T20 Cricket World Cup: Who Are the Favorite Teams?

Who Will Win the T20 World Cup?

With the T20 World Cup set to start in mid-October, many people are already making predictions as to who will win. The shorter format always throws out surprises, with the favorites barely having any wiggle room for mistakes.

However, if you take current form and betMGM odds into consideration, there are a few stand-outs, as well as a couple of underdogs, who could be lifting the trophy at the end of the tournament.


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India is the favorite to win any competition they are in. The cricketing giants have a proven pedigree and always seem to field a team that can dominate every game; the T20 World Cup isn’t going to be any different.

However, the problem India will face is the fact that there are a couple of teams who can not only beat them but beat them easily. While this sounds contradictory, if India is on form and their opponents aren’t, this should be an easy victory for them.


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Pakistan hasn’t been able to find much success over the past few years, but their T20 abilities are undeniable. They have batsmen that can hit the ball whenever and wherever they choose, as well as a great group of bowlers.

Pakistan’s biggest enemy will be their usual foe; consistency. If they get off to a good start and hold onto it, they can find themselves in the final.


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Next to India, many think Australia is the team to beat. Even if you ignore the fact that they are the defending champions, they seem to always pull off wins when they need them. Their record in the competition isn’t stellar, but that is almost irrelevant.

Their domination of England in the Ashes and their recent form in internationals have shown that they have always been and will remain a team to be reckoned with. However, Australia’s T20 record isn’t exactly stellar.

They hold a win average of a little above 50%, and while they have played over 160 T20 games, you would think a team of this caliber would be able to do a bit better; for example, India has won 66% of their games, and have played close to 40 more matches.


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England seems to be a perpetual favorite but always struggles to seal the deal. However, they won the competition in 2010, and while it has been 12 years since that victory, they shouldn’t be underestimated.

They will go into this tournament on the back of a great series win over South Africa, and a victory in their current T20 series against Pakistan will start them off on the right foot. England has also yet to reach the same heights they did in their tournament win in 2010, this could be the year they get back to the top.

South Africa

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Speaking of South Africa, they have seen a recent dip in form, but that doesn’t mean you can write them off just yet. Out of the biggest teams in cricket, they are the only ones without a tournament victory yet, along with New Zealand.

While they may struggle a bit, they still have a very good chance of winning if some other teams have a few slip-ups they can take advantage of. This is also a tournament that South Africa has failed to win, unusual for such a strong cricketing nation.

Considering they have reached the semi-finals twice, narrowly losing to Pakistan and India, there has to be a time when the stars align, and they go on to win the tournament.

New Zealand

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There are very few teams in sports more hot and cold than the New Zealand cricket team. One month they are putting on masterclasses, and the next, they are being swept like they’re an amateur team.

However, this is where the danger for other teams lies. If New Zealand finds its form, it can be a force of nature that can end and win games in no time. Their success or failure in this tournament is wholly in their hands.

West Indies

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The only team that has won two T20 World Cups, going back-to-back in 2012 and 2016, the Windies will be looking to add a third title to their mantle. While they will be without their T20 master Chris Gayle, they still have the firepower they need.

However, without any stand-out stars in their ranks right now, they will need to perform at their very best to get far; opponents slipping up just won’t be good enough for them. They also suffer from the same problems New Zealand has.

If New Zealand is regarded as hot and cold, then the West Indies are fire and ice. They can destroy teams in less than 20 overs, but they can also be bowled out for 50 with the game ending before lunch.


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Afghanistan has emerged as a potential T20 powerhouse. They have a number of players that play in the IPL and other T20 tournaments, from Australia to England to the Caribbean. What stands out, though, is their rather impressive T20 record.

They have played just over 100 games and have won 68 of them. While many of these games would have been against lesser opponents such as the UAE and Scotland, they have to build a name for themselves.

Afghanistan may have an outside chance of winning, but don’t be surprised if they make it much further than you first thought.


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Bangladesh may be an odd inclusion on this list, but there is a reason they are here. As mentioned, the T20 format is very different from ODIs and internationals and allows for “smaller” teams to have a much better chance of winning.

Much like how Fiji is great at Seven’s but struggles with 15-man rugby, this shorter format could benefit a team like Bangladesh. They have a handful of fantastic bowlers and batsmen, and 20 overs may be just enough for them to show their explosive power.

They also have a bit of history on their side; in 2007, they made it to the Super 8 stage, finished second in their group above the Windies, and proved that they could take their game to the next level.