Is Women’s Football About to Take Off?

If you have been paying attention to the news recently, you may have been shocked by just how much coverage women’s football has had this year. Until recently, it was a relatively niche sport, and it has never received even half of the notoriety that it has had throughout the past few months.

It’s not a surprise. Many of the world’s most attended sporting events have been women’s football matches – the Euro 2024 final at Wembley, and the Barcelona-Wolfsburg game at the Camp Nou, for instance, which saw a record 91,648 fans roaring from the stands. It just goes to show that the interest is there, that, given an opportunity, women’s football can generate the kinds of crowds thought limited to the men’s game.

However, such an occurrence should not be strange to us. On the contrary, almost every sport can be performed equally by both men and women. The good thing is that traditional stereotypes about what men should do and what women should do have finally been overcome. So, now every girl interested in football can work on her talent, just like boys who show an affinity for this sport. It can be said that it is truly a fortunate circumstance that we are still living in such a moment, in which there is no room for prejudice.

More Mainstream Coverage Than Ever Before


One of the first things we need to take a look at when trying to decipher whether or not women’s football is about to get more popularity is the amount of mainstream news coverage it gets.

Compared to just a few years ago, media coverage of women’s football has skyrocketed, and this year has perhaps seen more news focused on women’s football than all previous years combined. Women’s football is incredibly popular right now, and all of this demand has caused media companies to flock to it in droves.

This is overwhelmingly promising. The more mainstream news coverage women’s football gets, the more people begin to delve into it, and this creates a productive cycle whereby more demand causes news sites to feature women’s football even more. Ad Infinitum.

This all goes without mentioning the betting component of women’s football. The search rate for odds for women’s football has risen exponentially over the past few years, as people are beginning to get more and more invested every day that passes. Women’s football competitions are a staple of sportsbooks like Polish UNIBET now, like the Women’s World Cup taking place next summer.

The global news coverage of women’s football is undoubtedly playing a major role in its current success, and if things continue to go on the trajectory they are now, we may even be set to see women’s football rival men’s football for the most popular football variant.

The Statistics Don’t Lie


You know what they say; statistics don’t lie. Well, what better place to look to see if women’s football is popping off than statistics? If you take a second to look at the current women’s football statistics posted by RunRepeat, you will quickly come to notice the huge statistical jumps that women’s football has made compared to previous years, and these differences are certainly not negligible.

In fact, estimates put the demand for women’s football up a staggeringly high 360% compared to years prior, and this jump is almost unbelievable. This figure is so high that it is almost in a league of its own – statistical jumps like this are almost unheard of within the sports industry.

Women’s football is bigger than ever before, and all signs point towards women’s football experiencing unprecedented levels of growth throughout the next couple of years.

After reading this article, you should have come to the conclusion that women’s football most definitely is about to take off, and if this point has not been portrayed to you with overwhelming clarity, then it looks like we may have to begin looking for a new career.

Women’s football is on the verge of an international breakthrough, and if it continues to experience growth like it is, it may just become much more popular than anyone could have anticipated. We will catch you in the next one.

Modern times we live are more inclusive compared to the past


Many years ago, and until recently, gender differences were often divisive. You probably remember that for many people it was unacceptable for a boy to use various cosmetics, or to take care of himself because he was often told by his surroundings that it was for girls and that he didn’t look like him. However, the awareness of similarities (rather than differences) is increasingly present, regardless of what environment you live in and what you do.

In the past, there were few girl engineers, builders, or even train or bus drivers. Today we can see really successful ladies in such positions. Therefore, even football cannot be an exception to this modern development of the times. On the contrary, girls finally accept their talent, without anyone holding them back because of stereotypes and prejudices.

Although women’s football still does not have the same media coverage as men’s, it is only a matter of time before this actually happens. And we can say that we are really ready for such a step, and even for betting on women’s football matches. And you have to admit, the notion of a Women’s World Cup sounds really bold and powerful, doesn’t it?


We don’t know if the world is ready to accept women’s football as the most normal part of sports. Are sportsbooks ready for the extra challenge associated with this sport? How likely are women’s soccer to become as popular as men’s soccer?

In our estimation, it won’t be long before a large number of people get excited about women’s football matches. What’s more, all this will open a chance for many young talents to show themselves from an early age.

Sports are also useful for the proper development of young people. So if you have a daughter, sister, or niece, in your family, who shows desire or talent, there is no need to suppress it. On the contrary, motivate yourself to be a more open person and allow the girl to find herself in her favorite sport. You cannot know how many benefits all this will bring to you, but most importantly, to the young talented girl who has many dreams for herself and her future.