Why is France the Number One Favorite to Win the World Cup

Football fans from all over the world are more than excited to show unconditional support to their favorite teams on once-in-a-lifetime fights in Qatar! This year’s tournament is unique in so many ways, but the most prominent differentiating factor reflects the untraditional time of the year games will be played. The spectacle serves not to divide but to unite football aficionados in a shared goal, and that is to mark 2024 as the year of both rising and declining stars that make the most important side thing in the world as special as it is. Still, some teams are more likely to rise the Golden Goddess than others, thus, if you desire to find out why is France the number one favorite to win the cup, make sure to check the lines below!

The Coach

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The national football team of France has a joker up its sleeve, one as unique as one can dare to imagine. Yes, we think about the coach, a gentleman who managed to achieve something only one person ever managed to do, and that is to win the world cup both as a captain of his team and as a manager.

In other words, Didier Deschamps has the X factor necessary for greatness. As a matter of fact, he has won the previous competition and has the toolset worthy of a winner. The fact he was slurred back in the day by one of his teammates, Eric Cantona, did not affect him, moreover, it gave him the strength to engrave his name in golden letters in the history of football. If he did it once, we do not see the problem with him doing it again. After all, there is no one as successful in the tournament as he.

The Market Value

Even though the national team of France is marked the third most valuable team in the world cup, we should underline that the first place is reserved for the English, outscoring the Brazilian team by a hairbreadth. Now, Brazilians are always a threat and that is a factor we should not argue about, but the English? Hm…

Jokes aside, the English rarely deliver as expected and finish way below the estimated capabilities of their team. We do not know what will happen in Qatar, since Gareth Southgate seems to know what he’s doing and keeps reforming the style of his team, but we try to keep it real.

As for the road to the finals, the schedule does not work that much in favor of the Englishmen because they are facing troublesome Lions from Senegal in the eighth-finals. When the Frenchmen are in question, they will face the Poles, which seem to be a relatively less difficult obstacle to pass. Since they would encounter each other in the quarter-finals, we give a slight advantage to the Roosters.

On the other hand, if Brazil manages to win through the enemy ranks, it will face one of the two in the semifinals. Yet again, history speaks in favor of the French, so we would not dare to predict any alternative outcomes. Checking out n1casino-1.de would give you an insight into what the bookies have to say about the predictions.

The Players

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As we have already mentioned, the French national team is assessed as one of the most financially valuable teams in the cup. What we did not mention is that some of the star players, such as Paul Pogba and Karim Benzema will not be able to support their teammates on the field due to injuries.

Still, the strategy Deschamps promotes did not seem to suffer, moreover, the team was able to provide an optimal response to newly created challenges. You might ask yourself why did they lose to Tunisia and might not be satisfied with the answer, but the truth is that if you intend on winning the world cup you should always look at the wider picture.

Namely, resting key players and saving them for later endeavors is what proved to be a winning concept especially if you plan in a long run. Watching the group stage should have given you an insight into what Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Ousmane Dembele, and the rest of the squad are capable of. If you failed to watch the opening matches, make sure you catch on to the majestic performance the French delivered.

Keepers of the Flame

The French are known as one of the proudest nations out there, so if you consider they have won the previous championship, you should realize that they will not give up on the title that easily. Moreover, they consider it is their both duty and obligation to do whatever is in their power to return the trophy back home.

It has been a while since a team managed to defend the title for 2 consecutive tournaments, to be precise more than a half-century. Therefore, it is obvious why the French guys intend on joining the list of the greats and will do whatever it takes to get there.

The Experience

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If anyone knows how to win a world cup, it is France. Not only did some of the players playing now already have the opportunity to rise the Golden Goddess, but they also share experiences from playing in junior national team selections. In other words, the French breathe as one, which is one of the most important factors when venturing for the highest heights. It does not matter how many individuals get injured if a team manages to survive as a whole. Unfortunately, not many squads playing in Qatar can say the same about their status, which decreases their chances of making it to the finals.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and insights into what makes the French national team the number-one favorite for winning the world cup have cleared your doubts. We do not guarantee the French will win, but we honestly do not see that anyone can stop them at this time. Thus, all we have to do is wait until the finals and congratulate the victor afterward!