Pakistan Super League Umpires 2024 Salary (Revealed)

Pakistan Super League has come a long way. Since its inception in 2015. It has become one of the alluring cricket tournaments around the world. Since it is a franchise-based league, a huge amount of money is involved in it. Along with players, umpires also earn a fat amount of money. With the commencement of the 2024 Pakistan Super League, PCB revealed the reports on PSL 2024 umpires salaries per match as well as a base salary.

In the inaugural season, only 7 umpires were there. The number increased to 8 in the second and third season. In 2016 TMS Sportz revealed Pakistan Super League umpires salary for the very first time.

CategoryPer Match FeeBase SalaryMatch
Professional Umpires$1,000$8,50034
Development Program$400$1,50034

As per the reports in the first season umpires were earning $500 per match. The amount hiked to $1000 per match in the 2017 season. Earlier both professional and development umpires were hired for Pakistan Super League. But now only professional referees are chosen. The salary of umpires significantly increased after they started wearing sponsored shirts during the matches.

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The ratio of Pakistani umpires has increased in the Pakistan Super League over a period of time. PSL provides the umpires with the perfect platform to gain experience and increase their knowledge of the game. If things go like this then in future we might see Pakistani umpires in the International Cricket Council Umpire Panel.

PSL 2024 Umpires Salaries

UmpirePer Match FeeBase Salary
Faisal Afridi$1,000$12,000
Aleem Dar$1,000$12,000
Michael Gough$1,000$12,000
Zameer Haider$1,000$12,000
Richard Illingworth$1,000$12,000
Imran Javed$1,000$12,000
Ahsan Raza$1,000$12,000
Shozab Raza$1,000$12,000
Rashid Riaz$1,000$12,000
Asif Yaqoob$1,000$12,000
Iftikhar Ahmed$1,000$12,000
Mohammed Anees$1,000$12,000
Muhammad Javed$1,000$12,000
Roshan Mahanama$1,000$12,000
Ali Naqvi$1,000$12,000

The worldwide spread of Covid-19 affected sports and cricket as well. As a result of this, there is not any hike in PSL umpires salary for the 2024 season. The salary is the same as of the 2024 season.

As per the report, the average payout of the umpire for the Pakistan Super League is 5 thousand dollars. The match fee of $1000 is fixed for everyone. And the base salary of $12,000 is also the same for all the PSL T20 umpires.