Watch Sports on BBC iPlayer: Access BBC iPlayer Outside UK

Irish citizens now have no access to BBC iPlayer since June 2024. This is because copyright violations prevent BBC from airing its channels outside of the United Kingdom. You cannot watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland by Streamingrant or unblock the content until you can use a high-end VPN like ExpressVPN to access all the popular video streaming material on BBC iPlayer.

Only UK residents can use the geo-restricted video content on BBC iPlayer. As a result, British tourists to Ireland will be unable to catch up on their favorite tv shows, such as Doctor Who, Peaky Blinders, Killing Eve, The Witchfinder, and many others.

BBC was the first television network to show live sporting events. Their programmes have included sports since the 1950s. For the Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988, BBC Sport was initially introduced as a separate division.

What is Important to Know Before Using a VPN?

Over time, the internet has undergone extensive changes. We now have unlimited access to information and the potential to connect anything. The ability to connect to the internet is now more accessible than ever, but users must learn to stay updated on changes to ensure their security.

We use the internet’s resources at work to send and receive sensitive information, make purchases of goods and services, and much more. In our own lives, we go shopping and engage in active social networks. We may become vulnerable to hackers as a result of any one of these behaviors.

Every minute of every day, hackers conduct crimes, including credit card fraud, identity theft, and many others.

Why is a VPN Required to Access BBC iPlayer in Ireland?


To uphold its broadcasting and licensing rights, BBC iPlayer is restricted in Ireland. The platform blocks access to its library of content outside of the UK using sophisticated geo-blocking technologies. As a result, if you attempt to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK, you could see an error message:

Your IP address, a specific number representing your device on the internet, can be used by BBC to determine your location.

The best solution to this issue is to use a VPN. VPNs mask your true IP address and temporarily substitute it with a UK one, giving the impression that you are using BBC iPlayer from within the nation.

 Best VPNs for watching BBC iPlayer Outside of the UK

The best VPN providers for streaming BBC iPlayer in Ireland are listed below:

1. ExpressVPN


You can quickly and easily access BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN on your first attempt. Because it uses cutting-edge obfuscation technology to conceal the fact that you’re using a VPN and has servers spread across the UK, its unblocking skills are as good as they are.

This enables it to get through BBC’s obstinate VPN banning technology. But only when your protocol is set to automatic can you use obfuscated servers.

We discovered during testing that Docklands servers are the most reliable; hence I advise connecting from Ireland. It has equally outstanding connection speeds. My average speed before using a VPN was 212 Mbps.

2. CyberGhost


To make it simple for you to stream popular BBC programmes like Killing Eve, CyberGhost has tailored its streaming servers for BBC iPlayer. Regular testing of these devoted servers guarantees that you can always unblock iPlayer.

These servers are easily accessible in the “For streaming” category. I also appreciate that by selecting the star icon, you can add them to your Favorites list and access them immediately when the app is launched.

Its speeds are quite fast, just like ExpressVPN’s. My connection averaged around 178 Mbps when I tested the Manchester and Berkshire servers, resulting in a negligible speed drop of only 16 percent. To put things into perspective, HD streaming only requires 5 Mbps. While watching EastEnders on BBC iPlayer, there were no pauses.

3. Private Internet Access


For seamless streaming, PIA’s extensive server network in the UK is excellent. Actually, it has servers in Southampton, Manchester, and London.

You can simply choose a server delivering the highest speeds and won’t have to worry about overcrowding with the abundance of UK servers at your disposal.

Additionally, it offers London-Streaming servers, which were designed with the UK viewing in mind. I uninterruptedly viewed the BBC Two live broadcast.

My average download speed while using the PIA Manchester servers was 161.82 Mbps. Considering how far I am from the UK, a speed reduction of 24% is a fantastic outcome. With these speeds, there won’t be any patchiness or buffering.

Additionally, it supports 10 concurrent device connections.

How to Register for BBC iPlayer in Ireland

Although BBC iPlayer is free to use, remember that your mobile provider can charge you for data consumption if you stream on a mobile device. If you’re in Ireland, you can sign up for BBC iPlayer by doing the following:

  1. Get a secure VPN service; it is because ExpressVPN has many really fast servers in the UK, and I highly suggest it.
  2. Connect to a server in the UK. I advise using ExpressVPN’s Docklands servers because they consistently function with iPlayer.
  3. Go and visit BBC Select “Sign in” from the menu. Select “Register Now” because you must register an account. You must select “Under 16” or “16 or over” if the account is for a minor. I’m assuming that this is for parental control.
  4. When you click “Register,” make sure your email address is correct.
  5. Verify that you have a UK TV license before choosing what to watch. Your confirmation is sufficient because the BBC doesn’t require license documentation.


The most widely used and largest internet streaming service in the UK is BBC iPlayer. However, it is a geo-restricted service that can only be used in the UK, exactly like other streaming websites.

However, that is no longer a problem because of a dependable VPN service like ExpressVPN. To watch BBC iPlayer Ireland and all its popular content, simply switch your virtual location to the UK.