7 World’s Best Horse Races

Are you wondering what races are the absolute best in the world? If you are not, you should be. Any horse racing enthusiast should always be thinking about the best races in the world, which ones are the top to go to.

Which races are the most popular, most action packed, and have the best horses in them?

Well, to be honest, which races are the best is kind of a personal thing, everyone has their own favorite race, and it also depends on where is accessible to you, especially if you want to go and see a race live.

However, if you enjoy betting online at TVG.com, and watch the races on TV, you are probably less picky, and might want to see all of the best races, and bet on each of them.

So, how do you define the best races? Well, typically the world’s best races are huge events, with many of the best horses in the world, paired with a big purse and big crowds.

But, instead of dilly-dallying and talking about what makes a great race, let’s take a look at some of the rated best horse races.

The Biggest And The Best

The biggest and the best horse races also have rich histories behind them, however, these races are not only to show the horses, but they are also highly esteemed glamorous events, often attracting people worldwide.

So what are these events?

1. The Kentucky Derby

Source: lanereport.com

First up we have the Kentucky Derby, it occurs on the first Saturday of every May, it takes place at the Churchill Downs in Louisville in Kentucky. It has a rich history since it began back in 1875 and has continued each year hence.

There are many traditions associated with it, including Mint Juleps and singing “My old Kentucky home”.

It is a 1 ¼ mile long dirt track. It is also the first leg of the Triple Crown event, and is also often nicknamed as the ‘Run for the Roses’ as there is a beautiful rose blanket that is draped over the winner of the event.

Whoever wins the Derby wins a huge purse of $3 million. This race is actually the most watched race in the U.S.

2. The Preakness Stakes

Source: sportingnews.com

The Preakness is a race that takes place on the 3rd Saturday in May, it is held at the Pimlico track in Maryland. The first running of this race was in 1873, and has a strange history as to how it all came to pass.

Let’s just say it was the result of a weird and wild dinner party in 1970.

This race is known as the ‘Run for the Black-eyed Susans’ as the states’ flower is draped over the back of the winner.

It is a 1 3/16 mile long dirt track and is the infamous second leg of the Triple Crown. It has a purse of $1 million and is attended highly, only the Kentucky Derby beating it in numbers that attend.

3. The Belmont Stakes

Source: americasbestracing.net

Obviously we have to note the third leg and final leg of the Triple crown. This race takes place on the 1st or 2nd Saturday in June every year in Elmont, New York.

The first race was held in 1867. It is also nicknamed as being the ‘test of the champion’ as it is the longest race in the triple crown. It is also the ‘Run for the Carnations’ as white carnations are draped over the back of the winner.

It is 1 ½ miles in length on a dirt track, known as being a test of speed and endurance. It is notably one of the most exciting races in the U.S. Especially when there is a contender for the Triple Crown.

It has a purse of $1.5 million. There have been 13 horses run this track and become Triple Crown winners.

4. The Breeders’ Cup

Source: nbcsports.com

Now we have covered the Triple Crown races, there is also the Breeder’s Cup, which is a series of Grade One Thoroughbred races. These races are held over 2 days in the fall each year, usually in November.

It was originally held in Hollywood Park, California in 1984, however now it takes place in a different location each year.

Contending horses need to have a nomination to enter the races. Once the races begin there will be fourteen races taking place. It has a gigantic purse of $25.5 million and is a very fashionable event that attractions crowds in their droves.

5. The Melbourne Cup

Source: foxsports.com.au

The Melbourne Cup is held in November in Australia and is the biggest race in the land down under. The race is held in Flemington in Melbourne.

The first race took place in 1861, it brings thousands to watch, including many from overseas. There will also be a fashion competition here as well.

It is a 2-mile-long race, which is very challenging and requires huge stamina from the horses. The track is turf and is actually run counterclockwise.

The winners do not only get a purse, they get a trophy, made from 1.65 kilograms of 18-carat gold! However, they also get a purse of $8 million.

6. The Dubai World Cup

Source: horseracingfanclub.com

The Dubai World Cup takes place on the last Saturday of March each year in Meydan racecourse in Dubai.

It is actually quite new, only starting in 1996, you can watch the race from the racecourse or from the Meydan hotel. It is 2,000 meters long on a dirt track and has a $12 million purse.

7. Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe

Source: lemonde.fr

This race takes place on the first Sunday in October in Paris, France. It started in 1920 and is one of the largest races in Europe. It is a high-end event with jazz, champagne, and fashion.

It is a 1 ½ mile course on turf and over the event there are 17 races. With a prize purse of $5.6 million it is also the race with the largest purse in Europe as well. They also allow horses of all ages to compete, a unique aspect to this race.