How to Use Technical Innovations for Training

The sports industry continues to develop rapidly, confidently catching up with all inventions and introducing them into its field. More and more new trends, gadgets, techniques, and technical innovations appear on the market of services and goods. Gyms and sports equipment usually consist of vital components driven by linear actuators, a wide selection of which you can find on this website.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Regular support of activity at the level of physiology is extremely important for health. A human body is created for movement, therefore, with its deficiency, it becomes lethargic and flabby, and then sick with all the ensuing consequences. Sport naturally stimulates a healthy metabolism, activates blood circulation, the work of the heart and lungs, as well as the brain.

Accordingly, physical activity is directly proportional not only to good health but also to mood and a sense of moral satisfaction with the surrounding world. An Ipsos poll last year found that the Dutch are the most athletic nation, exercising 12.8 hours a week, followed by the Germans and Romanians with 11 hours of physical activity a week.

High Tech Accessories


Today we don’t just want to train, but also know the result of the done sessions instantly. For a sense of self-satisfaction, so to speak. The ability to control the level of load and read data on lost calories has recently been carried out thanks to our mobile devices and their applications as well as wrist trackers. Additionally, now gadgets can be worn as clothing. A T-shirt and shorts equipped with tracker sensors is an unprecedented (so far) invention of modernity for those who maniacally record their sports results. The fact that almost the entire body will be under monitoring will allow avoiding a significant error in the calculations inherent in most modern trackers.

And the team from the University of California at San Diego has invented a tattoo battery that is charged with lactic acid excreted in sweat. At first, scientists only wanted to create a device to track lactate levels – a very important indicator of how you feel during a workout. But since there is no limit to inspiration, they also managed to turn it into a sweat-powered bio-battery. The battery anode is an enzyme that pulls electrons from lactate and transfers current to an electron-accepting molecule that serves as the cathode.

Exercise Machines

Among fans of a sports lifestyle, who like to spend time in gyms, exercise equipment is naturally popular. The main distinguishing feature for which they are so loved is that the mass of muscles is gained in a fairly short period. Trainers are conventionally divided into four types:

  • Fitness station
  • Block frame
  • Smith machine
  • Power training simulator
  • Smart trainer

The operation of the simulators is based on a single principle – with the help of weighting with a load, increases pressure on the muscles during movements. As we need more advanced sports equipment, actuators, which improve it significantly, are in high demand. They can be integrated into any equipment for pushing, pulling, lifting, lowering, positioning, or turning a load.

1. Fitness Station


This multi-functional trainer combines the functions of several individual trainers and can be semi-professional and professional. The multi station is produced with a built-in, free type of load and units. A universal type uses disks as additional weights. And the combined model is equipped with a bench for working with free shells. There is also a significant difference between professional and home models, namely the noise reduction function. But all of them create a constant load on the main muscle groups.

2. Block Frame


This construction allows you to train all the basic muscle groups, gives a point load and a variable range of exercises. It repeats the horizontal bar: two vertical blocks and an upper crossbar. Along the perimeter, there are cables with a load. The frame is stable, designed to work out deep internal muscles. With the help of this device it is possible to train the abs, buttocks, and back. But a greater impact is on the training of the arms and chest (in a standing position, mixing and dilution is performed), triceps (straightening of the arms in a standing position).

3. Smith Machine


This universal famous trainer with the principle of free weight and multifunctional design combines the basic elements for working out the whole body. Used as a home station or professional gym equipment. The specialization of the Smith machine is to build muscle mass in a short time.

The design consists of several planks to work out all parts of the body, but the emphasis is on building and correcting the muscles of the arms, back, and abs. An increase in volume occurs with hypertrophy of muscle fibers, which happens due to intense contraction during exercise.

4. Power Training Simulator


This type is designed for training, strengthening, and building muscle. Specialized models are named after the part of the body that is being worked out on a power simulator – back, abs, legs, and arms. This type is designed to enhance the effect of training and is classified according to the level of load and method of operation.

5. Smart Trainer


A special device scans you and records data about height, bends of arms and legs, strength and flexibility tests on a personal card. Then a personal program will be developed for you. It will be enough for you to approach the exercise machine with a card, and in 5 seconds it adjusts itself to body size, weight, amplitude – everything is according to the training program. The load changes depending on the readings of the sensors in real-time. Workouts take 35 minutes, which saves time, but at the same time, all large muscle groups are trained. All data is stored in the cloud, available to both you and the coach in the mobile app.

Look to The Future

Less than in half a century the necessity to influence the human body with fitness may disappear because there may be tools to manage all the processes that occur during sports. Building muscle mass, reshaping the body – all this can be done at the touch of a button. But it’s too far in the future.

In the meantime, it is not difficult to assume that in the next ten years, the sports industry will see an even greater increase in popularity. In many countries, they began to actively fight physical inactivity due to a sedentary lifestyle. The bans associated with global lockdowns also contributed to this. That is why people began to equip their homes with exercise machines.

Going in for sports in such a situation is an effective and simple way to avoid serious health problems. Technology is bound to have a big impact on the fitness industry. The more users of the corresponding applications and gadgets, the faster this direction will develop.