3 Tennis-Inspired Slots for Australian Open in 2024

Tennis is probably one of the most popular sports events in the world. The Australian Open, among them, is one of the most prestigious events of all time. Why? It is one of the first events in the year’s four Tennis Grand Slam events. That is why the craze for this tournament has gone up to a different level. Even sports bettors and gambling lovers join in during this craze. There are many online casinos, in Australia and all over the world, that offer many online Tennis-inspired slot games. What are these games, and how are they inspiring iGaming players? Let us find out some more.

From being part of gaming console games to be a part of Mario-inspired video games, Tennis games have always been a part of the online game world. Slot games are also not far behind on this. If you’re looking for a place to play them, check out https://www.internetpokies.org/casino-games/online-slots/.

Some of the best Tennis-Inspired Slots

Waiting for the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year that’s held in January, e have highlighted the top three Tennis-inspired slot games that are now available online for all casino and gambling lovers. Find out all the details in the section below.

1. Tennis Stars

Source: askgamblers.com

The Tennis Stars slot game is one of the most beloved online slot games. This is because it has a very retro interface which makes Tennis lovers very nostalgic about some of the most glorious times in history. The graphics and animations are all old-school and intentionally developed this way by the gaming software company Playtech. They also use a very exciting soundtrack playing in the background, which helps gamblers help feel the real vibe of the matches.

Whenever there is a chance for a player to take a key shot and win a point, the gambler can make a spin or put up a bet. There are also chances for players to win free spins and bonuses if they play strategically. There are lots of customizations available, and all Australia Open fans love this game, too, due to its non-flashy appearance.

Tennis Stars was released in June 2011 by Playtech, one of the veterans of the online gambling industry. It has a certain age… and it shows: its design and graphics are a bit dated today. This, in turn, doesn’t stop it from being one of the most representative tennis-inspired slot mahcines today. While it doesn’t focus on any specific events in the world of tennis, it is a nice touch to have it at hand while waiting for the season to restart in January.

2. Tennis Champion

Source: slotsup.com

Tennis Champion was developed by Spinomenal and is available on all digital devices like smartphones and computers. All the symbols, signs, spins, reels, and everything else in this game are related to tennis in some way. The wild cards represent female tennis players; male tennis players represent free spins. The tennis ball symbols offer the highest payout options. The Winnings Multiplier in the game additionally grows by one per spin, which doesn’t result in a triumph.

The game has a somewhat unusual format, with a 3x4x4x4x3 arrangement of its reels, which makes it an outstanding addition not just to the world of online slots but also the world of tennis-inspired games as well. It has all the features one might expect from a modern-day online slot machine, from wild and scatter symbols to free spins and other bonuses. Overall, it’s a very entertaining choice for any slot machine lover, not just those into sports-inspired games.

3. Beach Tennis

Source: caletagaming.com

Finally, here’s a game that may bring back memories of more than just a Grand Slam but of times with no cold, rains and snow: Beach Tennis. Built by Caleta Gaming, an up-and-coming slot machine provider, the game comes with everything you need for a cool winter day – or a summer day, if you happen to live Down Under and need a final bit of motivation to convince you to head to the beach.

The game has a pretty classic 5×3 format with 243 ways to win, which makes it a great choice for anyone. It has a happy, sunny look that brings warm feelings to the player, and more than enough special features to satisfy even the most demanding slots fan.

One of the game’s most interesting features is the “Re-Spin”, allowing you to respin any of the reels after each spin. This way, if you have a winning combination sans a single symbol, you can try to make it whole and win big. But you need to mind the cost – some respins can cost you quite a bit.

Other than that, the game has the usual Wilds and Scatters that can trigger the free spins feature.

The Australian Open is coming!

Source: skysports.com

The Australian Open is one of the four biggest tennis tournaments of the year, and it comes in January – the middle of summer in the South but the middle of winter in the Northern hemisphere. Getting into the tennis vibe is made easier with these amazing slot machines, though, even for those watching the snow fall outside their window.

The 2024 edition of Australian Open comes after a wild ride that was the 2024 tennis season, which had many changes at the top of the tennis rankings. Next year’s Aussie Open will come with a full list of the biggest names, with no more bans or restrictions in force that would prevent them from participating. Also, there will be quite a few up-and-coming tennis stars participating in the event, hoping not only to face the veterans of the sport on the court but to make a name for themselves. And, considering their performance in the last year, they have every chance to succeed.

In conclusion, we have an exciting Grand Slam in front of us next January, one that can come with many surprises and many spectacular games. Until it begins, you can play these slot machines to get you into the vibe and remind you of the days of summer that you spent playing (or simply following a game) on the beach. Have fun, and make sure you support your favorite tennis player!