6 Best Controversial Shows on the Internet

When we talk about controversial shows, we mean series that have gained the attention of the masses and the ratings and reviews of which have resulted in criticism, both constructive and unappealing. This also means that the content produced was questionable and sparked debate. Some of these series are fun to watch, but others not so much, especially if they trigger you. Other times, the shows are harmless and are just known to deal with issues that are taboo in our society and the viewers are not comfortable talking about them, let alone being shown them. If you are keen to watch some of the decade’s most controversial shows on the streaming platform Netflix, we have compiled the perfect list for you.

However, you will need a stable internet connection because slow internet plans can disrupt all the fun. If you are not satisfied with your current internet connection or you’re simply looking for a high-speed connection, we recommend you to check here for the packages. With that said, let us discuss the top controversial shows on the internet followed by our personal preferences to watch them or not.

1. The Messiah

This Netflix show revolves around a man who claims to be resurrected to fight evil and bring peace, and he is called the messiah because of the extraordinary gifts he possesses. No one has an explanation for his abilities to heal and foresee the future. All religious masses such as those of Christianity and Islam were highly offended by the show’s description of the prophet, which led to Netflix canceling season 2 of the show.

Is it worth the watch? Even if it is controversial, it focuses less on sparking a debate and more on a flawed storyline, which by the way, ends in a cliffhanger so we did not enjoy it as the facts in the show are far from history as well. However, if it is for a project, go ahead.

2. Thirteen Reasons Why

This Netflix series with a couple of seasons is actually based on the best-selling book, ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ where a girl commits suicide and leaves behind tapes blaming people who led to her suicide. The show normalizes the fact that suicide is an option amoforenagers suffering and can act as a source of revenge. Moreover, the second season acts as if the girl had it coming, and that “she deserved” the outcome.

Is it worth the watch? Definitely. The show has a strong stance, great acting, and a very solid storyline. Moreover, it is a great watch and many lessons can be extracted from it. Of course, the negative Nancy will think otherwise.

3. House of Cards

This show was deemed controversial not because of its plot, but because of the main actor that played the protagonist. Kevin Spacy was caught in a spiral of rape and sexual assault accusations and the internet was furious with him, which led to Netflix firing him immediately and making the last season of the show about the wife.

Is it worth the watch? Yes, we despise the very existence of Kevin and hate that such a predator was cast for such an amazing show, however keeping that aside, and having the assurance of his career being destroyed, the show can be watched with an open mind.

4. Dear White People


However, the show aimed to target major issues such as racism and bullying and how hard life can be for colored people, the show’s name alone backfired into people not wanting to watch it as they believed it to be a racist attack against white people.

Is it worth the watch? Yes, the show is a magnificent in-depth analysis of how society suffers due to the majority and it underlines problematic stances in our daily lives. It is certainly not an attack or being racist towards anyone. Could the name have been better? Yes.

5. Insatiable

This recent Netflix show targeted at teens highlights the life of a corpulent and rather fat girl who is a nobody in school and is hated for her appearance after which she undergoes a massive change to become skinny and she automatically becomes the talk of the town. It is considered controversial because many believed it made the audience believe that to be accepted by society, one has to starve and lose weight.

Is it worth the watch? It is good if you are only considering a fun watch, however it does not prove to be of much value at all. We recommend watching ‘Sierra Burgess is a Loser’ instead.

6. The Crown

This show is based on the Royal Family of Britain, outlines the life of the royals as well as the hidden personal issues, and addresses the controversies. The Royals have frowned upon how inaccurate the show is, but the crowd seems to disagree and form a strong opinion about what really happens inside the Royal household.

Is it worth the watch? Definitely. The show’s similarities are uncanny and the cinematography is absolutely phenomenal. We loved watching it!

Wrapping Up

Most of the time controversy triggers interest. When it comes to controversial shows, one cannot stop and see what is there that makes them controversial. All the shows that are mentioned in this article have substance that should be watched by keeping an open mind to other controversies that surround them.