What Number Does LeBron James Wear on His Lakers Jersey & Why?

NBA star LeBron James jersey number is 23. After the arrival of Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers, there was speculation that his teammate, LeBron will give the No. 23 but it didn’t happen, Davis is wearing No. 3 Jersey now.

Many consider LeBron James to be the greatest player on a basketball court. He is one of the world’s most influential and powerful athletes. James is also a very intelligent businessman, apart from being a world-class athlete.

LeBron James is currently playing for LA. He has already won four NBA titles, 2 Miami titles, 1 Cleveland title, and the latter Lakers titles. James was the first-ever NBA player to be awarded Finals MVP in 3 different franchises during the 2019-20 NBA Finals. He’s had a total of 15 All-Star looks on his name.

There are a large number of legendary players in the NBA. However, only a few had a great attachment with their numbers, which they never changed during their entire careers. A few prominent examples are his love for 23 and his famous jersey Magic Johnson.

What Number Does LeBron James Wear on His Lakers Jersey

Kobe Bryant, of course, and his two iconic #8 and #24 jerseys hanging on the Staples Centre’s rafters. Similarly, LeBron James is known for having #23 at his jersey for his love.

Why Does LeBron James Wear #23 on His  Jersey?

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Why Does LeBron James Wear #23 on His Jersey?

LeBron grew up idolizing Michael Jordan just like any child. LeBron chose the #23 jersey from his high school, as he was pursuing a career like MJ. We all know that LeBron loved having the number behind his back.

So LeBron was the first to have the jersey numbers in his high school career, representing The fighting Irish, St. Vincent-St. Mary’s basketball team.

Therefore, when he entered the NBA he had the same tradition as a teenager with a lot of hype. He was considered to be a “chosen one,” a newer version, and a younger of MJ.

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All those years LeBron had worn Michael Jordan’s 23 no. jersey to try to imitate his idol of childhood. However, when LeBron decided to play for the Heat, he gave #23 and instead decided to go with #6. James made his decision to change his numbers public and said he made the switch away from Michael Jordan’s respect.

In an interview, James said, “I just think that what Michael Jordan has done for the game has to be recognized in some way soon,” about his decision on wearing the no.23.