino owners to set their machines apart from others. One way they did so was by adding bonus rounds—wherein players could win additional money or multipliers.

Bonus rounds began as a concept in 1991’s Money Bonus and have continued to be a key part of today’s slot games. They’ve also become a catalyst for innovation; for example, manufacturers added 3D imagery when some players had trouble seeing spinning reels clearly from across a room.

4. Licensed Sports

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Licensed sports are one of two major revenue streams in land-based casinos. In addition, nearly all slot manufacturers are owned by casino companies, and these machines are programmed to pay out more frequently than non-sports slots, which means they’re highly profitable.

And profitable games have a huge influence on how people gamble because they attract attention (and, therefore, players). For example, some estimates show that a person is ten times more likely to play a slot machine with a sporty theme than one featuring no themes at all. It’s obvious then why licensed sports (like baseball) have impacted gambling over time.

5. Branded Slot Machines

With mobile gaming becoming increasingly popular every year, slot games have had to evolve to stay relevant. As a result, many casinos have opted to offer branded slot machines for well-known titles like Star Wars or Marvel superheroes.

However, it’s not just about being relatable; branded slot machines often include special features and bonus rounds that include exclusive content from said title.

6. Technology Improvements

Ten years ago, playing these slot games from home was impossible. You would have to physically go and play them at a gambling establishment, which can be quite inconvenient for someone who works full-time. However, now with technology growing exponentially, everyone has access to these games at any time of day or night via their personal computer or smartphone.

This makes it easier for many people who couldn’t otherwise get away from work or other obligations to enjoy a trip to Vegas with their friends or family. Additionally, as technology becomes even more prevalent in everyday life moving forward, there will likely be other changes made that make gaming a much more mobile experience than ever before.

7. ESports Slots

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A lot of people think gaming doesn’t take skill, but they’re wrong. A professional esports athlete has been training and practising for years to be able to compete at a top-level – it’s just as much talent as real sports like tennis or basketball.

The best gamers are some of the biggest stars in their respective games, raking hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars a year from prize money, sponsorship deals, and live-streaming contracts. Book your slots right here at AmazonSlots.com.

8. Video Slot Themes

Video slots originated from slot machines, and they have seen continuous success over time due to their ability to keep things fresh by adding new themes.

For example, in 2017, the online casino site Online Casino City debuted new video slots based on HBO’s six popular shows—Game of Thrones, Westworld, Silicon Valley, Veep, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

9. Adding Team Play Components To Games

In all sports, it is common to have team play components. The idea of teamwork translates very well into video games. Early arcade games involved a lot of teamwork and player cooperation. It makes sense to capitalize on what people are already familiar with.

That’s why teams are so common in most modern games. Many games now offer team play options for those who want to try to play with others instead of against others. You can find them in many genres like first-person shooters and adventure titles too! Whether it be a simple co-op mode or full-blown MMOs, there is always an option available if you want it!

10. Use Of Mobile Gambling Apps

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In 2015, approximately 57% of millennials in Europe were said to use their mobile phones while they gamble. Of those millennials, 80% are said to be using their smartphones or tablets to play games such as slots, poker, and roulette. This growth of mobile gambling apps is predicted to double by 2024.


Sports have had an influence on slot games over the years, and it is important to know how. From sports stars appearing in marketing campaigns to larger jackpots due to increased TV ad revenue – there are plenty of stories behind how sports have shaped the modern-day gambling industry as we know it today.