How To Play FIFA 22 Before The Release: Know About Early Access & Release Date

How To Play FIFA 22 Before The Release Date: FIFA 22 is all set to launch on the 1st of October. The 29th edition of the FIFA gaming franchise is surrounded by its routine hype. Players don’t necessarily have to wait till the 1st of October as they can play the game from the 27th of September. Here you can learn how to gain access to the game prior to its release and play the game.

How To Play FIFA 22 Before The Release

There are 2 ways where you can play the game before its official release.

1. Pre-Ordering the Ultimate Edition

FIFA 22 is available in multiple editions, standard, Ultimate and Legacy. To play the game before it is released you need to pre-order the Ultimate edition. The last date to pre-order the game is the 26th of September. By pre-ordering the game you gain access to it 4 days prior to the official release.

The game will be available to download from 25th September and can be played from the 27th of the month at 12 am at your store regional time.

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2. EA Play (EA Access) Membership

Origin Access and EA play members can download and play FIFA 22 from the 27th of September. EA Play is accessible on Xbox, PlayStation, Origin, and Steam.

This also comes with its own set of limitations. The EA play members will only be allowed 10 hours of gameplay before the normal access. After the normal access on October 1, you can continue to play the game without any restrictions.

Steps to get EA play

Step-1: Go to the EA Play website

Step-2: Click on “Join Now” in the top right-hand corner

Step-3: Choose your platform (The selected membership only applies to a single platform)

Step-4: Select payment method and complete transaction

FIFA 22 features some gameplay changes and improved mechanics. It has the entire community excited and people are eagerly waiting for FIFA 22 release.