Premier League 2024 Winner: Who’s the Bookie’s Favorite

If you ask men what football means to them, you will undoubtedly get the answer that it is the most important secondary thing in the world. We love football above all because of the values that this sport promotes, and they are numerous. First of all, the equality of all those who love football is emphasized. Although it is somewhat utopian, the public accepts it, and the prevailing opinion is that the “football public”, as journalists often beat it, is a collective that fights against social and other types of injustice. The other team is the opponents. But, only on the field and only when things go as usual, that is, the way the football game basically gives.

Now let’s try to combine the pleasant with the useful – sports betting. During a sports match, the secretion of testosterone and cortisol hormones increases in men, especially in younger men. As they wait to see if their team will finally score and win, the pupils dilate and the pulse rises. Part of the hormone testosterone is responsible for the excitement that overwhelms men when the game starts. Imagine what happens in the body when they bet on a certain team!


It is a fact that people bet on various sports and various sporting events, but football is certainly the most popular. Those who closely follow this sport also follow the events of the championships – the World and European Championships, the Premier League, and many others. Right here we are talking about the Premier League.

The Premier League is a professional league that has existed for 30 years and brings together the best teams in England and thus represents the highest level of football. Although 49 teams have competed in this league so far, only a small number of them managed to win the title of the winner – Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, and Leicester City. If we were to single out the team that won the most victories, it is without a doubt Manchester United, which has won 13 titles since the beginning of the Premier League in 1992.

There is a lot of talk about this year’s season, and the date when it should start is known – August 6. The main advantage of sports betting compared to Casino games is that you, as a player, have a much greater influence on the passage of tickets and eventual winnings. The factor of happiness is always present, it cannot be done without it, but it should be minimized. Analysis with the right strategy is the key to success. No matter how corny it sounds, it is necessary to have some arguments for the selected pair and type of bet.


If we are talking about favorites of the Premier League, we will remind you that the holder of the championship title last year was Manchester City, which is also considered one of the favorites this season.

The English Premier League is considered by many to be the most interesting and highest quality football competition. After the big investments of numerous teams, we can expect to see even better quality football. Of course, the biggest is expected from the big six, but there are several teams that can surprise and finish at the very top. If we are guided by previous years and achieved results, we can say without a doubt that Manchester City is one of the biggest favorites. Right behind him are Liverpool and Chelsea, as well as Manchester United. However, what is the big news is that Tottenham Hotspur is among the favorites. In addition to Tottenham Hotspur, it is important to mention Aston Villa and Newcastle, who have a great transfer window. Here, above all, we are thinking of Coutinho, who will be one of Aston Villa’s key players this season. Besides him, there are also Kamara, Augustinsson, and Olsen who are expected to contribute to a good result.

When it comes to betting, it’s important to turn off your emotions. So, forget which is your favorite club, and think objectively about who has the best chance to win. Knowing the game and the teams is certainly a plus in the world of sports betting, but real professionals who bet on football have a much wider knowledge than just knowing the game of football. What you need to think about next is the level of stakes, that is, how much you are ready to invest without jeopardizing the quality of your life if you lose. Now is the time to decide whether you will bet on a single bet or a combo. If your choice is the first option, it will mean that you bet on only one match and if you guess, the money is yours. However, people bet much more often on a combined ticket, ie on more than one match, and in this way, you predict the final outcome of more than one match. Yes, it is risky, but also profitable if you are lucky!


You can also bet on the half-time or full-time. It is a bet where you bet on the result that will be at halftime, but also at the end. Of course, you have even more options which you can find here.

Final thoughts

The English Premier League has certainly been the most attractive and most watched league football competition in the world for years. In addition to the huge number of people who follow the broadcasts, there is also a large number of those who also follow live from the stadium. The English Premier League is really something special, and when you can also make extra money by betting, that’s great. As the odds for winning the Premier League show, Manchester City is the first favorite, which does not mean that others cannot make money.