Free Fire Tri-Series 2024 Teams, Prize Money, Format & Live Streaming

Garena just announced an online Free Fire Tri-Series tournament for the South Asian Countries which includes India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Here are the Garena Free Fire Tri-Series 2024 Teams, prize money, format and more details.

Garena has been consistently pushing their Mobile E-Sports Title Free Fire heavily in the Asian sub-continent. The Ban of PUBG Mobile in India had catapulted Fire fire as the premier battle royal and mobile Esports title. To Further capitalize and establish their stronghold Garena has announced their Biggest online Esports tournament in South Asia with a premium prize pool of $50,000 starting from April 9th.

What is Free Fire?

Free Fire is the most sought out Esports Battle Royale game on the mobile platform. The game has been continuously growing in India and the South Asian region for the past year after the ban of PUBG mobile by the Indian government. Along with its growing popularity among the casuals, it also has managed to garner quite a big Esports scene too.

Free Fire Tri-Series 2024 Teams

Free Fire Tri-Series 2024 Teams

A total of 18 teams from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will take part in the tournament. Each nation will be represented by the top 6 teams who have performed well in their respective domestic league –  the Free Fire India Championship 2024 Spring, Free Fire Bangladesh Championship and Free Fire Pakistan League.

The teams that will take part in the Free Fire Tri-Series 2024 are

Bangladeshi Teams

  1. Agent Exp
  2. The JawBreakers
  3. TM Swag
  4. Riot
  5. B26 Mystics
  6. Extreme Ex

Indian Teams

  1. Galaxy Racer
  2. Team Chaos
  3. Team Elite
  4. Sixth Sense
  5. Last Breath
  6. Nemesis

Pakistani Teams

  1. Team TG
  2. Demons Pride
  3. Revengers
  4. No chance
  5. House of Blood
  6. Hotshot

Prize Money and Format

The Tournament will feature the world-famous “Battle Royale Squad” as the primary mode throughout the entire tournament and also will be conducted fully”Online”. All the 18 teams who have qualified for the tournament 6 teams from each country will be split into 3 different groups and each team will face off twice against each other during the 6 official Match days starting from April 9th.

The schedule for the Free Fire Tri-Series 2024 is as follows:

Official Match Day 1 – 9 April

Official Match Day 2 – 10 April

Official Match Day 3 – 11 April

Official Match Day 4 – 16 April

Official Match Day 5 – 17 April

Official Match Day 6 – 18 April

After the Six official match days, the top 12 teams with the highest points from the 3 groups(4 Teams from each group) will proceed to the Grand Finals which is to be held on the 25th of April. The Prize money for Free Fire Tri-Series 2024 has been set at $50,000 (USD).

Free Fire World Series

This Tri-series can also stand as a proving ground for all the qualified South Asian teams before the Free Fire world series starts. Galaxy racers (India), Team TG(Pakistan), Agent Exp(Bangladesh ), and Team Chaos(India) have qualified to represent their region at the global world series. The Free Fire world series is expected to take place in Singapore with a LAN format starting from 22 May to 29 May with selected teams representing their official region across the world.

Free Fire Tri-Series 2024 Live Streaming

The Tri-Series tournament between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will begin on April 9th and to catch the live event you must tune in to one of the live broadcasts as mentioned below.

Facebook: Free Fire India Esports and Free Fire Pakistan Esports Official .

YouTube: Free Fire India Esports YouTube channel and Free Fire Bangladesh YouTube Channel.

Booyah – Stream can also be caught on BOOYAH! which also happens to the official streaming partner of Free Fire. Watching the official stream on Booyah will give the fans an viewers to earn special skins and accessories as observed from previous match tournaments.

The Free Fire Tri-Series 2024 live stream will be available in Four languages which include English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali.