How to Stop Gambling “Races” for F1 Fans

While betting on motorsports might not be on every gambler’s bucket list, there is still a fair amount of UK online gamblers who love to watch and bet on car “races”. For those who do like this betting market, Formula One or F1 racing seems to be a favorite option.

Since a FI gambler is really no different than a football gambler other than gambling preference, the FI gambler is just as susceptible to problem gambling issues. It’s important to remember that anything someone does to excess can create problems. Yes, that includes too much wagering on F1 races.

In the minds of officials with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), the UK online gambling community and its licensee operators have an obligation to help problem gamblers. In a caring society, there is nothing wrong with the government trying to protect vulnerable residents.

With this obligation in mind, the UKGC mandates that all licensed online gambling operators must subscribe to the GamStop Self-exclusion scheme. How does the existence of this program help UK online gamblers?

How to Stop Gambling “Races” for F1 Fans

If an FI fan also has a gambling problem from betting too much on too many races, there is a good chance they might eventually need help. With what? They might need help putting aside their FI online gambling activities for a period of time.

Right off the bat, there are two viable ways FI fans can stay fans while setting aside their FI gambling. The first way is for them to register for the aforementioned GamStop Self-exclusion program. The second way is to secure the use of a software blocker like BetBlocker or Gamban. Let’s look closer at these options.

Registering With the GamStop Database


GamStop Registration is free and easy. After providing some personal information and selecting a voluntary self-exclusion period, the registered gambler will no longer be able to access licensed UK online gambling sites of any kind. That includes not being able to open new accounts if they use the same information they provided during registration.

This is a viable way for FI gamblers to stop themselves from gambling on FI races if they are sincere about wanting to stop. If they are not committed, they will find it’s easy to get around GamStop with other good alternatives. The choices include:

  • Offshore gambling where UK gamblers are welcome
  • Visiting UK retail gambling establishments, all of which have no connection to the GamStop scheme
  • Asking assistance from trusted partners to open new gambling accounts under the other partner’s identity
  • Registering with a Bitcoin-only casino
  • Using non GamStop sites run by UK unlicensed online operators

The last option is of particular interest to any GamStop gambler who still prefers to be loyal to the UK online betting community. If UK punters read non-GamStop online betting guides that completely cover betting sites not on GamStop, they will soon come to realize there are some really good casinos/sportsbooks available.

The Gamban Option


Since GamStop is only available through licensed UK gambling sites for the benefit of UK gamblers only, that leaves a lot of gamblers with very few ways to protect themselves from gambling addiction. However, there is another option available that works well for any online gambler who really wants help. This option will definitely work well for the UK FI gambler who wants help whether they have access to GamStop or not.

Software blockers work very well at blocking access to nefarious websites. In fact, they are a couple of software blockers that were created specifically with the problem gambler in mind. This is in reference to BetBlocker and Gamban. Since both products are similar, the following discussion will focus on Gamban.

As a self-exclusion tool, Gamban targets the device being used to gamble online, not the gambler. However, it’s the gambler who has to pay for, download, and activate the program. Once the program is activated on a device, the software will act to block access to any websites that have a connection with the gambling community. That includes online casinos/sportsbooks, lottery sites, horse racing sites, and handicapping/betting news sites.

The biggest problem with this solution is the fact it’s tied to a specific device. While the Gamban device won’t allow access to gambling sites, there is nothing that would prevent that device user from simply using other devices for their online gambling activities. That’s not going to be of much help for a true problem gambler who isn’t committed to the cessation of their online gambling activities.

There is no denying that dealing with a gambling problem takes a certain level of responsibility. With that said, the only true way to solve a gambling problem is for the problems gambler to get counseling and make a commitment to not gambling in the future.

Is There Any Other Solution?


Well, it depends on the type of players. Both of these options are great in preventing people from gambling. However, the issue is that there are still too many websites where you simply cannot implement these features. In that matter, there will always be a website where you can bet even if you activated GamStop and Gamban on a lot of gambling platforms.

Therefore, if you feel the pressure and need to spend money on another ticket, no matter how big issues you are having because of your habits, the best solution is to contact some expert or a facility that can help you. Keep in mind that gambling addiction can be a very serious problem that is not leading only to financial issues, but can also cause mental problems.

Besides that, consider the social consequences and relations with people around you like family and friends. It is common that these groups are first where addicts are looking for money they could spend on another bet.

On the other side, if the main reason why you were interested in activating these bet-preventing options is because you felt frustrated since you lost more money than you planned, but you think that it is too serious for you to consider yourself an addict, the problem might be lack of proper approach to betting.

Like with any other sport, betting on racing events also requires proper strategy and analysis of different factors. We know how exciting is to bet on your favorite vehicle, but you cannot expect that it will win each race throughout the whole championship.

Instead of relying only on your preferences and favorites, you can be much more successful by introducing a strategy where you will examine different factors before you make a conclusion and decide how to bet.


When it comes to F1 Championship, main factors are importance of the following race, condition of racers, and current form. Keep in mind that surprises are always possible.

Another crucial thing is to create a proper money management strategy. This is the only way to prevent bigger losses. It is quite simple to start with a clear strategy since you need to do is to determine the amount of money that you can lose and don’t face any issues after that.

For example, you can determine an amount of $100 that you can spend on betting in one week. You will also need some limits and targets. If there are two events that you want to follow with betting, spread the sum for both of them.

You can implement various tactics to improve your chances to win and prevent losses. For example, $50 of that $100 can be invested in odds that are lower but with a high probability of winning. If the total amount of those odds is 2 you will secure $100 back from your activities. You can spread the remaining $50 on various odds and try with different predictions.


It depends on the level of issues you are experiencing when it comes to these options for gambling prevention. Both of them are highly efficient, but they won’t resolve your problem with the addiction so easily if you are a serious addict.