Will Oleksandr Usyk Maintain His Winning Streak?

Until Oleksander Usyk moved to the heavyweight division, former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua had zero to no competition. Yet, the heavyweight boxing division was rocked when the Cossack Ukrainian boxer Usyk showed interest in conquering a new weight division. Following his mastering of the cruiserweight division, ‘The Cat’ was crowned undisputed champ in 2019. Usyk’s next goal was simple: setting his eyes on Joshua’s belts and dominating the heavyweight division, just like Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson did back in the day.

With so much precision and impressive Rocky Marciano footwork, Usyk dethroned Brit’s golden boy Joshua, stripping him of his belts in 2024 and reaffirming his dominance with a rematch in Jeddah on the 20th of August 2024. To outsiders, Usyk is unstoppable; to punters, he is a legend, and to Tyson Fury, he is an opponent. As we make our way to nongamstopuk.casino to place our bets on Usyk’s next fights, the question still lingers: Will Oleksander Usyk maintain his winning streak?

Usyk’s impeccable track record speaks volumes

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Not many boxers have a clean unbeaten record, yet when you are dubbed ‘the world’s most dangerous boxing mind,’ you do. Oleksander Usyk’s boxing skills are not easy to come around, with boxers like Tony Bellew branding him ‘the toughest fight of all time’ and others claiming he is the best pound-for-pound fighter who ever existed.

Moving from one division to another, bout after bout, win after win, Usyk holds an undefeated record of 20 fights, 20 wins with 13 KOs. He clashed with Tony Bellew, Derek Chisora, Chazz Witherspoon, Murat Gassiev, Marco Huck and Joshua twice. Nobody comes close to Usyk. His attitude, vibe, funny side and love for his homeland make Crimean-born Ukrainian one of a kind. Unbeatable, undefeated and above all, a tough cookie to crack.

Usyk has listed the last 3 fights he wants before he retires from Boxing

With Ukraine fighting for its independence and sovereignty, Oleksander Usyk wants to serve his country the best he can before he can retire from boxing forever. With Joshua conceding defeat and Tyson Fury coming out of retirement, Usyk has mentioned the last 3 bouts he would like to fight before he puts his gloves away.

The 35-year-old boxing champion plans to follow in the footsteps of fellow Ukrainian boxer Klitschko and will come out with a bang. In the process, Usyk has mentioned some notable fights he plans before he bows out, and here they are, along with our predictions.

Usyk vs . Saul Canelo Alvarez – Win for Usyk

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Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez is a 32-year-old Mexican boxer, unified, undisputed, and known to stalk his opponents in the ring just like a lion stalks his prey. After winning belts in 4 different weight divisions, from the boxing light middleweight division to light heavyweight, Canelo is deemed one of the best lineal champs of all time. Having recently called out Lionel Messi for disrespecting the Mexican flag, Alvarez is not one to mess with inside or outside the ring. Holding various boxing titles, including WBA (Super), The Ring title, WBC, IBF and WBO titles, Canelo is a boxer that many fear. The latter does not include Oleksander Usyk, who listed the Mexican as one of the final fights he wants before retirement. But who will eventually win?

Canelo is currently in recovery from a hand injury and subsequent operation. Following his defeat against Bivol in May 2024, Canelo expressed that he would like to redeem himself and go against Russia’s Dmitry Bivol again. Keeping in mind Canelo’s loss against Bivol in the lightweight heavyweight division, our guess is he will also suffer a loss against the grand Oleksander Usyk in the heavyweight ranks.

An intriguing fight, but we predict a definite win for the Cossacks.

Tyson Fury vs. Oleksander Usyk – Draw

The last unified heavyweight boxing fight happened in 1999 when Evander Holyfield defended his world titles against Lennox Lewis, with the latter causing the biggest upset in heavyweight boxing history. Today, we have that chance again. After 23 years, we boxing fans are rejoicing at the thought of finally witnessing a heavyweight unified fight happening in our lifetime. With Tyson ‘The Gypsy King’ Fury holding the WBC belt, the fight with Usyk will be the last piece of the puzzle for the Ukrainian to be crowned the undisputed king of heavyweight.

In the meantime, the WBC has sanctioned Fury to defend his world title, and with Oleksander Usyk wanting to return back to his family and his war-torn Ukraine, the unification fight needs to wait. On December 3rd, 2024, Fury will face Derek Chisora for the third time, and we envisage a win on the scorecards. The holidays will land upon us, and after a small rest followed by training camps, we envisage a Fury vs. Usyk planned for early next year.

So, who will be crowned the king of heavyweight boxing? As many boxing critics predict, the fight will be a tough one. Southpaw Usyk will finally have to square off with Fury, a versatile fighter that goes from Orthodox to Southpaw in between left hooks and uppercuts. Let us all remember that Fury has battled drug addiction and depression that led him to relinquish his world titles. He bounced back, defeating the likes of Wladimir Klitschko, Deontay Wilder, Dillan Whyte and anyone else that crossed his path. Tyson Fury, just like Oleksander Usyk, is the real deal in heavyweight boxing. However, if there is 1 fighter who can defeat Fury, it would be Usyk. And if there is one boxer that might defy the odds and could possibly stop Usyk’s winning streak, it would definitely be Tyson Fury.

The final showdown – Undecided opponent

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So, here we are, eagerly waiting for Usyk to announce his next fight. With him being named United24’s Ukraine’s ambassador, Usyk is more interested in real-life events, as it should be. The boxer defended his world titles only in August of this year; hence he has a couple of months until boxing governing bodies sanction his next fight. With the final battle still not named, but definitely happening in Olimpiyskiy, Ukraine, will Usyk offer Anthony Joshua the last dance, or will he call out possibly fellow Ukrainian boxers like Vitaliy or Wladimir Klitschko in exhibition fights?

Time will definitely tell, in the meantime, let us continue stalking Usyk’s every move on Instagram. When asked how he feels, the champ replied to Sky News: ‘I’m feeling, I’m very feel.’ We feel you, too, champ!