The World Of eSports – Introduction And Best Accessories To Play Them

eSports are one of the most popular activities in the world. Millions of people watch tournaments and matches every year, and the industry is only getting bigger. If you’re new to eSports or just want to learn more about them, then get suitable knowledge on what they are and how they’ve become so popular. Also, know about some of the best accessories you need to play them and tips on how to get started in this world.

Some of the most well-known eSport games that are played by thousands worldwide are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft II, and League of Legends. To get started with these games, you’ll need a few things: a gaming PC, a gaming controller or keyboard and mouse, and practice. The sites like BestValued will help you with the handpicked best lists while shopping for the gaming gear. Additionally, You need to put in the time to learn your chosen game inside and out. That means studying strategies, practicing your aim, and spending numerous hours playing the game.

Best And Unique Accessories To Play eSports

If you’re serious about playing eSports, then you’re going to need a few things. Crucial of them are:

1. Bluetooth Gaming Controllers


You might be used to playing games with a standard controller, but if you’re going to be playing competitively, you will need a Bluetooth gaming controller. That’s because most eSports tournaments don’t allow wired controllers. So if you want to play in those tournaments, you’ll need Bluetooth controllers like Sony Dualsense wireless controllers that come with suitable dimensions and better Bluetooth range.

2. Mouses With Suitable Sensitivity

If you’re going to be playing many FPS games, you’re going to need a good gaming mouse. A high-quality mouse from popular brands like Lenovo and Logitech will give you the precision and accuracy you need to take down your opponents. If you are more into shooting games, then you will need a gaming mouse with an extra button, which will help you take more control of your game. You can find gaming mice with different sensitivities and buttons to suit your needs.

3. Wireless Gaming Headsets


A good gaming headset is a must-have for any gamer. You need to be able to hear your teammates and your opponents in order to communicate and strategize effectively. A wireless gaming headset is even better because it gives you the freedom to move around without being tethered to your PC, and with headsets like Boat Immortal 400, you can also experience 7.1 virtual channels surround audio. Just make sure that the headset you choose is working with your PC or gaming console.

4. Steering Wheels For Racing Games

If you want to be a perfectionist at racing games, then you’re going to need a steering wheel. A good steering wheel like Xfeagle tilt wheels will give you the realistic feel of driving a car as they are adjustable for a smooth driving experience. It can enhance your lap times and help you finish the race early. So if you’re serious about being a professional racer, make sure to invest in a good steering wheel.

5. Wireless Adapters For Better Connection


A good wireless adapter is a must-have for any eSports gamer. A wired connection can be too slow and unreliable for competitive gaming. So, make sure you have the strength and best connection possible and are compatible with your devices, as some of the routers support limited operating systems. Even for streaming, a wireless connection is often better than a wired one.

6. VR Equipment To Explore The Gaming Worlds

Take your experience in gaming to the next level by investing in some VR equipment. VR headsets will allow you to explore virtual worlds and get a completely immersive experience with advanced virtual reality headsets like Oculus Quest 2, which comes with a high-resolution display. If you’re willing to spend the money, VR is definitely worth checking out. You can find VR headsets for both PC and gaming consoles.

7. Ergonomic Gaming Chairs For Comfort


As you will be spending a lot of time sitting down when you’re gaming. So it’s mandatory to have a comfortable chair. An ergonomic gaming chair like the Green Soul gaming chair will help to keep you comfortable and prevent back pain. So if you want to game for hours on end, make sure to get a good gaming chair with multiple colours and come with synthetic leather, fabric and various other durable materials so that you can stay comfortable.

Things To Focus On If You Are Willing To Play eSports Professionally

The most important thing about playing sports video games competitively is having a great time. If you’re not having fun, then you’re not going to be motivated to keep playing and practising to improve your gaming skills. Once you’ve found the game of your choice, it’s time to start practising. As we mentioned before, professional gamers often have coaches who help them to improve their skills. If you are unable to afford a coach, that’s okay.

You can find various resources online that will help you improve your gaming skills. You can find interesting and useful guides, tips, and tricks for just about any game online. If you are stuck or want to try the next level of your game? You should do research on various online portals and articles. If you’re not enjoying your time playing video games, then it’s probably not worth your while to continue. But if you are having fun and finding a challenge in your chosen game, then keep at it.


eSports are a huge part of the entertainment industry, and their popularity is only growing. If you’re looking to get into eSports or just want to be a better player, ensure that you should have the right accessories for your game. So keep practising, studying strategies, and perfecting your aim. And who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll be playing in front of millions of people at the biggest eSports tournament in the world.