Greatest Stanley Cup Final Comebacks Ever

Some of the most memorable times in sports history are the comebacks. There are few things as thrilling as when a team suddenly decides to turn things around and actually manages to do so – especially in the final. Check out some of the greatest Stanley Cup Finals comebacks here.

You never know what’s going to happen in the NHL. Sometimes when you think the game is already settled, there’s a great comeback coming in. We’ve seen a few quite amazing Stanley Cup Final comebacks over the years with some of the best NHL players. Comebacks like these are one of the things making it so exciting to bet on the finals. Betting gets really fun when something out of the blue happens. Especially, if you’ve taken a chance and been betting on something unexpected that turns out to actually happen. When you bet, make sure that you get the best odds possible. You can always compare odds with the best bookmakers at It’s always helpful to know as much as possible about the precedent events like these greatest Stanley Cup Final comebacks in history.

2001 Colorado Avalanche

This 2001 was one of the most exciting Stanley Cups of all time. Going into the game, everyone had put their money on the Colorado Avalanche in their game against the New Jersey Devils. The Avalanche started out great when they took the first win. But then the Devils suddenly showed their dominance and took a series of wins. They were only one win from taking the Stanley Cup. The Avalanche wasn’t going to let this happen, so they put in all they got and ended up taking the win and going home with the Stanley Cup.

1966 Montreal Canadiens


All the way back in 1966, there was another major Stanley Cup Final comeback. Going into the game Montreal Canadiens were the absolute favorites. They had finished at the top of the standing with 90 points. Their Stanley Cup Final opponents, the Red Wings, had finished 16 points short of the Canadiens. But when the game began, the Red Wings took everybody by surprise, winning the first and second games. The Canadiens put in everything they had and took the next few games. Game 6 went into overtime, but in the end, the Canadiens got what they came for: The Stanley Cup for the seventh time.

2009 Pittsburgh Penguins

This 2009 match was a long-awaited rematch of the 2008 Stanley Cups Finals, so the excitement was through the roof. The Pittsburgh Penguins didn’t have a good start to this game. Their opponents, the Detroit Red Wings, were pulling away and making it look like this game might already be settled. But this wasn’t the case. The Penguins fought back hard making this an edge-of-the-seat kind of game. Despite this, Game 5 turned out somewhat of a disaster. But they took out everything they had and got back in the game. After a remarkable save by Fleury, the Penguins ended up taking home their Stanley Cup.

1971 Montreal Canadiens


In 1971, the favorites were the Boston Bruins, but the Montreal Canadiens managed to face many rivals and secure a higher ranking. Although the game did not start as they had hoped, the end result was in their favor. Later they also faced the rival Chicago, which was an even bigger surprise for all fans of this sport. It seems that the Montreal Canadiens have gone from underdogs to one of the biggest favorites, much to the surprise of the organizers of the entire Stanley Cup crowd and fans.

1942 Toronto Maple Leafs

Surprises seem to have been typical of the Stanley Cup since a long time ago. Despite the bad start, the Maple Leafs very skillfully and dramatically turned the game around, with the help of several narrow but very convincing results.

Those who remember the events of this year will surely remember that almost every game was extremely uncertain, but in a way, everything turned in favor of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

1987 Division Final Detroit Versus Toronto

In the Division Finals, Detroit was sure that they wanted to overcome Toronto at any cost. Although it seemed quite impossible, in the end, it turned out that they had a clear goal. The result was both unexpected and delightful in every possible way. The Stanley Cup is always full of surprises for both the organizers and the audience.

2002 Detroit Versus Vancouver


This is another case where we all thought Detroit was going to lose because Vancouver took a strong lead. Instead, they decided to be stronger than ever. Needless to say, they won that match, to the great surprise and delight of all present.

As you can see for yourself, the Stanley Cup brings many interesting and dynamic twists and turns, which you may or may not like. We have selected for you some examples from the history of the Cup, which for us are perhaps the most exciting. And it’s not always the final, but interesting events happen in the meantime when qualifying matches are played. Although the finals are the most important, it is also worth paying attention to what happens in between.

Final words

It seems that surprises in sports competitions are something that happens often. If you try to think back, you will come up with many examples of so-called underdogs actually eliminating the favorites at some stage of a championship or in this case, the Stanley Cup. The sport is so dynamic that we cannot even say that there are rules in the performance of the teams. But what we can do is enjoy this excitement in every possible way, whether we follow sports for fun or want to bet professionally on a sports match.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these nostalgic moments from Stanley Cup history. There were certainly more moments, but we also hope that in the future there will be something significant that we will be able to write about again a few years from now.