Titanium vs Graphite Tennis Racquet: Which One is Best for Beginners?

There are a large number of tennis racquets available in the market. Tennis racquets are made up of different elements. This diverse availability creates a problem for players, especially beginners to choose the best racquet for them. It is very important to choose the racquet that fits your style. Two most popular types of tennis racquets available in the market are titanium and graphite. Here is the comparison between titanium and graphite tennis racquets.

Titanium vs Graphite Tennis Racquets: Weight

Source: unsplash.com

The weight of the racquet is directly related to the swing. Players usually prefer lightweight tennis racquet. Titanium racquets are more lightweight than graphite racquets. Thus, it is easier to swing in a titanium racquet. However, Graphite racquets are heavy but they generate more power to shots.

Titanium vs Graphite Tennis Racquets: Strength

When it comes to strength, both are equally good. However, titanium racquets are more stiff which helps in generating more power. It is liked by players who like to play powerful shots.

Titanium Racquet Pros and Cons

  • Pros – Lightweight, stiff and easy to use
  • Cons – Less durable

Graphite Racquet Pros and Cons

  • Pros – Powerful, durability and steady to use
  • Cons – Heavy in weight and prone to cracks

Which One is Better: Titanium or Graphite?

Source: unsplash.com

After comparing both the racquets and analysing their pros and cons, it is better to choose titanium racquet over graphite racquet. Not only is it easier to use but it also provides added power that helps in quick and rapid serves. Furthermore, titanium is a complete package with good balance.

However, this does not mean titanium is the best racquet in the world. It means that between graphite and titanium, titanium has an upper hand.