4 Reasons Why Off-Roading Can Be Considered a Sport

Sports are all around us. All of us love some sport. What’s your favorite? For your writer it is football. NFL to be precise. It’s a great form of entertainment and a highly competitive sport. Some people love soccer, others love basketball. For some, it’s all about automotive sports. There’s plenty to talk about in that department. While everyone considers F1 racing a sport, the situation is not the same with off-roading. Why is that you must wonder? Well, you could answer that in any way you like.

First of all, people love to argue. They’ll say it’s not a sport just in spite of you. For others, they don’t see it as direct competition, or as a novelty that aims to be a sport but still isn’t. skateboarding is going through a similar situation. Is it a hobby, and outdoor activity, or can it be deemed as a sport? Judging by our title you can see where your writer stands. For me, it is a sport. It has so much to offer in this department and so many traits that make it a sport that it’s hard to count them.

Luckily for everyone reading this article as hard as it is I’m going to do it. After all, it’s good to hear my reasoning on this subject. Are you interested in hearing mine four reasons why off-roading can be considered a sport? If you are, the best way to find out why my opinion is formed that way is to keep on reading. As far as other opinions go, we can assure everyone that HighCountryOffroad tends to agree with me.

As for you, if you don’t agree, it’s not like I don’t care. I do! But, you’ll need to state your opinion and elaborate on it. This can be done below in the comment section. Don’t be shy. If you disagree, be free to say it. I’m going to say what I think, so no one is going to be a judge for doing the same thing. Now, let’s start.

It Requires Skill

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You need the skill to get the job done in any sport. NFL is full of beastly athletes and yet Aaron Donald stands above them all. His skill is unprecedented for a DT. The same goes for off-roading. You can start doing it and loving it as a hobby. That’s fine. But, with time, with enough effort and persistence, you’ll understand why it’s a sport. For example, you can go off-road on your local dusty road. It’s off-roading. One, a child can conquer, but an off-road adventure nonetheless. But, the more you do it, the rush to do it even more grows. With time you’ll go off-roading to mountains, and try to get across various obstacles. There are special tricks you can try and conquer in many remote places dedicated to the people who love off-road parties. But, without real skill, you won’t be able to overcome any roads. You’ll need to train and be prepared, both physically and mentally. It is similar in this domain to hiking, mountain climbing, or even dirt racing.

It’s Competitive

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Yes, it is! Many people argue that there is no real competition when it comes to off-roading, and they couldn’t be more wrong. We live in the day and time of dashboard cameras and GoPro cameras as well. You can record your every adventure. Show it to your enthusiastic friends. Where you went and how much time it took you. They’ll try the same. They’ll try to break your record. They’ll try to compete. Do you hear that? Competition! Off-roading is all about overcoming challenges and getting to point A before your friends or any other man or woman. Once you enter the world of off-roading you’ll understand that it is highly competitive. Across the world, there are various competitions held in this sport. Yes, it’s time we start calling it a sport. Every man who sat in his SUV and went off-road, even for a little bit, got that feeling that it’s facing heavy competition at Dakar Rally. Why is it any different if you do it on your own, in your terrain vehicle? It’s not.

It Takes Time to Become Professional

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Just like in any other sport, no one is born with the skills necessary for this sport. You need to evolve, grow, practice, and garner experience, to be able to do it the proper way. Most of you will fall in love with it as a child, doing it with your senior family member. Others can start loving it later in life when they go off-road with their friends. But, it will take time and courage to take the wheel by yourself. To be able to cross some of the world’s heaviest roads you’ll need time and experience. How is it different to let’s say, Michael Schumacher, who took years to become a world champion in F1? Not by much. All that it takes is for off-roading to become serious with its institutions and start battling for its rights. In no time there will be the official off-road World Championship.

It Has Categories

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This is quite important in my opinion. Just like any other sport, this one has categories and disciplines. You can go off-road with many types of vehicles. For one it can be done with a simple bike. Then there are motorcycles, cars, SUVs, and you could even do it with trucks. There’s no stopping you. Some places would be easy to reach in an SUV. But, how about your Honda Civic? Not that easy right? But, one could create a competition where Civics would race in muddy conditions. It all can be done. First of all, we need to start viewing it as a sport. Later on, it is possible to get all the right conditions for off-roading as a sport and create real disciplines. It will all start by sharing this article with your friends on social media platforms. from there on, it is only a matter of time before more people will see it the same way I do. Like a sport!