6 Best Sports for Girls

Sports are no longer seen as a boys thing nowadays. More and more girls are participating in sports and representing their countries at international level. Sports are one of the best ways for girls to break social barriers and make their place in the society. We have accumulated the 6 best sports that girls should play along with the reason why they should play it.

6. Gymnastics

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One of the popular sports for girls is Gymnastics. We have seen young girls doing wonders at the Olympics in Gymnastics. One needs to practice Gymnastics from a young age. It helps girls in building a warm and charming character and also instill social cooperation amongst them.

5. Tennis

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Legends like Serena Williams, C. Wozniaki etc. has made tennis popular among girls. Tennis provides individuality and stardom. It is favorable for girls because it is an individual sport and it gives a chance for girls to showcase their talent. Nobody can steal her credit. WTA organises a large number of events for girls and provide them with the platform to perform and shine.

4. Swimming

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Swimming is also another sport that is popular among girls. Young girls who practice swimming from a young age can make a successful career. Since it is an individual sport, it is perfect for girls. The therapeutic advantages of swimming helps girls in encountering their day to day obstacles.

3. Basketball

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Basketball is one of the best sports girls can play. It requires good core strength, mind & body coordination and athleticism. In order to be an effective basketball player, one needs to support their teammates. Basketball helps girls in facing challenges and inculcates leadership qualities in them.

2. Football

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Football is the most popular sport in the world. Over the period of time, it has grasped the interest of girls. It provides girls with the opportunity to socially interact with different kinds of people. Since football is a team sport, it teaches teamwork and coordination to girls. Women footballers are paid handsome salaries and are popular all across the world.

1. Volleyball

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TheĀ  best sport that girls should play is Volleyball. The sport is very popular in the United States of America. It requires good height and physical fitness. Volleyball helps girls in releasing stress and pressure. It refreshes their mind. Volleyball is comparatively easy to other sports. It does not require a high skill set, with just basic knowledge you can start playing volleyball.