15 Best Expansion Cities If The NFL Adds New Franchises: Unlocking the Potential

Expanding the NFL to new cities is an exciting prospect, but careful consideration must be given to various factors to ensure the success of new franchises. When determining the best expansion cities, several key factors are taken into account.

These factors include market size and fan base, stadium infrastructure and facilities, and local economy and corporate support. By analyzing these factors, a list of the 15 best expansion cities for the NFL has been compiled.

Factors Considered in Choosing Expansion Cities

When it comes to choosing expansion cities for the NFL, a few key factors play a crucial role. From market size and fan base to stadium infrastructure and facilities, and even the local economy and corporate support, these are the elements that determine the viability and potential success of a new franchise.

So, let’s dive into the factors considered in selecting expansion cities and see how each one contributes to shaping the future of the NFL landscape.

Market Size and Fan Base

Fan Base

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The size of the market and the fan base of a city are important considerations when selecting expansion cities for the NFL. Cities with larger populations and a higher number of NFL fans have the potential for greater attendance at games, higher viewership ratings, and increased merchandise sales.

All of these factors contribute to the financial success of an NFL franchise. Considering both the market size and fan base allows the NFL to make strategic decisions when it comes to selecting expansion cities that have the potential to thrive as new franchises.

It is important to note that other factors, such as stadium infrastructure, local economy, and corporate support, also play a role in the selection process.

Stadium Infrastructure and Facilities

This is a factor that plays a crucial role in determining the suitability of cities for NFL expansion. The quality and capacity of stadiums, as well as the availability of modern facilities, are key factors to consider.

City Stadium Capacity Facilities
Portland, Oregon Providence Park 25,218 Modern facilities, including training centers and medical rooms
San Antonio, Texas Alamodome 64,000 Spacious stadium with state-of-the-art amenities
Toronto, Canada Rogers Centre 53,506 Multi-purpose stadium with retractable roof and advanced technology
Austin, Texas Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium 100,119 Extensive facilities for players and spectators, including luxury boxes and modern locker rooms
Orlando, Florida Camping World Stadium 65,618 Renovated stadium with upgraded amenities and fan-friendly features

The above table showcases some potential expansion cities and their corresponding stadium infrastructure and facilities. Each city offers unique advantages and meets the criteria necessary for hosting NFL games.

The stadiums mentioned have notable capacities, which can accommodate a considerable number of fans. These stadiums are equipped with modern facilities and amenities, ensuring a top-notch experience for both players and spectators.

It is important to note that the specific infrastructure and facilities of each stadium vary. When considering potential expansion cities, the NFL would evaluate the overall suitability of a city based on factors such as the condition and size of the stadium, the presence of up-to-date facilities, and the potential for further development or renovation.

By prioritizing these aspects, the NFL can ensure a seamless expansion process and create an enhanced game-day experience for football fans.

Local Economy and Corporate Support


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When choosing expansion cities for the NFL, it is crucial to take into account the local economy and corporate support. The economic strength of a city plays a significant role in ensuring the long-term success of an NFL franchise.

Cities with a thriving local economy offer a strong foundation for corporate partnerships and sponsorship opportunities, contributing to the financial stability of the team and fostering a strong fan base. This is especially true for cities with diverse industries and a high employment rate, as they are more likely to attract corporate support and investment in the team.

Corporate support is indispensable for the success of an NFL team. A robust network of local businesses and corporate sponsors provides financial support, branding opportunities, and marketing resources, all of which contribute to the growth and presence of the franchise.

The level of corporate support can be determined by various factors, including the presence of major corporations in the city, the willingness of businesses to invest in sports sponsorship, and the overall enthusiasm of the local business community for supporting professional sports. Cities with a vibrant local economy and strong corporate support are more likely to sustain the financial aspects of an NFL franchise while cultivating a loyal fan base.

The synergy between a thriving local economy, corporate support, and the love for football among residents creates an environment conducive to the long-term success and profitability of an NFL expansion team. The NFL’s expansion plans are in full swing, and these 15 cities are already sharpening their claws and practicing their touchdown dances.

The 15 Best Expansion Cities for NFL

When it comes to potential expansion cities for the NFL, there are some standout contenders that have caught the attention of football enthusiasts. From the dynamic energy of Portland, Oregon to the football-crazy fans in San Antonio, Texas, and the international appeal of Toronto, Canada, the possibilities are truly exciting.

As we dive into each sub-section, get ready to explore the promising prospects of cities like Austin, Orlando, and Oklahoma City, among others, and their potential to become the next NFL hotspots. Let’s uncover the 15 best expansion cities for the NFL and the exciting opportunities they hold.

15. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland is an ideal choice for NFL expansion due to its prominent status among potential cities. With its substantial market size and enthusiastic fan base, the city holds tremendous potential for a new football team to flourish.

Furthermore, Portland’s robust economy and flourishing corporate sector present abundant prospects for sponsorships and collaborations with local businesses. In terms of stadium infrastructure and facilities, Portland already has the Moda Center, a state-of-the-art arena that could potentially be converted into a football stadium.

The city has a history of hosting successful sporting events, such as Major League Soccer matches, demonstrating its ability to handle large-scale sporting events. Portland has a vibrant sports culture, with enthusiastic fans who are dedicated to their teams.

The city already supports the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA and the Portland Timbers in MLS, showing that there is a strong appetite for professional sports in the area. With its beautiful scenery and outdoor activities, Portland would be an attractive destination for both players and fans.

The city’s proximity to other major cities on the West Coast also allows for regional rivalries and increased fan engagement. Portland, Oregon has all the necessary factors to be a successful expansion city for the NFL.

Its market size, fan base, stadium infrastructure, and overall sports culture make it an ideal location for a new football franchise.

Fun Fact: Portland, Oregon is known as the “City of Roses” due to its ideal climate for growing roses, and it holds an annual Rose Festival that attracts visitors from all over the world.

14. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is one of the potential cities for NFL expansion. The city boasts a large market size and a passionate fan base, making it an attractive option for a new NFL franchise.

The stadium infrastructure and facilities in San Antonio are top-notch, with state-of-the-art stadiums that can accommodate a large number of spectators. The local economy in San Antonio is strong, and there is significant corporate support for sports teams in the area.

Not only does San Antonio have the necessary factors for a successful NFL expansion, but it also has a thriving sports culture. The city is home to the San Antonio Spurs, one of the most successful and popular basketball teams in the NBA. This existing sports culture and fan support could easily translate to the success of a new NFL team in San Antonio.

With its close proximity to other football-crazed cities in Texas, such as Austin and Houston, San Antonio could also cultivate a strong regional fan base. The passionate football fans in Texas would undoubtedly embrace a new NFL team in San Antonio.

Fact: San Antonio has a population of over 1.5 million people, making it the seventh-most populous city in the United States.

13. Toronto, Canada

BMO Field

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Toronto’s market size, fan base, and economic potential position it as an ideal contender for NFL expansion. As the largest city in Canada, with over 2.7 million inhabitants, and the fourth largest in North America, it offers an extensive population base, ensuring a substantial fan following, and considerable revenue from ticket sales and merchandise.

Moreover, Toronto showcases a thriving local economy, backed by a robust business community and a host of multinational corporations. This strong economic landscape offers plentiful sponsorship opportunities and financial backing for an NFL team in the city.

Toronto has the necessary stadium infrastructure and facilities to host an NFL team. The city already has several world-class sports venues, such as the Scotiabank Arena and BMO Field, which are home to the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) and Toronto FC (MLS) respectively.

These venues can be adapted or expanded to accommodate an NFL team, ensuring that Toronto has the necessary facilities to host games and provide a top-notch fan experience. Toronto, Canada is a highly viable option for NFL expansion.

Its large market size, passionate fan base, strong economy, and existing stadium infrastructure make it an attractive destination for an NFL team. With the potential to tap into the Canadian market and expand the NFL’s reach, Toronto could be a valuable addition to the league.

12. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

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Austin is an ideal city for potential NFL expansion due to its impressive fan base, market size, and excellent infrastructure. With its large population of over 2.2 million, Austin ranks as the fourth-largest city in Texas and the 11th-largest in the United States, ensuring a substantial fan base for a new NFL team.

In addition to its size, Austin has a vibrant sports culture, with passionate fans ready to support a new franchise. The city’s infrastructure and facilities are top-notch, offering modern stadiums and exceptional amenities for hosting games and events.

These resources would undoubtedly provide an excellent experience for both players and spectators. Furthermore, Austin’s thriving economy, driven by a diverse range of industries including major technology companies and startups, promises strong corporate support for an NFL team.

This support would likely involve valuable sponsorship opportunities and overall backing for the franchise’s success. With its growing population, strong economy, and passionate sports fans, Austin, Texas stands out as one of the best expansion cities for the NFL.

If the league decides to add new franchises, Austin has the potential to become a successful and thriving NFL city. If Orlando, Florida becomes an NFL expansion city, fans can finally trade in their mouse ears for football helmets.

11. Orlando, Florida

Camping World Stadium

Orlando stands proudly as one of the top 15 optimum expansion cities for the NFL, thanks to its vibrant market and devoted fan base. The potential for the league to extend its influence and popularity is exceedingly high in this lively city.

Orlando’s robust economy and unwavering corporate backing further amplify its appeal as a possible NFL destination. Orlando excels in terms of market capacity and fan loyalty, making it an ideal location for an NFL expansion.

It boasts as the 26th largest metropolitan area in the United States, graced by a population surpassing an impressive 2.5 million people. The city has established a reputation for its fervent sports culture and has consistently demonstrated its ability to fully support professional teams, as evident in the successful presence of the NBA’s Orlando Magic and the MLS’s Orlando City SC.

In addition, Orlando boasts first-class stadium infrastructure and facilities. The city is home to the Camping World Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 65,000 and has hosted numerous high-profile sporting events, including college football bowl games and soccer matches. The stadium’s modern amenities and convenient location make it an ideal venue for NFL games.

Fun Fact: Orlando is home to the University of Central Florida (UCF) Knights, whose football team has consistently performed well in recent years and has achieved national recognition.

10. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City is one of the top choices for NFL expansion due to its exceptional qualities. The city’s enthusiastic fan base and flourishing local economy make it an ideal location for a new franchise.

Moreover, the top-notch stadium infrastructure and facilities in Oklahoma City ensure an unparalleled experience for both players and fans. Boasting a population of more than 650,000 people, Oklahoma City offers a substantial market for the NFL.

Additionally, the city has a rich football culture, evident in its successful college football programs and a long-standing history of supporting sports teams. These factors guarantee a dedicated and engaged fan base for any potential new NFL team.

When it comes to stadium infrastructure, Oklahoma City presents the Chesapeake Energy Arena, the renowned home of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder. This cutting-edge venue can readily be adapted to host NFL games, providing a state-of-the-art setting.

Additionally, the city possesses various practice facilities and training centers that are fully equipped to meet the needs of an NFL team. All in all, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma emerges as the perfect location for NFL expansion.

The city’s passionate fan base, superb stadium infrastructure, and thriving local economy combine to create an ideal environment for a new franchise. With the unwavering support of the community and the abundant resources available, an NFL team based in Oklahoma City is undoubtedly poised for success.

9. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Due to its thriving market and passionate fan base, Vancouver emerges as a top choice for the NFL’s expansion. The city attracts a vibrant community of sports enthusiasts and boasts a robust economy, along with a vital corporate support system that is critical for the success of an NFL team.

In terms of stadium infrastructure and facilities, Vancouver has already proven its capability by hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. The city has state-of-the-art venues and a well-developed transportation system, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for fans attending games.

Vancouver offers a unique cultural and scenic backdrop for the NFL. Located between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains, the city provides a stunning setting for both athletes and spectators. Its diverse population and vibrant arts scene contribute to the overall appeal of Vancouver as an expansion city.

Vancouver has a proven track record of supporting professional sports teams, as demonstrated by the success of the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL. The city’s love for sports and its strong sense of community make it an ideal location for an NFL franchise.

Vancouver, Canada, checks all the boxes as a top expansion city for the NFL. With its passionate fan base, strong economy, impressive infrastructure, and beautiful surroundings, Vancouver has the potential to become a thriving hub of professional football in Canada.

8. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is quickly emerging as a front-runner for NFL expansion, thanks to its impressive features. Boasting a population of over 1 million, the city offers a sizable market for a potential fan base.

And the proof of the city’s love for sports lies in the unwavering support shown to the Utah Jazz in the NBA. Not only does Salt Lake City have a passionate sports culture, but it also already possesses excellent stadium infrastructure and facilities.

Rice-Eccles Stadium, currently the home of University of Utah football, has a seating capacity of over 45,000 and could easily be upgraded to meet NFL standards. The local economy is also an undeniable advantage.

Salt Lake City thrives in various industries including technology, finance, and healthcare, with corporations such as Adobe, Goldman Sachs, and Zions Bank having their headquarters in the area. This robust economic foundation provides a solid base for corporate support of a new NFL team.

When considering the large population, existing stadium infrastructure, and strong local economy, it becomes evident that Salt Lake City is an ideal location for NFL expansion. The city’s passionate fan base and corporate support would undoubtedly embrace a new team, making Salt Lake City a prime choice for future NFL expansion.

7. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Albuquerque possesses several key factors that make it a candidate for NFL expansion. The city boasts a fervent fan base that would provide unwavering support to an NFL team.

Albuquerque has a rich sports culture, evident in the immense loyalty it has shown to its local teams. The Albuquerque Isotopes, a minor league baseball team, consistently draws large crowds and enjoys the backing of a dedicated fan base.

Moreover, Albuquerque has exceptional stadium infrastructure and facilities in place. The city is home to the University of New Mexico’s football stadium, which can accommodate over 39,000 spectators.

This stadium is impeccably maintained and possesses all the necessary amenities to host NFL games. Furthermore, Albuquerque has successfully hosted major sporting events like the NCAA basketball tournament, exhibiting its experience in managing such occasions.

The local economy in Albuquerque is thriving, establishing a strong foundation for a new NFL team. The city enjoys economic diversity, with industries such as technology, healthcare, and tourism driving its growth.

This economic stability ensures robust corporate support for the team, resulting in sponsorship opportunities and financial prosperity. Albuquerque, New Mexico perfectly meets all the requirements for a successful NFL expansion city.

With its passionate fan base, excellent stadium facilities, and thriving local economy, the city is well-positioned to embrace and back a new NFL team. The inclusion of a team in Albuquerque would not only infuse excitement into the city but also contribute to the burgeoning popularity of the NFL.

6. Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus has the ideal qualities to be a strong contender for NFL expansion. Its large market size, passionate fan base, and state-of-the-art stadium infrastructure make it a compelling choice.

Columbus, Ohio, with a population exceeding 900,000 residents, ranks as the 15th largest city in the United States. The abundance of potential fans in Columbus is undeniable, given its substantial population.

With a fervent sports culture and a track record of unwavering support for local teams, such as the Ohio State Buckeyes, the city is primed to sustain an NFL franchise. The unwavering dedication and enthusiasm of Columbus fans would undoubtedly fuel the success of any NFL team established there.

Additionally, Columbus boasts impressive stadium infrastructure that can effortlessly accommodate an NFL team. Ohio Stadium, also known as “The Horseshoe,” is a cornerstone of Columbus’ stadium facilities.

With a seating capacity exceeding 100,000, this renowned venue has hosted numerous memorable college football games and can effortlessly handle the demands of large-scale NFL matchups. Columbus has other state-of-the-art sports facilities that could be utilized by an NFL team.

Columbus, Ohio has a thriving local economy with strong corporate support. The city is home to several Fortune 500 companies and has a diverse range of industries, including finance, education, healthcare, and technology.

This strong economic base provides a solid foundation for corporate sponsorship and investment in an NFL team. Columbus, Ohio ticks all the boxes when it comes to being a potential city for NFL expansion.

Its large market size, passionate fan base, top-notch stadium infrastructure, and strong local economy make it an ideal candidate. With these factors in mind, Columbus, Ohio could become a vibrant addition to the NFL landscape.

5. Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California

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Sacramento, California, is positioning itself as a potential expansion city for the NFL, and it’s not hard to see why. The city boasts a number of factors that make it an attractive choice for the league. Firstly, its market size and fan base are significant.

With a population of over 500,000, Sacramento is the capital of California and is part of a metropolitan area with over 2.5 million people, providing a substantial fan base for a potential NFL team. Secondly, the city already has impressive stadium infrastructure and facilities in place.

The Golden 1 Center, the home of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, is a versatile venue that has proven its ability to support a professional sports team. With potential renovations or expansions, it could easily accommodate an NFL team.

Moreover, Sacramento has a strong and diverse local economy, boasting industries such as government, technology, healthcare, and agriculture. The presence of major corporations like Intel and Sutter Health highlights the potential for corporate support for an NFL team in the city.

With its large population, existing stadium infrastructure, and thriving economy, it’s clear that Sacramento is a top contender for NFL expansion. And let’s not forget the city’s unique characteristics – known as the “City of Trees” and recognized as the “Farm-to-Fork Capital” – which add to its allure.

It’s safe to say that if an NFL team were to call Sacramento home, it would have a strong and devoted fan base in this dynamic and vibrant city.

4. Louisville, Kentucky

Kentucky at Louisville

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As the NFL continues to expand and explore new markets, Louisville, Kentucky emerges as a potential expansion city with numerous advantages. With a population of approximately 620,000 people, Louisville represents a sizable market for the NFL to tap into.

Furthermore, the city boasts a passionate sports fan base, already demonstrating its commitment to college football. One crucial aspect that places Louisville on the NFL’s radar is its stadium infrastructure and facilities.

Cardinal Stadium, a state-of-the-art facility with a seating capacity of over 60,000, provides an excellent venue for professional football games. The already-existing infrastructure ensures that the city can offer fans an exceptional game-day experience.

The local economy in Louisville further supports the possibility of an NFL expansion. With a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and bourbon production, the city exhibits a robust economic foundation.

Additionally, Louisville has a history of corporate support for sports teams, as evidenced by the headquarters of successful companies like Papa John’s and Yum! Brands are located there.

The presence of such thriving corporations can potentially provide significant sponsorship and financial backing for an NFL team. The growth potential of Louisville also enhances its attractiveness as a potential NFL expansion city.

The city has been identified as having the potential for both population and economic growth. This means that by establishing an NFL team in Louisville, the league can tap into a growing market and potentially expand its fan base, bringing in new viewers and supporters.

Located strategically in the Midwest, Louisville offers easy access for fans and teams from surrounding states. Its central location can foster potential rivalries with nearby cities like Cincinnati and Indianapolis, adding excitement and energy to games.

The geographic advantage further adds to the viability of Louisville as an NFL expansion city. Considering the market size, passionate fan base, excellent stadium facilities, corporate support, potential for growth, and strategic location, it’s clear why Louisville, Kentucky is a strong contender for NFL expansion.

The city presents a multitude of opportunities for the league to establish a successful franchise and further grow its reach in the world of professional football.

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina

Source: si.com

Raleigh, North Carolina is without a doubt one of the prime candidates for NFL expansion. The city possesses an enthusiastic fan base and a thriving market size that would readily embrace a new franchise.

With a passionate community that values the sport, the introduction of an NFL team would undoubtedly elevate the city’s sports culture. Raleigh has already established itself as a well-equipped city in terms of stadium infrastructure and facilities.

The presence of the PNC Arena, home to the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes, provides a suitable venue for NFL games. This existing infrastructure, coupled with the city’s strong corporate support from local companies, lays a solid foundation for the success of an NFL team in Raleigh.

Beyond its practical attributes, Raleigh showcases a rich sports tradition and a strong sense of community. The city’s inhabitants are avid football enthusiasts, and their unwavering support and enthusiasm would contribute to an electrifying game-day atmosphere.

Taking into consideration its market size, fan base, stadium infrastructure, local economy, and corporate support, Raleigh emerges as the ideal choice for NFL expansion.

Not only would the city benefit from such an endeavor, but it would also bring immeasurable joy and excitement to football fans across North Carolina. As the NFL considers future expansion plans, Raleigh should undoubtedly be positioned at the forefront of their list.

With its immense potential for a flourishing franchise and the guarantee of becoming a football hub, Raleigh is undoubtedly the pinnacle of NFL expansion.

2. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

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Birmingham is widely regarded as an ideal choice for the NFL’s expansion due to various factors. With a population exceeding 200,000, the city offers a substantial market size and fan base, serving as a strong foundation for an NFL team to garner passionate support.

Furthermore, Birmingham boasts exceptional stadium infrastructure and facilities, including the renowned Legion Field, which can accommodate over 71,000 spectators. This stadium has a rich history of hosting prestigious football events, adding to Birmingham’s appeal.

Additionally, Birmingham’s thriving local economy and solid corporate support contribute to its attractiveness for an NFL franchise. The city’s diverse and robust economy, driven by various industries, ensures the financial stability necessary to sustain and support a professional football team.

Moreover, Birmingham has a deep-rooted football culture and tradition, aligning with the fervent love for the sport in Alabama as a whole. Being a prominent hub for college and professional football, Birmingham exemplifies the state’s passion for the game.

In conclusion, Birmingham, Alabama checks all the boxes as an NFL expansion city, offering a favorable market size, impressive stadium infrastructure, a strong local economy, and a rich football culture. It stands as an ideal location for the establishment of a new NFL franchise.

Pro-tip: If you’re a football enthusiast residing in Birmingham, Alabama, make sure to stay connected with local sports organizations and community events to demonstrate your support for the city’s potential NFL expansion. Exciting developments could be just around the corner!

1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Source: honolulumagazine.com

Source: honolulumagazine.com

Honolulu ranks among the top 15 cities with great potential for NFL expansion. This city encompasses a distinct football market, boasting fervent supporters and a thriving local economy.

Blessed with picturesque surroundings and a tropical climate, Honolulu stands as an enticing hub, appealing to both players and fans. The market size and fan base in Honolulu are substantial, with a large population and a strong interest in sports.

Football has a long history in Hawaii, and the local community has demonstrated its support for the sport through various events and initiatives. In terms of stadium infrastructure and facilities, Honolulu already has the Aloha Stadium, which has a seating capacity of over 50,000.

With some renovations and upgrades, the stadium could easily meet the requirements of an NFL team. The local economy in Honolulu is thriving, with a strong tourism industry and a diverse range of businesses.

Corporate support for a potential NFL team in Honolulu would likely be high, with opportunities for sponsorship and partnership. Honolulu, Hawaii presents a prime opportunity for NFL expansion.

It offers a passionate fan base, suitable stadium facilities, a strong local economy, and a picturesque location. Bringing an NFL team to Honolulu would not only boost the local economy but also cultivate a deeper connection between residents and the sport of football.

Some Facts About 15 Best Expansion Cities If The NFL Adds New Franchises:

  • ✅ Dallas, Texas: Dallas is a potential candidate for NFL expansion due to its strong football culture and existing infrastructure.
  • ✅ St. Louis, Missouri: St. Louis has a history of NFL franchises and a passionate sports culture, making it a prime choice for expansion.
  • ✅ Austin, Texas: Austin, as the capital of Texas, has a vibrant football culture and could support a new NFL franchise.
  • ✅ London, United Kingdom: London is a desired location for a full-time NFL franchise due to its existing stadium options and potential fanbase.
  • ✅ San Antonio, Texas: With its population and success in hosting professional sports teams, San Antonio is a strong contender for NFL expansion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the NFL considering expansion?

The NFL is discussing potential expansion rules, including the possibility of expanding to 40 teams.

2. Why is London a desired location for a full-time NFL franchise?

London already hosts NFL games as part of the NFL International Series and has existing stadium options. It also has the potential for reduced travel by playing mostly East Coast teams.

3. What are some potential interstate rivalries that could be created with NFL expansion?

A San Antonio team in the NFL could create a bitter interstate rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans. Other potential rivalries include St. Louis with the Kansas City Chiefs and London with any existing NFL team.

4. How will the NFL determine which cities receive expansion teams?

The NFL league offices will consider various factors such as market size, stadium options, fan support, and regional-specific considerations to determine which cities receive expansion teams.

Final Words

The NFL’s potential expansion to cities like Toronto and Honolulu offers exciting opportunities to reshape professional football. These cities, with their unique attributes, market sizes, and infrastructures, are strong candidates for new franchises.

However, the NFL must ensure these cities have both the resources and passionate fan bases to support teams. Introducing new teams can boost regional rivalries and globalize the sport.

As the NFL considers this growth, strategic planning is essential to ensure a successful and bright future for the league.