What makes Devin Haney the Best Boxer?

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Every Boxer aims to win a boxing title. The WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO are globally known international boxing organizations. Since 1922, The Ring, an American boxing publication, has handed out the “Ring” championship.

The WBA (World Boxing Association), WBC (World Boxing Council), IBF (International Boxing Federation), WBO (World Boxing Organization), and The Ring all have five key recognized championships in each of the categories’ 17 weight divisions.

Given the presence of both champions and belts, it is infrequent for a category to have an uncontested champion.

However, the recent combat between Devin and George turned the tables as Devin won the Lightweight title Championship unanimously.

Currently, Devin is regarded as the best Boxer in the world; let us contemplate the rationale of this notion.

Why is Devin Haney the Finest Combatant?

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Devin Haney officially has a 29-win, 0 defeat, and 0-tie record. Today, he has a flawless 29-match streak.

His current knockdown statistic is 52% upon halting 15 of his competitors in all those 29 victories. His professional bouts have spanned a median of 6.4 rounds throughout 186 rounds of fighting. Check all stats of Devin Haney.

Let’s recap the finale of the Lightweight championship match between Devin Henry v George Kambosos, which ultimately established Devin as the supreme Boxer presently.

Devin Haney v George Kambosos (Light-weight Championship)

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Upon his triumph over former titleholder George Kambosos Jr. in Melbourne, American Devin Haney remains the uncontested lightweight champion boxer.

The 23-year-old Haney proved dominant on Sunday, winning a clear majority victory over the Australian Boxer despite suffering a scratch on his face’s right side in the 8th round.

The American’ Boxer’s 29 victories, 15 via knockout, have left him undefeated. He officially maintains the lightweight titles from the WBO, WBA, Ring, and IBF.

For winning the first lightweight title in Melbourne in June, Haney outclassed Kambosos. They had previously won the four belts in a surprising victory over Teofino Lopez in November last year.

With a second win against Kambosos, Haney established yet again he is the dominant Boxer. Unfortunately, Kambosos suffered a late-fight hemorrhage through cuts over and under his right ear and left eye.

During the first bout, Haney’s left jab changed the game, although, in their second encounter, he displayed his range by skillfully utilizing his right hand.

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Haney was proclaimed the winner with a score of 118-109 from one judge and 118-110 by the other two.

‘I walked there aware he was aiming for the jab. We wanted to demonstrate a few of my additional weapons.’ Haney remarked I believe the right hand emerged victorious tonight. He is a fighter. I applaud George Kambosos and all the Aussies who gathered.

The fate of “Ferocious” George Kambosos, the 29-year-old combatant with a 20-2 career, is in jeopardy after suffering his second successive setback.

Throughout the run-up to their second match, Kambosos vowed that if he lost to Haney again, he might retire. Nevertheless, he later retracted that remark.

After the defeat, he commended Haney and remarked that “it was not the end.”

However, the Americans fought admirably in the subsequent round and continued to exert control.

Devin struck a few mighty blows during the third game and seemed more at ease on the attack and defense.

Notwithstanding Kambosos’ advances, Haney maintained his position brilliantly, using the left jab well and exhibiting remarkable skill with the right.

Despite the Sydney-based fighter delivering some solid body knocks, he improved his role in the 5th round.

Throughout the 7th round, after showing a cut underneath the left eye of the Australian Boxer, Haney relentlessly jabbed Kambosos.

During the 8th round, George Kambosos actively pursued the champion, although his father, Australian Jim Kambosos, urged his son to intensify “the pressure.”

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Unfortunately, a knockout would’ve been enough at that stage to give Kambosos a 12-round battle’s triumph. It was his finest performance since the final minutes of the opening round.

Spotting a significant shift in momentum, the Rod Laver Arena crowd surged behind the Australian, who managed to cut open a wound on Haney’s right side of his face. Haney, however, reinforced his mastery with his retort.

Haney recalled that I felt like I had the battle under control from the first to the last round. During the entire fight, I was conscious of my actions. I cherished the combat. I intensified the pressure to make it enjoyable.

Upon victory, Devin emerged as the unquestioned champion of a lightweight belt. If you are a boxing fan and want to train, read our article on what equipment is needed for Boxing training.

Wrap Up!

Devin Haney, an invincible American, overcame George Kambosos by majority verdict to become boxing’s only unchallenged lightweight title holder after 32 years.

Haney, a WBC champion, held his title for the fifth time by claiming the IBF, WBO, and WBA (Super)championships against Australian Kambosos in Melbourne.

As a virtue of his success, he became the first undisputed lightweight champion since Pernell Whitaker in 1992 and the first since the four-belt era, which debuted in 2004 and successfully positioned himself as the best fighter in the world.