Can Solitaire Tournaments Be Considered A Sport?

Solitaire contests can be seen as virtual sporting events free from the physical stress of traditional sports. As solitaire online is becoming more and more popular, people are actively participating in tournaments and trying to beat challenging opponents. These virtual tournaments create an intense atmosphere, which tests every player’s reflexes, strategy, and skillful decision-making. Even though the game may not require hefty gym workouts like physical sports, it does require the same amount of mental preparation and combined strategies to move ahead in the competition. Thus, these tournaments can be seen as a sports-like event that combines concentration with mental acumen.

Solitaire Tournaments As A Sport


The History of Solitaire Tournaments

Solitaire tournaments have been around since the late 1800s. They were originally held mostly as social events to bring together large groups of people and test their skills against each other in an organized competition. The rules varied depending on the game being played and whether or not players were allowed to use jokers or wild cards during play. Today, we can enjoy without leaving the comfort of our rooms.

Over time, the tournaments became more formalized, with international competitions being created in Europe and North America. These days, there are even online tournaments that people can join from all over the world. These are incredibly popular as they feature an attractive mix of competitive spirit and a relaxed atmosphere.

What Makes Solitaire A Sport?

To be defined as a sport, an activity needs to meet several criteria. Namely, it needs to involve physical (or intellectual) exertion and it should be skill-based. The latter is essential for ensuring the element of competition which in turn makes sports so entertaining for viewers. When it comes to solitaire tournaments, there is definitely an element of physical skill involved — players must move cards quickly and accurately while making strategic decisions about how they want to play each hand.

There is also ample opportunity for strategy: players must think ahead about potential moves to win any given round. While it may not be a “traditional” sport such as football or baseball, there’s no denying that playing the card game well requires skill and mental agility.

The Potential For Solitaire Tournaments In The Future

It’s clear that solitaire tournaments have come a long way since their inception in the late 1800s — but where could they go from here? It’s possible that they could become part of mainstream competitions. With the emphasis on memory and problem-solving, it would certainly make for an exciting event! Who knows — maybe in 10 years we’ll be watching professional solitaire players compete online!

Solitaire Winning Tips


Participating in an online solitaire tournament is a lot of fun, especially, if you are the winner. But how to prepare for a solitaire tournament and increase your chances of winning? Here are a few strategy tips to help you with that!

1. Make sure you know the rules

Knowing the rules is essential to succeed. Without having a grasp on how the game should be played, it’s far less likely that you’ll come out with a winning strategy and get those smile-inducing victories! Taking some time to study the rules before playing is extremely beneficial, as it will give you a better understanding of key aspects such as scoring, tableau set-up, and card sequence.

2. Start with turning over the top stock card

Turning over the top stock card gives you access to other cards that would be inaccessible until you make further moves during the game. After exposing that initial stock card, pay attention to your options and arrange the cards in order of importance so you can build sequences efficiently. Some find it beneficial to work from the upper left corner down toward the rest of the playing area, cleansing that side of the table before moving on to another section. Taking this step-by-step approach can help lead to success.

3. Consider picking columns with larger stacks first

One strategy to increase the chances of winning is to give particular attention to columns with bigger stacks. While not necessarily yielding maximum points, picking these larger piles first can help even out the remaining cards and allow you to move towards the set goal faster. This seemingly straightforward tip can yield notable dividends as a game progresses, allowing savvy players to obtain victory in fewer turns.

4. Strive to evenly distribute piles

It is important not to make too many stacks in any one area since this will limit your options. Instead, try to have an even spread of different piles throughout the playing area so that many potential moves remain possible.

5. Keep in mind color when filling an empty spot

While many simply fill the spot with the next card they draw, developing an eye for color coordination will help to make more strategic moves that ultimately lead to a better score at the end of each game. This technique can be useful in determining which card pile to move a newly-drawn card to, allowing you to keep fewer cards in your hand instead of shifting them back and forth between multiple piles. By studying where colors may have been blocked off on prior turns, you can also create new stacking opportunities and potential cascading sequences that result in a win.

6. Play aces and twos

Last but not least, an important tip for playing the game well is to always play Aces and Twos whenever they are revealed in the stack. Doing so increases your chances of completing the game as these two cards come with great flexibility in moving between both foundations and tableaux which are essential elements of winning in mobilityware.


To Sum Up

In conclusion, solitaire is an activity involving concentration and skill whereby players compete against each other for entertainment — which would seem to meet all requirements necessary for it to qualify as a sport by current standards. Moreover, with its increasing popularity among both players and spectators alike, it appears likely that this trend will only continue into the future. Perhaps one day soon professional leagues dedicated exclusively to solitaire will exist. Until then, use our winning tips to prepare for another solitaire tournament online and get a deserved win!