FA Cup 2024-21 Prize Money Revealed

FA Cup 2024-21 Prize Money Revealed: Here’s the total prize money which clubs can earn from the world’s prestigious football tournament.

FA Cup is the oldest knockout competition in the world. Started in 1871, is one of the most prestigious and widely recognized tournaments in the world. The clubs who reached the first round of the competition will earn £16,972 in FA Cup prize money which is a significant drop compared to last year.

FA Cup 2024-2024 First Round Proper is underway since 7th November 2024. The tournament is being held behind closed doors due to COVID, talking about COVID it’s not just the fans who the teams are missing but also the lavish prize money. Yes, the FA Cup 2024/21 prize money has reduced significantly compared to the previous season.

FA Cup Prize Money 2024-21

StagePrize Money WinnersPrize Money LosersClub’s receiving Fund
Extra Preliminary Round£1,125£375184
Preliminary round winners£1,444£481160
First round qualifying£2,250£750116
Second Round Qualifying£3,375£1,12580
Third Round Qualifying£5,625£1,87540
Fourth Round Qualifying£9,375£3,12532
First Round Proper £16,972£5,65740
Second Round Proper£25,500£850020
Third Round Proper£82,000N.A32
Fourth Round Proper£90,000N.A16
Fifth Round Proper£180,000N.A8
Semi-Final £900,000£450,0002

In FA Cup, every club from England and some from wales play in the tournament. The teams from the lower division play in the early stages and the 20 teams from the premier league join the tournament from the Third round proper.

There are 184 teams who enter the tournament out of which the 92 teams who exit the tournament receive a 25% share of what the winner gets thus taking £375 back home.

The process goes on till the second round proper that the losing team also receives the prize money. However for this year due to financial restrictions, the teams losing in 3rd round proper until the quarterfinal would have to go empty pocketed back home. But the 75%-25% division of prize money comes back from Semi-finals and also the finals.

Thus it won’t be wrong to say that this prize fund favours the small division teams more than the premier league teams as even if the small division teams lose they will receive a certain fund, but if a lower-ranked premier league team who enters the competition in third round proper loses they will exit the tournament without any fund.

FA Cup 2024-2024 Major Changes

Arsenal is the defending champions coming into the tournament defeating Chelsea in 2024 final., but one of the major changes that any team would have their concerns with is that FA has decided that there will be no replays this year.

The Cup has started 3 months late due to the pandemic but will finish on its original date of 15th 2024.