Best Football Kits in the World 2024: Which Team has Best Jersey?

The domestic season is concluded and international football matches kicked off with Euro 2024, here’s we’ll take a look at the best football kits in the world.

Nowadays clubs spend huge amounts of money on kits. and every club ensures the matchday jersey remains attractive and for this, they sign a deal worth millions with brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. A large amount of revenue is generated through the sales of the jersey. Here we have accumulated the top 10 best football kits in the world.

10. Galatasaray – Home Kit

The jersey is divided into two parts from the centre. One represents the native colour of Galatasaray and the other colour is the flames of the fans. The blending of both colours signifies the team’s bonding with the fans. 

9. AC Milan – Home Kit

The home kit of AC Milan represents the traditional culture of the club. The black straps in the middle and black slaves have been trademarks for the club for ages. 

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8. Inter Milan – Home Kit

Just like AC Milan, the Inter Milan kit also carries the club’s traditional colour blue and black. The zig-zag black stripes and crew neck collar is inspired from the 1980s design. 

7. Valencia – Third Kit

The works of painter Joaquín Sorolla inspires the kit design. The third kit has tones of grey, lavender and sky blue. The v neck kit is one of the unique kits in the world. 

6. Red Star FC – Away Kit

Red Star FC - Away Kit

Red Star FC kit has broken the barrier and has come up with something different from their traditional style. However, the kit still portrays the history of the club as the kit has sketches of 10 former players, supporters and many more. 

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5. Arsenal – Away Kit

Gunners third kit has received a lot of limelight. The unique design of the kit will surely get your attention. The white colour jersey with unpatterned red lines over it makes it all the more beautiful. 

4. Ajax – Away Kit

The third kit of Ajax FC is a perfect example of a blend between modern colour and orthodox design. The blue tone jersey has an 80s design over it. Adidas has done a fine job in bringing the 80s back to life. 

3. Inter Milan – Third Kit

Inter Milan - Third Kit

The third kit of Inter Milan reminds us of the time when Ronaldo used to don Inter Milan jersey. It gives retro vibes and makes everyone nostalgic. The design of the kit is inspired from the Air Max 97 “Silver Bullet” styles. 

2. AS Roma – Away Kit

When it comes to football kits, Nike does not disappoint us. The away kit of AS Roma takes us back to the 1980s. The dark red polo collar with a yellow stripe makes it all the more attractive. The white kit with a dark red border makes AS Roma away kit an advantage over others. 

1. Liverpool – Away Kit

Liverpool-Away Jersey is best football kit in the world

Liverpool away jersey is the most attractive and best football kit in the world. After ending their tenure with New Balance, Liverpool signed Nike as their kit manufacturers. And they did not disappoint. The sky blue colour kit blended with off white small patches make it the most attractive football kit right now.