COD Mobile World Championship 2024 Announced, Check Eligibility Criteria, Prize Pool & Live Stream Details

COD Mobile World Championship was Supposed to be held in 2024 but due to the worldwide pandemic and the entire prize money was equally distributed among the finalist. Activision again has announced the Second iteration of the world championship recently. COD Mobile World Championship 2024 will be held as a LAN event with a hugs prize pool. In this article, we are going to see the COD Mobile World Championship 2024 prize money, road map, eligibility criteria and live streaming details of the tournament.

What is COD Mobile?

COD Mobile is the handheld version of the world-famous Call of Duty Franchise. It was initially released in the year 2019 to compete against the highly popular PUBG mobile and was a huge success in its launch by racking over 270 Million downloads within its one year.

In India, despite stiff competition from other Battle Royale games like Free Fire and PUBG mobile, COD has managed to create a separate fanbase for itself over the years.

Road Map For COD Mobile World Championship 2024

All players and teams have to go through 5 stages to reach the grand finals of the world championship,

Stage 1: Solo Play Round– In this round, all the players who wish to play in the tournament must gather 60 points in 10 matches across 4 weeks. People who have gathered the required points will Proceed to Stage 2 of the tournament.

Stage 2: Team Play Round– Qualified Players from Stage 1 will make a team among themselves and will play in 30 ranked matches. The top 256 teams at the end of the matches will proceed to stage 3.

Stage 3: Regional Qualifiers – The teams who have made it through stage 2 will be eligible for stage 3. In this Stage, all rounds will be conducted in a knockout format. The teams remaining from the knockout rounds will go to the Regional finals or Playoffs.

Stage 4 : Regional Playoffs – The Teams From the regional Qualifiers will again face off against each other in a elimination style rounds . The Winners of the Regional Playoffs will represent their respective regions in the COD Mobile World Championship 2024.

Stage 5: COD Mobile World Championship Grand Finals – The finals of the COD Mobile World Championship will be held as a LAN Event. The name of the country for the finals has not been disclosed yet. The Finalist from each of the regions will play against each other for the ultimate glory.

Eligibility Criteria For COD Mobile Championship 2024

  1. Age: All the Players and Users who wish to Take Part in the tournament must be at least 18 years old or above. The age will be verified and checked at the later stages of the tournament.
  2. Rank Tier Level: The participant’s COD Mobile account must be at least at level 10 so that he/she can play in stage 1(Ranked solo mode).
  3. Regions: The Eligible regions for participation will be soon released by Activision. If a Participants’s country does not fall under the mentioned country he/she cannot play in the championship.

Usage of Controllers, Tablets, and iPads

Controllers: The use of Controllers or any other external device is completely banned through out the tournament. This includes all the finger clips which can be attached to a mobile device for easy controls. Non -Adherence to the rule will lead to disqualification of the player or team.

Tablets and iPads: Tablet and iPad usage are only allowed in the early phase of the tournament. Players can use these devices in Stages 1, 2, and 3 of the tournament. In stages 4 and 5 all the players and teams are only allowed to play on Sony Xperia 1 III which is the official Mobile Partner for the tournament.

COD Mobile World Championship 2024 Prize Money

The prize pool for most Esports Mobile games has been continuously increasing in the past few years.

The last COD Mobile Championship announced in 2024 had a total prize pool of 750,000 USD but this time, the COD Mobile World Championship 2024 prize money is around 2 Million USD which is nearly 3 times the prize pool announced in 2024.

The 2024 World Championship was cancelled due to the Global Pandemic and the total Prize money was equally distributed among the 7 Grand Finalists ($107,000USD). The prize distribution according to placements will be released later.

COD Mobile World Championship 2024 Live Streaming

The COD Mobile World Championship 2024 Grand Finals, as well as Regional Qualifiers, will be streamed on the official YT channel of COD Mobile.

To catch the live-action of the world Grand Finals and Qualifiers you can tune into

YouTube: Call Of Duty Mobile YouTube channel or Garena Call Of Duty Mobile YouTube Channel.