IPL 2024 Umpires Salaries: Match Fees & Sponsorship Earnings

The Indian cricket board revealed the match fees and IPL umpires salaries for the 2024 season which is set to begin on April 9. They are responsible for the smooth conduction of cricket matches but unfortunately, umpires do not get much appreciation as they suppose to get. With the increase in sponsor for the current season, IPL 2024 umpires salaries are likely to increase

The 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is scheduled to be played in India. Last year’s IPL had to be shifted to UAE considering the safety of the players due to the ongoing pandemic. With nearly 7 months of no cricketing action, the most awaited T20 megaevent was back.

The current edition commences on 9 April 2024 and the finals will be played on 30th May. As per the local rules, all the matches will be played behind closed doors. Even the teams and all the players have to follow the COVID norms and stay within the Bio Bubble.

To host the biggest club level cricketing event amidst the pandemic is no joke. Credit goes to BCCI to get the tournament going, players for respecting the tuff quarantine period and bringing delight to the millions watching them.

Though one department which goes uncredited is the IPL umpires. Without them, the tournament would never have been made possible. They too went through COVID tests, quarantine period but are unspoken of.

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The list of Umpires officiating the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 are as follows:

Indian Umpires for IPL 2024: Anil Chaudhary, C. Shamshuddin, Virender Sharma, K.N. Ananthapadmanabhan, Nitin Menon, S. Ravi, Vineet Kulkarni, Yashwant Barde, Ulhas Gandhe, Anil Dandekar, K Srinivasan, and Pashchim Pathak.

Foreign Umpires for IPL 2024: Richard Illingworth (Eng), Paul Reiffel (Aus), and Christopher Gaffaney (NZ)

IPL 2024 Umpires Salaries

Types of UmpireBasic Salary (Per Match)Sponsorship
Elite panel₹1,98,000₹7,33,000
Development Umpires₹59,000₹7,33,000

Highest Paid IPL Umpires 2024

IPL Umpires this year are sponsored by PayTm and each umpire will receive sponsorship money of ₹ 7,33,00 after the end of the edition.

UmpireSalary (Per Match)Sponsorship
Anil Chaudhary₹1,98,000₹7,33,000
C. Shamshuddin₹1,98,000₹7,33,000
Virender Sharma₹59,000₹7,33,000
K.N Ananthapadmanabhan₹59,000₹7,33,000
Nitin Menon₹1,98,000₹7,33,000
S. Ravi₹1,98,000₹7,33,000
Vineet Kulkarni₹1,98,000₹7,33,000
Yashwant Barde₹59,000₹7,33,000
Ulhas Gandhe₹1,98,000₹7,33,000
Anil Dandekar₹59,000₹7,33,000
K Srinivasan₹59,000₹7,33,000
Pashchim Pathak₹59,000₹7,33,000
Richard Illingworth₹1,98,000₹7,33,000
Paul Reiffel₹1,98,000₹7,33,000
Christopher Gaffaney₹1,98,000₹7,33,000

Nitin Menon is the 4th Indian to be included in ICC’s elite panel along with Richard Illingworth, Paul Reiffel, and Christopher Gaffaney. However, the rest of the umpires are from BCCI’s elite panel.

Former Indian player Javagal Srinath is the highest-paid match-referee who earns around 52,45,128 Indian Ruppess.