5 Best NBA Halftime Shows of All Time

Half time show of the National Basketball Association (NBA) is an integral part of the tournament. Numerous celebrities such as Rihanna, Drake etc. have performed in the halftime shows. The fusion of basketball and performances by celebrities is liked by fans. Over the period of time various celebrities have performed half time shows in the NBA. Here are the top 5 best NBA halftime shows.

Top 5 Best NBA Halftime Shows

5. J.Cole

The American rapper has a huge fan base across the world. In the 2019 season, Charlotte was hosting an NBA game and J.Cole performed during the halftime show. The 10 minutes performance of J.Cole was a mesmerising one and was a once in a lifetime moment for the fans present inside the arena.


4. Sting

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE, also known as Sting is an English singer, musician, songwriter and actor. He performed in the NBA all star game in 2016. During his performance, he mesmerised fans by performing “Desert Rose” and “Next to You”.

3. Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye West

It is very rare to see three superstars sharing the stage. All three of them have a huge fan base. On her birthday, Rihanna performed during the NBA All-star game 2011 halftime show. In her performance, she was supported by Drake and Kanye West. The trio’s performance was one of the best halftime shows fans have witnessed. Rihanna opened the show with her hit song Umbrella. Later she was joined by Drake to perform ‘What’s my Name.’ She sang “All of the Lights.” with Kanye West.

2. Mariah Carey

The American songwriter, singer and actress has performed during the NBA halftime show on a number of occasions. Her performance during the NBA All-Star game halftime show is a worthy one. Mariah wore Wizard jersey with the number 23. She dedicated her performance to basketball legend Michael Jordan, this made her performance all the more special.


1. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj

The duo performed during the halftime show of NBA All-Star game 2015. Ariana Grande mesmerised everyone with her melodious voice. She opened the performance with her hit ‘problem’ and went on to perform ‘love me harder’ and so on. Ariana is joined on stage by Nicki Minaj and they performed their hit ‘bang bang’ for the fans. To this day, it is one of the best NBA halftime shows.